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  1. start creating for classic, make few nice things and i am sure they will accept you for the rest of their bodoes
  2. worked in movies.. all ocean;s whatever number are like that.. an arsehole cheating some people , they got revenge by stealing his money.. is ethical, no.. it might be fun, if you dont get caught.
  3. [Moderator Edit: Video with Inappropriate Content Removed] Please do. go troll and and upset how many people you can find, then your account will be terminated and we all will have a classic case to teach newbies how to NOT play second life
  4. why get a new smartphone when your nokia 3310 still work so good?
  5. still covid era so better be safe
  6. I don't know why, but since the possibility of changing your name, I've never been more proud of belonging to the resident family. I like it better to have just one name all over the place,
  7. https://github.com/RuthAndRoth/Roth2
  8. if you are not stranger to photoshop you should get the textures of a skin, from UV map to eloh skins ( get them on ruth/roth files github, ) i also advice you to start your journey with roth mesh body files, they are free , inworld and blender files too. At least you can do various tests until you got the things right .Al meshes are BoM now ( old sistem skin work ) so what you made for the free roth, you can apply to others.If you are really an old skool player, i know you will like "do it your self way" than to pay someone to do it. At least, is the way i will do it if i was not so lazy. GL
  9. Salute in coronavirus time. no more hand shake
  10. And how are you sure they don't lie about the RL too? Ask for Id's? real phone number? don't tell me Facebook, because any social network can be faked as sl . btw, my name is Hermione Granger, can you say is not?
  11. me too, but it might be a different one.
  12. try out Jeremiah. is just a little show about a deadly virus who killed all old people in the world.
  13. every blog, like every other big journey in life , start with a simple word. Maybe the most important. Passion. If you want to make a blog because everybody does - just don't If you want to make a blog because bloggers get money or fame - just don't If you want to start a blog because something inside you want to get into the light and you feel the need to express yourself and share your experiences to the rest of the world, you are on the right track
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