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  1. I just got this today... I have previously long ago filled it out, but now I am getting this, which doesn't give me an opportunity to change or add anything, it just goes straight to "Your KYC application is being reviewed". Not sure if that's a bug or if that's intentional and does it even go through?
  2. I had the same problem finding any info about it, until I talked with one of my friends who does create all-alpha hair... but she said it had something to do with the order in which the mesh planes are created, that determines which pieces overlap the other? There doesn't seem to be any actual published guides or walkthroughs, it seems to be knowledge passed down exclusively between creators. x_x But even after learning about that, it just sounded too much hassle for me, especially since I don't actually plan my meshes I just like to sculpt as if it were clay... so I just went another route. It's not the "all alpha" solution that bigger hair creators like Stealthic and my friend Raven Bell do, but I did find another solution which is not perfect, but I think is way less hassle if you're willing to sacrifice that perfection in night lighting for hair that is still fun to mesh, and this was also a solution to how the spotlight lighting looks different on Alpha Mask/Non-Alpha vs Alpha Blend textures. For example, if you walk into a spotlight lighting in SL wearing a hair from Ayashi, you will see the whispy alpha parts of the hair seem to be noticeably darker, while the non-alpha parts are lit up properly by the light source. I wrote about it here on my blog: https://audaxinc.net/post/169866082344/alright-i-think-i-have-found-somewhat-of-a To summarize: I basically just duplicated the alpha portions of the mesh hair, set the rest to Alpha Mask, and “fattened” the Alpha Mask mesh very slightly over the Alpha Blend mesh. This hair is free and moddable in my store if you want to take a copy to examine it for yourself (my username is Kouki Elska, just search in the Picks for SLURL). I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK this might be how Rezology (AKA Newsea the Sims hair creator) makes their hair work in SL (?). At least my friend told me that. However, I do not know if this will work very well for hair which has a lot of alpha or where all the alpha is too "wispy" or sheer (compared to mine where only the ends become transparent). It worked for my hair because I do not use much alpha except on the ends and very few out-of-the-way wispy pieces. I aimed this hair in particular to a similar style as Dura's hair which isn't too wispy. Also, I highly advise against duplicating the entire mesh if you mesh high-poly hair. My hair is extremely low poly (1533 polys) and can afford to duplicate while staying very low poly count. So if you choose this way, you should only duplicate the conflicting alpha portions underneath the fattened mesh. I attached a photo showing how it looks in Blender, where you can see the orange highlights the "Alpha Blend" faces of the mesh, and you can see it has non-alpha mesh over it which will be the same texture but as "Alpha Mask" to prevent visible alpha bug. The upper pieces of the hair you can see are just left as they are because they do not really conflict and are meant to be more sheer.
  3. Ohh, thanks a ton! This should definitely be handy in identifying what it is. I actually never thought of doing this before.
  4. It does sound similar, except it also randomly plays when just sitting there for hours not moving/touching SL... but I can try to maybe alt cam around to see if I could find the source possibly...
  5. Ah, so could it be caused by MoaP within neighboring parcels? That would explain a lot. Though I wish SL did restrain it to the containing parcel. @_@ I can try turning off auto-play, though I liked it personally, I can live without it. I'll try to keep the option to allow scripts to play it though, but I'll report back if it continues with the normal auto-play turned off. Thanks for the reply and sharing your advice.
  6. I'm noticing a weird issue that's been happening since some time last year, using the latest updated Firestorm viewers. I will be on my parcel either on my parcel in the Mainland sim, or my rented home on a private sim (parcel not owned by me), and while watching my own TV (same media URL set to a prim on both parcels), there's a completely random chance at seemingly completely random timing where some weird music or sound plays on a new instance of slplugin.exe... on my mainland parcel, it was a j-pop song, the same song that would play each time it happened. On my rented home at the private sim, it's always playing some kind of kids show about humpty dumpty (one friend confirmed the same happening to him)... I could be sitting in the same parcel doing absolutely nothing but watching the TV I set, and it will randomly play after several hours of just being there. It's so bizarre. Where even is this music coming from? Is it somehow grabbing the media from a neighbor's parcel or a random sim's parcel? Is it some form of advertisement by LL? While I have my preferences set to make media volume adjust based on camera distance from the media source (like my TV)... these weird "popup" media I keep hearing are not affected by my camera distance at all. Has anyone else gotten this issue? I'm not really sure what this is... but we could never figure out what is really causing it. There's nothing out of place on the land information's sound or media, and no foreign objects on the parcel that should cause it. So far, the only solution I could find to deal with it is, whenever it pops up, going into the Volume Mixer of my PC, and muting the new offending slplugin.exe... but I'd like to know if there's a permanent solution, because it always starts up really loud and scares me.
