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  1. This job has been claimed by a scripter. Thanks to those who have reached out.
  2. Hello, I am needing a very simple support terminal script that allows residents to create Zendesk support requests inworld. The script functions would revolve around: llDialog, llTextBox, llRegionSayTo, and llEmail. If you are willing to help with this, contact me inworld under daltonprock Resident.
  3. I experienced the same issue but after the second login, it was fine.
  4. Hello, The auction page has recently been upgraded to work with their new Places Page: https://places.secondlife.com/auctions#0 Please note - They are currently working on the auctions page so you might be able to purchase any land through the auction until they resolved said issues mentioned in this post on their status page: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/t9pl3rrl7g03
  5. Hello, We are looking for a buyer to buy up some remaining land that is part of the East River Community on the continent Sansara. You are welcome to review the following regions that are up for sale: - Helvellyn - Grizedale - Whinlatter Please contact Sam Stable (daltonprock) or Chia (volchia.ferduccio) inworld for more information on this sale.
  6. Multiverse Estates is offering the following parcel sizes which are themed and homestead based right now. Sizes: 1/4 - 16384sqm - 1/2 32768sqm Prims included: 1/4 - 1250 - 1/2 - 2500 Pricing for each varies on the size of each parcel, these include full rights to the parcel with the option to set your own group or make yourself the landowner. Also, both offer the rating of Mature or Adult for now. Pricing: 1/4 - 1,875/Weekly or 7500/Monthly 1/2 - 3750/Weekly or 15000/Monthly The purchase price of each of these pays for your first week's tier so no need to have to pay the land first then pay the tier box after. If you have any questions or need more information don't hesitate to contact me inworld. The parcels themselves are able to be viewed in my classifieds or at the land office.
  7. Land is still available, IM daltonprock Resident inworld for more information.
  8. We are planning on offering beach themed parcels soon, come check out what we have now though!
  9. Hello folks, We here at Multiverse Estates are now offering 1/4th parcels which are available in grass and beach. These parcels come with 1250 prims for you and your special someone to create your new home away from home. With the ability to deed the land to your own group, terraform it to your heart's desire, and more with full rights. Purchasing the land itself pays for your first week's tier. If you are looking for smaller parcels we also offer many other different sizes which you can view at our estate office. Contact our staff inworld if you have any questions or concerns! Click here for a taxi to our estate office.
  10. Use this forum to talk about East River Community located in the Sansara continent. Visit the Town of Helvellyn East River's Wiki
  11. Looking for a business partner in land sales, contact me inworld for more information. This will be focused on small to large land parcel sales, experience with managing/selling land is a must for this.
  12. Looking for a business partner in land sales, contact me inworld for more information. This will be focused on small to large land parcel sales, experience with managing/selling land is a must for this.
  13. I'd have to agree, this includes word of the Lab switching their server hardware to the cloud like Sansar.
  14. Just to update this thread again after so many months, the following locations have been bought and are safe now. - ERMA (East River Municipal Airport) a small airport located in Brooks sim - Muirhead Village - Located in Muirhead sim this area has quite a few rental homes and a large garden area - Helvellyn Village - Located across the East River from Helvellyn town this area has rental homes and a vast garden. - Hardknott area - This is mostly undeveloped land with a wind farm, vast forest area, and a home. - Whinlatter Fortress - An old fortress right on a head water, amazing place for rental homes or any number of installations! That's right everyone, the land has been saved but that just means it is time to give East River Community a total modern day makeover! For those who still are interested in becoming part of the community; you can be a tenant of our many villas/shops, regular visitor or community member. Also, you are welcome to grab land around East River if you'd like, together we will make this community great again! Thanks again for your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please message the following people: - Volchia Ferduccio - daltonprock Resident - Elisha Paklena
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