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  1. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Problem with Gamers/Game Developer

    @Kristin Lindenhow about the Governance POV please Kristin? I daresay you've probably had a lot of complaints about this type of behaviour?
  2. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    In a sense, it does when I read this part Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel As my orb will only allow whoever we decide to allow in. From my own view as an explorer, that's why I chose 60 seconds, so anyone just passing by etc, won't get zapped if just passingby ^^
  3. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    I use an orb with a 60 second timer to nudge people on their way. My mainland's by a road, so that (to me anyway) is fair as it allows anyone who drives in/flies over/hops on my toilet collection, time carry on their journey unimpeded. Regardless of the various viewpoints, there's still the maturity ratings that a landowner has to comply with, that's 1 good reason why so many use orbs.
  4. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Looking to turn your sl world into an MMORPG?

    Can anyone make a script to detect if anyone is wearing this rubbish and either ban them or notifiy the land owner? Might be something worth making it and marketing it. "spampire be gone!"
  5. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Neighbor Bully

    sent you a message inworld.
  6. Adamburp Adamczyk

    What do you hoard in SL?

    I hoard toilets. Been collecting toilets in SL since I started (novelty ones)
  7. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Sex Offenders on SL

    it's not obscure. it's on the bottom of EVERY page "LL Terms and conditions"
  8. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Sex Offenders on SL

    the link is https://www.lindenlab.com/tos then scroll down to that section, or just do a search for key word on the page.
  9. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Sex Offenders on SL

    Linden lab TOS 5.3 We may terminate your Account(s) to protect the best interests of the Service and the community or if we believe you pose an unacceptable risk to the community. We may terminate your Account if we determine in our discretion that such action is necessary or advisable to comply with legal requirements or protect the rights or interests of Linden Lab, the Service community or any third party. We may terminate your Account(s) if we learn, or in good faith believe, that you are a registered sex offender, that accessing the Service may violate a condition of parole or probation, that you have engaged in or attempted to engage in conduct with minors on the Service that violates this Agreement, or that you for any other reason may pose what we deem to be an unacceptable risk to the Service community.
  10. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Happy Birthday?

    As my name says, Happy Birthday Everyone.
  11. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Anyone have the cheat codes to win this game?

    I've had the cheat mode for Second Life in my profile picks, since 2011 - clear for any user to see. Quote: Since so many have never discovered it, I will tell you. In open chat, say "iyamadumdum", for infy time, energy, and lives. Unquote.
  12. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Yes or No: Adult content on a General Sim

    At the risk of spamming from the wiki https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Adult_Content_FAQ about 1/4 of the way down the page it says this: The maturity ratings distinguish between publicly-promoted adult content, required to be on Adult regions, and non-public adult content, such as private homes with a sex bed, that can be located on Moderate land. Adult activities cannot be advertised or publicly promoted on Moderate land. Such activity must occur privately, behind closed doors on Moderate land (see below), and is forbidden on General land. These restrictions apply regardless of whether the parcel has hidden avatars. So basically, if it's your own home, use avi privacy
  13. Adamburp Adamczyk

    The most useless Second Life item ever

    Toilets aren't useless, I've been collecting them in SL for almost ten years now. Amassed quite the collection too................
  14. Adamburp Adamczyk

    Blake sea rez zones

    Most (not all) of them have a small rez area in the NE corner of the sim. You might have to fly under the water to find them first. A good indicator is check the land size in the "about land" tab - if it;s less than 65536, then there's more than likely a rezz zone there.
  15. Adamburp Adamczyk

    The Lag is intense in world

    before you get spammed. check your own connection, maybe restart your modem. check your viewer settings (cache size, bandwidth etc) if you come across a laggy region, file a support ticket for a restart, and if a private region tell the sim owner LL do restarts most weeks as normal