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  1. SL will close soon. We have less people. Empty places. And popular places like this one is closing. This is life. We born then we died.
  2. I am proud to have soon (2019-11-12) 200 days yeahhh
  3. If you talk in general chat everybody think : it is not for me. If you send private message I think you have much more chance to get answer. My statistics. 1 chance over 5 try. In general chat 1 chance every 20 try. Keep trying if is like lottery more you play more you have chance to win.
  4. Did you search in Lost and found folder. I noticed for me that often and for none explicable reason I very often have things in this forder. Here is few way to find lost item. It is a long page but maybe it helps you http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss
  5. As I am reading the title of this topic. How to START a conversation. The content is how to CONTINUE a converstation. How to communicate ? Now I realise that in SL some people don't like chating or don't like talking. When you start a converstation it is like you disturbe. Some are polite and say or explain they don't want to talk 'I am busy' I am with a friend etc.. But some simple don't reply or worst and this is my hate are like machine. You don't know if you are talking with real human or with a script. The answer is kind of automatic. How do I know if I am talking with a real
  6. @Fritigern Gothly I translate your long text in todo. Get the information if my head is omega compatible. Get an installer for the body Get a relay for the head Get a omega skin. My question of vocabulary, You use word installer and relay and applier. Is applier the same than skin? is the word relay same than installer? Did I use the right terms. I just use yours. Did I correctly translated your message? Correct me if I misunderstood. Other question. If I can get all of this 4 things in the market place it would be wonderfull. Cause I ha
  7. But skin is for classic avatar not for mesh? I am confused now.
  8. I have Ak head and Beleza jake body. But The color is not exactly the same. What to do?
  9. if you need french conversation I can help you. For me all sl is primary language learning.
  10. I don't know if it is the best place for this message. But when I started people recommend me brewery to learn buiding. I went few times but I didn't have a good experience. Feeling so lost. I don't understand how thing happend what happend what to do and rules and all. I am siting on a barel but always I think it is for advanced user. Question is it a good way to learn ? Maybe not good for me. My problem is that I don't know where to start.
  11. Someone said on June 20th there will be a mesh AK Deluxe head available for 151 lindens as group gift [regular price 5,000L
  12. I heard or I dream that there is or was free head. Does that still exists?
  13. What do you think of altamura ? I don't see it in that suggestion
  14. I don't understand why on SL there is no Messager like in other plateform. Look how nice is Gmail. Even Facebook has a good messaging tool. Here you have Instant message and notecard. Notecard is very complicated to write, send and even find. You don't know wher they are. You don't know who write and when and the reason. I know maybe everybody are conforatble with that communication tool but I find complex. You have 2 instead of one.
  15. One of my main problem in si it to understand time. SLT is the time usualy used in SL. But it is very hard for me to understand it. I need to calculate it. Is ther an easy tools in SL or inworld (outside sl) on the web forexemple I can use to understand the time Example I checked a timetable (schedule) and wanted to follow a course. it is 13:00 What is it. 13:00 is eaier to understand than 1pm (the worst!!) What time is it for my time zone I tell you how I do that step by step I want to know what is 13:00 in my time zone (Europe). For me it is easier to call time zone b
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