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  1. @Fritigern Gothly I translate your long text in todo. Get the information if my head is omega compatible. Get an installer for the body Get a relay for the head Get a omega skin. My question of vocabulary, You use word installer and relay and applier. Is applier the same than skin? is the word relay same than installer? Did I use the right terms. I just use yours. Did I correctly translated your message? Correct me if I misunderstood. Other question. If I can get all of this 4 things in the market place it would be wonderfull. Cause I hate shopping. I really miss patience. It take years to loads untill I can see something. When I shops I am like blind. Marketplace is terrible for filter but it is 100 faster. You just have to select manually visualy your product. You have 10 times the same and you need to read pages and pages but it is sill faster even with all DEMO and demo
  2. But skin is for classic avatar not for mesh? I am confused now.
  3. I have Ak head and Beleza jake body. But The color is not exactly the same. What to do?
  4. if you need french conversation I can help you. For me all sl is primary language learning.
  5. LeoSylvain


    I don't know if it is the best place for this message. But when I started people recommend me brewery to learn buiding. I went few times but I didn't have a good experience. Feeling so lost. I don't understand how thing happend what happend what to do and rules and all. I am siting on a barel but always I think it is for advanced user. Question is it a good way to learn ? Maybe not good for me. My problem is that I don't know where to start.
  6. Someone said on June 20th there will be a mesh AK Deluxe head available for 151 lindens as group gift [regular price 5,000L
  7. I heard or I dream that there is or was free head. Does that still exists?
  8. What do you think of altamura ? I don't see it in that suggestion
  9. I don't understand why on SL there is no Messager like in other plateform. Look how nice is Gmail. Even Facebook has a good messaging tool. Here you have Instant message and notecard. Notecard is very complicated to write, send and even find. You don't know wher they are. You don't know who write and when and the reason. I know maybe everybody are conforatble with that communication tool but I find complex. You have 2 instead of one.
  10. One of my main problem in si it to understand time. SLT is the time usualy used in SL. But it is very hard for me to understand it. I need to calculate it. Is ther an easy tools in SL or inworld (outside sl) on the web forexemple I can use to understand the time Example I checked a timetable (schedule) and wanted to follow a course. it is 13:00 What is it. 13:00 is eaier to understand than 1pm (the worst!!) What time is it for my time zone I tell you how I do that step by step I want to know what is 13:00 in my time zone (Europe). For me it is easier to call time zone by UTC+1 UTC+2 etc then the other name or by name of cities. I am here on UTC+2 1. I need to know what is SLT : seach a map https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/ This one is good. SLT is UTC-8 (I am still not sure) and still not sure how is the other name PDT? Pacific zone ? 2 Convert 13 SLT to UTC --> 13+8= 20 3. Convert UTC --> UTC+2 (My time zone) 20 +2 = 22 If you have time with 12 hours with am and pm it add one more step to convert time of 12 hours to time of 24 hours. Then my head is warm calculating that. If you cross date it add difficulties. How about converting 8pm for example 1- 8pm --> 20:00 2 20+8=28 3 28-24 = 4:00 (the next day) 4 4+2 = 6:00 (UTC+2) I will show you what my mind do each time I see a time. Then I need an easy tool : I enter a date in 12 or 24 format and then I have the time in my time zone. To know what time it is now is easy because I notice that I have this time on my browser but it is hard to know the time of a schedule
  11. What do you mean. In SL you can choose to tells information of you RL or not. This the the basics of that game.
  12. As a male if you have female avatar you can feel how female react with guys. You have have 10 Instant messages with the same anoying questions. and you have some harrasment. You need to stop and or move. When you are a male you have to start conversation otherwise you never talk with anybody. I just notice that usualy male starts and not women. Been a female is much more easy for doing your avatar. You have 100 times more choices. If you are female and want to talk with female it is an open door. They are much more open and feel secure. For most female male are enemies or like a danger. A place without male is a secure place. They protect them again male. If you are male you face this protection. It is like a sex war. That could explain why in SL there are much more female avatar than male.
  13. Thank you for this precious landmark. I didn't know firestorm social island. I had a good experience. I will try to read documentation and start the course.
  14. Maybe my need is to understand the basic vocabulary. Otherwise if you don't know what is 'in word places' is I will not go far. or what is Caledon University or the word brewery spring. That looks like english but it is chinese. I think it is secondlife language. linking prims ? In your text I can count maybe 20 non understandable words. Youtube yes but I find tutorial : how to move how to use . And I prefer text tutorial is it much more easy for me. I can read slowly. Stop when I want and make copy past. It is very hard to make copy past with youtube video. I already have blender. But how to link that to secondlife. Maybe my first goal could be to understand all the or most of important words. If I understand the words, the culture, the system, the sociology the rest would be easier.
  15. Hello. Starting again SL after a break, I notice that many avatar have a marketplace, a shop, a business and are creator. I consider 2 types of users. Consumers and producer. I was untill now consumers. I use SL only. All other type of users was for me mistery. How can we create something in SL. I know than SL is created by user. In theory yes but in my mind no. I cannot. It is not created by me. But when I see on bio. It is like I am an exeption. Of course bio is not 100% the true and as SL is a role play you can pretend to do something. I need to learn the vocabulary of SL : I hear many strange word I still have difficulty to understand like - In world - SIM - PRIM - REZ etc... when I want to learn I am lost because I find lot of very old information (SL is more than 15 year old) and it is not pedagogic. I mean I find information I know (How to move, how to wear cloth etc.) or information I don't know but my level of understanding is too hard for me. where can I find something step by step from the begining. I am feeling that every body have a SIM, a shop a club are DJ create event and cloth and more and I am the only one who are doing nothing. How all these people learn doing all that. I know http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Main_Page But it is not a step by step pedagogical ressources. Yes it is better than nothing. I am sure I am not sure to express correctly my need because my english is not good - Tutorial step by step with not too deep learning curve. - How to create things - Scripting I need not only technical ressource but also social understanding. Secondlife have his own culture. When you are in it you don't realise it. For exemple I see avatar talking about family. Father, sister, daughter, children etc.. family How to understand that. Avatar role play . What is the different type of play. What can we do? What kind of population etc... I know this is a very genaral question. But if I can have an easy ressource I can understand. A guide a step by step a way to follow. Alone I am searching and lost so much time and loose motivation because I am following too many directions and start again and search again and don't know how to do it. because it is like I am not able or all people understand and not me. sorry for my bad english. I hope this question or need is clear enough. You still can ask additionals questions if it is not clear enough.
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