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  1. I do love to use Lumiya. Why? because in RL I'm a shift worker, so I can often be working the night shift on my own, so bearing in mind the timezones, UK may be sleeping, but the USA, Australia, New Zealand etc are awake/just waking up. So, there's always someone around to get into a debate with, or a group chat to join in on. The trick with Lumiya, on mobile data is this - find a quiet spot, on an empty sim, and park your avi there (personally, I park in my skybox on my land), so local data use is minimal, and only more used for Im etc. However, saying that, Lumiya on Wifi is great IMHO - even using it's 3d mode is relatively stable.
  2. I've been on a quest in recent months in SL, mapping hidden areas/secret areas on Linden Land. Quite the bounty of them. Just trying to get round to disclosing them all. A little tip for one or two............. Visit Okinu visit Cape Ekim
  3. Holy penguins on pogo sticks, "let's moan about nothing" thread here. 1st time since I've been here that proces have risen for premium, by about $20, that's £15.86 a year, approximately 4 pints of beer in my local pub. By contrast, my RL car insurance went up by £68 for absolutely no reason at all. Sure, I'll be switching to yearly to save on that £15.86 a year, but hey - 10 years and no prremium price rises isn't exactly a bad thing.
  4. visit the mole bureaux and go into abnor's pub http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meauxle Bureaux/145/133/34
  5. just an FYI on the above I said earlier. I had a pretty nasty incident earlier on today on my mainland holdings, Governance responded within ten minutes. @Kristin LindenMany thanks to your team for this.
  6. you know, Governance DO hold an in-world user group meeting every two weeks or so. @countburks if you're having problems, pop along to it and speak to Kristin Linden (Governance supervisor) there - a lot of us landowners attend and she DOES listen to our concerns. Personally, I've noticed a far greater presence inworld by Governance since these meetings started.
  7. to Live up to my name, Happy Birthday Belinda!!!!
  8. I'm doing my bit for the environment and drinking copious amounts of beer.
  9. that's £388.97 at current buying value on the linden exchange
  10. @Kristin Lindenhow about the Governance POV please Kristin? I daresay you've probably had a lot of complaints about this type of behaviour?
  11. In a sense, it does when I read this part Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel As my orb will only allow whoever we decide to allow in. From my own view as an explorer, that's why I chose 60 seconds, so anyone just passing by etc, won't get zapped if just passingby ^^
  12. I use an orb with a 60 second timer to nudge people on their way. My mainland's by a road, so that (to me anyway) is fair as it allows anyone who drives in/flies over/hops on my toilet collection, time carry on their journey unimpeded. Regardless of the various viewpoints, there's still the maturity ratings that a landowner has to comply with, that's 1 good reason why so many use orbs.
  13. Can anyone make a script to detect if anyone is wearing this rubbish and either ban them or notifiy the land owner? Might be something worth making it and marketing it. "spampire be gone!"
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