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  1. actually, there is. Is called Second life viewer Firestorm ( at least is what i use). Here is my 5 steps free course of building , when you have no idea what to do. Disclaimer: works only for furniture, houses, decorations. for clothes you will have to learn something else. Also, step nr 5 is the most important.
  2. . bad , trollish anger comment? yes . ignorance? not the answer she received was the reprimand of a former Gorean master disappointed by his experiences with his submissives. Same for you: Do a self-assessment to determine in what thread you might be able to contribute something, and then seek out such threads. With all your experience, can you bring anything to the forum ? there is someone for anyone in the sl. do not give up hope. maybe it will take longer, because sl is no longer what it once was, but if you really want it ... Disclaimer : usually i don't pick up fights ,but this is one of those mornings without coffee
  3. К сожалению, вы правы, но плохие люди существуют и в реальном мире. Все виды мошенничества требуют ваших денег независимо от того, в каком мире вы живете. Моя политика: никогда не давайте кому-либо больше 10-50 L $, и если они не окупятся, забудьте о. Это тест, который помогает мне узнать людей. Sadly , you are right, but bad people exists in real world too. All kind of scams want your money no matter what world you live in. my policy : never give anyone more than 10-50 L$ and if they don't pay back forget about. Is a test it help me to know people.
  4. tested. i wanted to check compatibility tmp vs legacy (clothes, skins, tattoo etc since they claim you can find your old items in the hud too - and is correct , all are there)
  5. sadly, i don't want to spend my Second life "grounded".i like my time building on my platform (1500+) .Since i own almost every other body in sl, at least the main ones, i am not in a hury to get a new one. btwm old tmp was seamless at any hights. i guess is true when they say legacy is not tmp
  6. in the demo i see lot of empty lines in the body. anyone know if is fixed in full version?
  7. Is this one dirty enough?
  8. You got me here. Exchanging dirty pictures is ok, as long you give me time to find some nice ones on internet.100% guarantee will be me
  9. that's the real challenge of SL. or is just me, but i never save...
  10. As result, you can marry to yourself and make a third avie to be your own child.. etc. your imagination is the limit
  11. i wasn't lucky enough to get a last name.When my avatar was sl born, last names was already history and all new avatars became part of the great /funny/ hated Resident family.I wanted something original ( not 123456 of other) and with a cute sound.So, after lot of trial and errors, Kweopi was born. I am still not sure about the cute part, but, at least, if i google it, my avie show in first search.
  12. I am not sure about that. and i am not the only one who will read them all, i bet ?
  13. try [Ak] heads , Altamura, Logo ( logo have one on a nice sale at ebento fair) the heads usually came with skins but,for better look and no neck lines , i'll sugest some complete omega skins, but is a personal choice. (90% of the look is the skin)
  14. Like any other improvement in any game, BOM will face people who think is the best thing ever made and people with " meh"..overall will give you, posibly, a better control over your mesh body, at least for people with texturing skill, so we can espect a lot of tattoos, freckles, dimples, moles, eyeliners to play with.And , of course, some free video memory on our grafic cards ( for some people that wasn't the problem at all- for some was a big deal) when animesh was released, had same history. i saw lot of sims / persons acompanied by zillions of dancing companions, plus , of course, the slave/ sexdoll industry. and the bad side.. land impact.Animesh was not for all. A regular plot , 1024, canot support more than 1-2 animesh items , (plus your house, the sexbed and all that furniture). For me , i'll just wait to see how BOM will impact the mesh bodies and skin industry . I have only few good old skins in my inventory, and i am not a very big fan of tattoos.As for the lag from onion bodies and big textures loading time,my sl experience is decent, so i am not in 'wow' side,also not in "meh' side too. not in " i wish to..." section
  15. i use my alts to voice verify , and they always can vouch for me .
