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  1. Rachel Seelowe

    Search for Survivors

    /me stands at the podium....hello, my name is Rachel and I am a lurker. Survived the move.
  2. Rachel Seelowe

    Hideous login photo

    Hey Snickers, I am not absolutely sure but..I think this may be one of Torley Lindens photos. Torley is an amazingly prolific artist, teacher, thoughtful genious. I seem to remember this photo was one of an example to help describe options for photography within sl…I don't believe the avatars in the photo are the intended focal point, instead... the 'focus' of the photo is the focal point
  3. Rachel Seelowe

    Wanna check out some little animated mesh birds?

    Hi WADE, Thanks for the invite to see your new mesh creation. The little bird is so beautiful with sweet animations as well. Your work is amazing!
  4. Hippie, oh Hippie Can it really be A Space Craft of my own And it’s for free Hippie, oh Hippie I shout with glee As I will soon be Soaring through the Galaxy In Hippie’s “Space RV" (yes, I would love one!) Thank you Hippie! OMG..just noticed how late to the ‘party’ I am here! (me blushes and is horrified) Poky poster…
  5. Rachel Seelowe

    The Real Life You in Secondlife!

    Fantastic Hippie! Let us all know when you’ll be playing inworld
  6. Rachel Seelowe

    How to create a cool forum avatar \ badge

    Nice job Suella! I don’t have/use photoshop or gimp. But I do know how to use my camera inworld:smileytongue: So I took a quick pic of a tree in my yard and used it for my badge background. Ha! must not have pressed save. Must go back and try again… ok all boxes checked this time!!
  7. Rachel Seelowe

    Tell us what you did while the SL Forum was offline!

    What did I (a lowly lurker) do while the SL Forum was offline: I missed you guys!
  8. Rachel Seelowe

    Strengthening the SL Community (revisited)

    Feeling more like home already!! Thanks Quinn.