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  1. As I said I would... I now have the option of popping this avatar on when I want...which probably won't be too often. I like my little ones too much, but it is good to have options!
  2. Update: I bought an avatar just to have the option. Even before I bought it I had no plans on getting a bunch of clothes, not because monetary reasons just because the idea didn't appeal to me as much as getting furniture. And now? OH BOY I DEFINITELY DON'T PLAN ON GETTING A LOT OF CLOTHES! I'm having a hard time with this avatar and am a bit overwhelmed. I've been watching different tutorials for about three hours now trying to figure out all these huds and learning about Omega which I always heard of but had no idea it was this useful. It's a slow coming process but I hope to have her looking okay and in her one outfit she's allowed per year as soon as I make this face not look like the Joker. The struggle of being me, I swear.
  3. how do your avatar look today Lazy and wearing a cat pajamas. So basically perfect mood and perfect clothes.
  4. I'd be sad and maybe even depressed knowing there will never be another environment like Second Life. Yes, there's stuff like Sansar and VRChat but neither feel or attract the same crowd as SL. On the positive side I'd save myself countless dollars from not being able to buy lindens anymore. That or I would find something else to waste my money on.
  5. Exactly. You summed it up perfectly. There will be days, weeks even when life is good and then out of nowhere you'll feel like your lost and your suffocating. I'm sorry for your loss of your dad, and thank you in return. *hugs* Stay strong. /end sadness before I cry again
  6. Having lost my mom less than a year ago: no he won't. But he'll survive. I don't know if you lost your parents or not, so I might be preaching to the choir, but a death of a parent is something you never recover from, you just keep going.
  7. I'm terrified of rodents. A big, aggressive rodent? If they ever reach my State I'm moving. I would like to change my answer.
  8. This sounds super interesting. I just sent you an IM. Hoping to hear back from you soon about my question, OP.
  9. YEP. Already regretting this. I'm just going to try to get into some RP communities. Sorry to drunk talk to you guys.
  10. What kind of radioactive, super mutant Chernobyl rat is that? Not, but seriously. What animals is that? I've been trying to figure it out for five minutes.
  11. Secondlife is too big for just one person.. This is why you need to get a a dinosaur avatar. Too big for one person? Yes. Too big for one brontosaurus? I believe a bront is up for the challenge. Just wanted to say that. No I'll let you two get back to flirting. Sorry to interrupt.
  12. And in other news: People who wear animal avatars shouldn't talk because it breaks reality's TOS.
  13. That my sleep paralysis demon will finally drag me to hell one of these nights.
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