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  1. Putting that swimming pool on my list, thank you for the inspiration https://community.secondlife.com/profile/1544155-archangel969/ 🙂
  2. Haven’t been able to log into second life.com for over 24 hours now. Can’t see transaction history so cannot help customers, can’t cash out, can’t file a ticket for help. Logging out from the Mp like suggested above, has me locked out of the MP as well now. So don’t try that.
  3. Dear Lindens, 2 groups of our community are hit disproportionately hard by the coming changes, the basic members and the content creators. Basic accounts punished Basic accounts are punished with lesser groups and im’s capping sooner while premium accounts get more groups they didn’t ask for and don’t need. It’s also made harder for them to get into nearly full regions, experiences and premium area’s then premium members. Taking it away from one group to give it to another. Only natural they feel upset. They deserve to be seen as full members of our community. Becau
  4. 1. Automatic delisting of all listings that have not sold for over 365 days. This would leave the MP with the only latest and the best. A merchant would be forced to think the listing over before having to actively relist and that would save a lot of clutter. 2: The Lindens take care of all the inventory loss from now on, instead of making it a merchants problem and forcing us to buy expensive tools or spend hours a week making up for what is essentially a problem between Linden Lab and the end user. Customers that loose inventory should be able to go to you, not to us. 3: Make it
  5. I got 4 of my 5 missing listings restored last night. The difference between the restored 4 items and the 1 they did not restore, is that I did not know the URL for that last listing. I had only 4 urls for them, because I link to my PG and moderate MP listings from my website http://www.dutchie.design/ but not to adult listings. So I guess that means they are only restoring listings for merchants that: 1) noticed their listings had disappeared 2) have filed a ticket, posted here or found any other way to to get attention 3) managed to include the urls to their listings in that
  6. Hi, my MP listings are disappearing. Earlier this week I had 402 listings in my marketplace store. I checked because I deleted a few and added 2 new listings this week, 2 saunas. Today I find I have only 397 listings. I found the 5 items back in the unassociated folder. I can relist these etc, but I would lose rank, ratings etc, plus it would look like I made these older designs recently. I have no idea why it's these 5 listings. All 5 items have copy and mod rights, but no transfer rights for the next owner. One is adult, the rest are PG rated. 2 are scripted, the others h
  7. The new marketplace search beta appears to make all bestsellers disappear from search. This is not doing anyone a favor. Not the customers, that get a horrible idea of what is available in sl and have to go trough 20 pages to get to the good stuff, not merchants like me that will surely loose at least half their sales, not Linden Lab, who would have gotten 5% of those sales. Is the marketplace important to LL? What are you going to do about this?
  8. According to Google search, my marketplace store is among the 15 stores most searched/visited right now. In the current search, I have several of my designs ranking nr. 1 in different categories and search requests. As examples: my yoga mat ranks nr 1, my bookcase nr. 2, if you search for femdom you even find 5 of my items on the first page. In this beta search, my yogamat is first to be found on page 8, my bookcases or anything of mine under femdom are not even on the first 20 pages. I tried looking for my store name, since all the titles of my listings start with that : Dutchie. The firs
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