  16. some people are just looking for friendship ( translated here as sex). Do you think they are registered in sl for the book club to read something? Joke aside, in RL, we usually "read" new people before starting a conversation. How to dress, how clean they are, their apparent age, etc. there are important things, which from our point of view define a certain person. Not reading the profile of a person you want to "be your friend" is like giving yourself to a person who has a wedding ring on his finger. it's not rude, it's stupid. or it is usually male arrogance that he thinks is enough to throw a few words for the girls to fall at his feet.it amuses me the importance that men give to those Pickup Lines that they think are infallible. Come on, let's be serious. from the moment you approached me, I analyzed you, labeled you , already decided whether we have a future or not.
  17. ok. I can understand the frustration of those who bought the first TMP version (5k, a lot of L $) but for me it will always remain a pleasant memory. I had come back after a long absence in sl, all the friends still active were mesh, but I was not willing to invest in the mesh, I didn't know that I would stay or not in the gamel. TMP had the only truly usable free mesh body, and I also discovered enough free clothes so that I wouldn't have to walk just on the beaches. (oh, I remember with nostalgia the first days, when I spent all my time just changing shape and admiring the beauty of my new body - a little vanity doesn't hurt anyone, right?).And the skins, even for the free one, just amazing. So many and so well made. Then, as a shock, in a few months, all the clothes have became free in their store and full body only 500. I spent a few days there and took everything you could get for free and I was like heaven. since then things have changed a bit. after I understood that SL is a virus you can't get rid of, I started shopping. now I have all the free mesh bodies in the game, plus the paid maitreya, eve, altamura full, and even the lesser known ones from lucyshoes. the old tmp I still consider it perfect, nicer made than others more expensive (less on the ankles, but that's another problem) . would I buy the new legacy? probably not, at least not at this time. Not because of the price, because of the neck problems and the need for deformers. With or without deformers, the old tmp wardrobe does not fit in place. and in order to wear maitreya clothes, I do not need legacy deformers for this. So, legacy owners, give me back my old tmp wardrobe on the new body and we can talk. till then, i'll just enjoy the altamura body with ak head, my all times favorites till then, asolution for the neck problems (there are few in game so happy shopping )
  18. Hold your horses cowboy, no one made you the speaker for all people.Don't act like you know what is best for all humanity. the worst thing you can EVER do to a person with a disability is to treat it as you think it should be treated. I know many people with problems of all kinds, I can even be included in this list in a certain way, and some want to be treated as if they have no problem, but others do not, at least not always.Life is so hard for all people, with problems or not. There are days when I am too tired to wear my big girl pants and I just wanna be cudled, protected, shielded from the real world.and if then, my partner, the real man, as he considers himself, tells me "no, I don't care about your problems, others can get over them", then, damn with him. a little tip, next time, ask yourself how a disabled person wants to be treated and not treat him/her as you want it to be
  19. 1,for head https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-AK/8659276 for body 2.https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Belleza/6412085 1 and 2 are just instalers not skins, scripts made to prepare your body and head ready for the skins 3. skin for all body : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MR-Style-Skin-Antony-For-Akeruka-AK-Omega-Catwa-Lelutka-Signature-Belleza-Adam-Slink-GIFT/17478742 try this , is free, and test how is working all pack
  20. although I am almost the same in sl with rl, the similarities are only in terms of beliefs, ideals, feelings. What I do not like in rl I do not like in sl too.I like the same music, I love the same arrangements, I like to explore new things in both worlds.at the same time, in rl I am constrained by many things that do not exist in sl. age and biology do not exist in sl, as well as geographical locations, or the need for transportation between them. My avatar is ageless, i'm not.if anyone likes me, it is for what I represent in sl. I don't think it's important that I am x, y, z years old, or living in the x, y, z, or that I have x, y, z weight, height, shoe numbers. I can have 10 children or none, maybe I am in my tenth marriage or I have never had a rl partner.how does this influence a dance with someone in a club or a few moments under the moonlight with someone? no rl infos, no rl meetings because I do not use sl as a dating app, I am not physically interested in the person behind the avatar.
  21. if they had ownership, the chairs will be branded with the norix logo, or any logo of the owner. Those are common designs, and not very hard to recreate
  22. they also have a no demo policy, and after i got some items, i understand why. meshes are nice made, but the rig is bad. Most of the time don't fit.
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