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  1. Actually, LL DO go to pains to point out to you that your IP address can be obtained via the media stream: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Technical_overview_of_Second_Life_security Or, if you don't want to read the whole page, here's the relevant bit: Stream data Voice, web, audio, and video streams do not pass through Linden Lab's servers; they are accessed directly by the Second Life viewer. One way to keep your content secure is to use one of these distribution methods. Streaming content attached to a land parcel can use https to provide a secure stream, and is not routed through Linden Lab's servers. The Second Life viewer pulls the streaming content directly from its source. Important: Conversely, the owner of a parcel of land may use their streaming media source to determine your IP address. If you are not on your own land, you may choose to disable reception of streaming media in the Second Life viewer's preferences.
  2. If ringing from abroad, use Skype to call the free number, saves you the cost of an international call (ie. it's free over WiFi)
  3. I prefer a touch of humour to initiate a conversation 1) "Happy Birthday" 2) "/me chucks a snowball" random stuff
  4. have you tried attending the Governance User Group inworld? Many people, myself included, have noticed Governance are FAR more about than they ever have been, as a result of these. @Kristin Lindenany words of advice for the poster?
  5. and THAT is exactly WHY I pay for unlimited band width/unlimited data with my ISP, well put Whirly! ^^
  6. I spent 4 years wish an SL friend a happy birthday, every, single, day....................... as he wouldn't tell me when it was. Actually inspirted my display name of "Happy Birthday Everyone"
  7. There are Mole created gems all over indeed, I've spent the past 6 months mapping them. Almost ready to publish the list of them.
  8. */me hums "we wish you a merry <insert celebration name>, we wish you a merry <insert celebration name>, we wish you a merry <insert celebration name>, and a happy <insert celebration name>*
  9. Yeah I kinda skipped Hallowe'en and decorated my sim ready for Christmas. After 3 1,2, 3 "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..........."
  10. I usually just switch to lumiya, so that I'm still inworld even though in RL I might be sleeping, or be at work etc. If not me, than an alt. I figure might as well since my phone's plugged in to charge anyway.
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