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  1. i like the idea. we can share my crown
  2. yeah, but for the money you get a nice exclusive tag as "Supermodel" and if you pay more, we will make you a nice portofolio (no one will ever be interested but - just small details). This is old in sl, rl also, people pay for qualifications they never use after.From my experience, all the big sellers in the sl fashion never hire models, they use some friends or alts for photo's. anyway we are talking some few money here, 100 L$ is cheap, years ago, joinig a supermodel group was few k's
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/bag-Dress-Olivia-BENTO-WCH-Arcane-Spellcaster-Ak-Creations/14814915 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/bag-DEMO-Skirt-Lara-MOVE-WCH-Arcane-Spellcaster-Ak-Creations/14395129
  4. copybotters don't need full perm items .They use some "tools" to copy all items they find, no matter the permisions.There are other kind of bad people , the ones who don't respect TOS but they buy the items. And only one without brain will think a "copybotter' will use his real acount to buy/ sell stolen items . They use alts, so the creator and his friends only have useless long lists of alts , most of them inactive or banned.And who decide who is reputable or not? If someone new decide to get the FP items and resell them, will be banned because he/she don't look reputable?Theat people like
  5. i'll fill the notecard ( you paid for the item, you must own it) then flag it too.rules are so simple. If you check the CMT boxes, the products inside have to be CMT.
  6. Better question: What Men Really Think of Men ? How they want to be as MEN? Answer to that and some of them will be surprised
  7. some time ago, I read a study that shows that over 50% of those who accept one month free offers at the beginning (as in online games, netflix, etc.) forget or do not know that they need to manually unsubscribe .
  8. hmm. Is this your mother? I wouldn't have said that. I think you look more like your father, because I see no family resemblance. Not at all .
  9. Personally, I do not like the name " pentesting " -are you testing a pen ? a title like Licensed Penetration Tester has more flavor in it, especially in SL, but I can understand how things can be confused. Fly low Icarus ! you aim too high. as a person involved in all kinds of universities and academies in second life years ago, I can tell you it won't work. people pay for building, scripting, blender, classes because they are practical applications for SL.they can use the knowledge learned immediately and can gain from them.The most academies here provides classes that are different th
  10. omg. Do you know that we are no longer in the 18th century? Children walk free and unrestricted all over the internet from the age of 10-12 years. the fact that you prohibit them and punish them for violating a certain rule does not protect them with anything. It can only open their desire to do something. Do you remember the story of the forbidden fruit from Heaven? The solution is not to prohibit but to explain why certain things are not good or even dangerous. let me tell you an old story of about 10 years, the kind of story that always happens "to a friend", when at the school of this
  11. Work @ Club Josephina - One of the oldest clubs in SL, as hosts /dancers/ dj's Free staff housing and a large venue in a beautiful setting 100% of tips made are yours, maybe some lindens too ( we can talk) Im or notecard to Josephina Bonetto or Adria Yheng
  12. その言語は話せません。😎
  13. what you pretend you don't understand is that approaching someone in IM is personal, intimate. If you are in a club or shop and you talk on the local chat then it is not intimate. if you send me an IM it is like whispering in my ear. Imagine that you are approaching a woman in the real world: in a way she reacts when you greet her and hears everyone else, in another way when you whisper to her ear. In which case do you think she'll hit you with her purse in your head? me.. hmm. lets see..I'm not going to think you want sex, but about asking for money. Lately, I have met more beggars than
  14. what kind of chocolate? Suddenly, something sparked my interest. 🍫
  15. actually, there is. Is called Second life viewer Firestorm ( at least is what i use). Here is my 5 steps free course of building , when you have no idea what to do. Disclaimer: works only for furniture, houses, decorations. for clothes you will have to learn something else. Also, step nr 5 is the most important.
  16. . bad , trollish anger comment? yes . ignorance? not the answer she received was the reprimand of a former Gorean master disappointed by his experiences with his submissives. Same for you: Do a self-assessment to determine in what thread you might be able to contribute something, and then seek out such threads. With all your experience, can you bring anything to the forum ? there is someone for anyone in the sl. do not give up hope. maybe it will take longer, because sl is no longer what it once was, but if you really want it ... Disclaimer : usually i don'
  17. К сожалению, вы правы, но плохие люди существуют и в реальном мире. Все виды мошенничества требуют ваших денег независимо от того, в каком мире вы живете. Моя политика: никогда не давайте кому-либо больше 10-50 L $, и если они не окупятся, забудьте о. Это тест, который помогает мне узнать людей. Sadly , you are right, but bad people exists in real world too. All kind of scams want your money no matter what world you live in. my policy : never give anyone more than 10-50 L$ and if they don't pay back forget about. Is a test it help me to know people.
  18. tested. i wanted to check compatibility tmp vs legacy (clothes, skins, tattoo etc since they claim you can find your old items in the hud too - and is correct , all are there)
  19. sadly, i don't want to spend my Second life "grounded".i like my time building on my platform (1500+) .Since i own almost every other body in sl, at least the main ones, i am not in a hury to get a new one. btwm old tmp was seamless at any hights. i guess is true when they say legacy is not tmp
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