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  1. you can still buy one via support>file a ticket under land&region.
  2. there are hundreds of rezz zones on the roads, some with decent timers. If you're just looking for somewhere to unpack shopping bags this might be a better option, as nice and quiet. I'll drop you a landmark inworld.
  3. Whut?????? No Santy??? Then just who the flipperty have I been running around as since January 1st 2008???
  4. i know about a kurpa tea, not sure about the body.
  5. oh please. wearing your underwear outside your pants is nothing, In SL i walk down the street in only my shreddies, in RL i maintain the defence that's it's just my "freedom of expression". The Judge has yet to agree oO.
  6. read the first post, handed to Kristin and Governance to digest.......................
  7. This is EXACTLY why I have a block list of 7 pages on here ^^
  8. Today, I logged on the forums during my tea break at work to see if there was any posts worth reading. I scanned the forums, and I realised my ignore list is 7 pages long. TC guys'n'gals but since I'm reading 97% post of "you have chosen to ignore posts by so and so", I think I'll take a break from the SL forums. Peace Out.
  9. I would use Live chat and ask them for help. but here is a slurl to a working part of the Gardens, where you can plant a flower http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varna/207/66/23 Or we could all visit Patch and ring his doorbell @Patch Linden
  10. I have 2 clubs on my land, beach and a roller disco. Not run in a commercial sense, I just like having them there, if people are there dancing, fantastic. If just me, I've plenty of practice doing my Billy Idol impersonation. (for those too young to know who billy idol is "dancing with myself" is the punchline).
  11. Nothing harsh about it at all. Tends to be the view of a lot of people around the UK. That's the beauty of everyone having their own views ^^
  12. depends how you define a "nice chat". is it 1) the "nice noob" looking for the sex clubs? add - na 2) someone else asking me for the timetable for the no 37 bus to runcorn? add - yes 3) discussing transwarp theorem whilst riding a unicycle and juggling toilets? add - more than likely Joking aside: I can have conversations with random people for days at a time, but not feel a connection to them, just like in RL you might have a brief chat to that with that person also waiting for the no 37 bus to Runcornm, but never click. Never think the problem is you,
  13. Google translated changed this to a recipe for biscuits oO
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