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  1. one of the Easter Eggs discovered during my 8 1/2 month quest to map all the linden owned secret areas. Go under the sea, and look for the buildings, there are 2. Both contain an entrance to the Maze. In fact, there are several dozen underwater secret areas, drop me a line inworld if you want a copy.
  2. well that group on Baltic are the secret undersea maze mappers. Yes, there's a secret undersea maze at Baltic, with a prize if you solve it. (linden owned one.)
  3. are you premium? if so contact LL support via live chat, or a ticket under web login issues. Sorry but I don't know if that ticket option is avaialble to everyone
  4. I was being diplomatic - your price of 750k lindens is nearly £3000 gbp - that's 6 months mortgage payment in RL.
  5. my beloved toilets. Everytime I see a new one that'd suit going into my collection, I kinda blow my entire week's budget for SL in one go.
  6. I'd only EVER worry if a group moderator, or Governance, asked you to desist :)
  7. yup, humour is lost it seems. Bless you. Still, I won't see your griping posts now.
  8. humour is lost on some people in this life it seems....................................................
  9. if you want to experience extreme wind in SL, visit here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystery%20Caye/58/238/35 however be aware - it's not for the faint hearted.
  10. I'm waiting for "underpants" to be a last name.
  11. I wonder if Ekim knows about all the secret areas on the Linden Home 1.0 landmass
  12. smartbots. Sent you a link inworld to their store.
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