  7. I've gotten a reply from Avastar's support team, which has solved most of the problem. The solution was to un-bind the skirt, set the BODY mesh to "Fully Fitted" under the Fitting tab, and re-bind the skirt... and the sliders work as they should. Only thing I must figure out now is regarding the butt slider being a bit off when uploaded in-world and butt slider is below 30.
  8. Alright, it seems I've found at least one possible solution while experimenting in Blender, though it's not perfect. I explain it here: http://audaxinc.net/post/169866082344/alright-i-think-i-have-found-somewhat-of-a And this is the comparison picture:
  9. I have no experience with Maitreya's kit, but I was within 2 weeks approved for Belleza's Jake body mesh kit despite my shop being mainly anime/toon style stuff so you may have a better chance with Belleza's female body maybe? I've heard from other threads about Maitreya and TMP being ultra-strict about quality and fame of their creators, that even Maitreya's shoe kits were difficult/impossible to get for many creators... Which would explain why when I used the Maitreya female body, I had trouble finding shoes for it compared to Slink, Belleza, and other bodies. While I don't agree that LL should force them to do anything, I do agree that everyone has a right to boycott what they don't agree with, and so if I were you I'd just not bother with such exclusive bodies and create for a body who is open to new creators to allow their body to flourish and prosper. Also not sure if it's anything you'd be interested in (because these bodies are more popular among anime, comic, and furry avatars), but bodies like Utilizator's 2.0, Krank's Kuroo, and Orange Nova's Nauha (among many others) actually come packed with the body mesh kit right from the start. So those may be worth a try.
  10. Hello all. I had a concern about creating mesh hair... I've actually been making hair for a long time in SL (since 2007), but the hair I've made before was either with sculpties or mesh but in anime/toon style with no alpha (Think of Sims 4 hair). So I've never before really had to deal much with alpha-textured hair... but now that I'm trying to get into making mesh hair with realistic alpha that can work for the realistic mesh faces to give the soft/wispy hair look... I'm having issues and would like some advice from anyone who makes hair or otherwise deals with alpha bugs on mesh. I have attached two photos at the bottom, one where the problem is clearly visible, and the other where the problem does not exist... and the problem has to do with the lighting in-world. There is a glitch that if you use the advanced lighting model and stand near certain kinds of lighting like spot lighting, the alpha ends of the hair will mismatch the rest of the hair by being more dimly-lit than the non-alpha or alpha-masked parts of the hair… The difference becomes more and more pronouonced as the "Ambiance" of the lighting goes up (this photo shows it under a spotlight with Ambiance of 1.0). The only fix I could find was to either not stand near spot lights… disable local lights/advanced lighting model temporarily… or make a copy of the hair and using “edit linked objects” or “select texture”, select the alpha part of the hair, and switch the texture’s alpha mode to “Alpha Mask” with a “Mask cutoff” of 125. But, I am trying to figure out if there's a way around this, because it's honestly kind of unreasonable to expect customers to just avoid areas and not complain or feel ripped-off (even though the hair is a group gift, but I want to learn for future hair I will want to make/sell, and update a fix for this one). And while setting the alpha mode to "Alpha Mask" does solve it, it makes the hair look too sharp like it's wet, which I am trying to avoid. >.< And while other hairs I have worn by other creators which has plenty of alpha (such as Dura or really any hair store!) also have some degree of glitching in spotlights, it's not as bad or obvious as with my hair. Unfortunately, I don't have hair creator friends to ask for advice, so I'm posting here. If there's any tips for how you make hair with alpha, that manages to: A: not suffer from the alpha bug where the strands bleed through each other, and... B: not suffer so obviously from the spot lighting in SL. I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance. --- Inside a regular home in region windlight: Inside the same home with flatter windlight, and facing away from the spot light source:
  11. I'm having problems getting a very simple fitted mesh skirt to work properly on the Belleza Jake mesh kit body using the Avastar plugin in Blender 2.79. I tried making a super simple plain pencil-skirt for him, just to test whether the fitted sliders will work and the mesh will fit different shapes... For the most part, it does upload fine and it is rigged normally and in addition, follows the "Muscle" sliders which means the "Fitted" is working, but... ...There are still some sliders which just won't assign properly both in Blender and after uploading into SL. After I manually weight them, the sliders for things like the Butt and more importantly, the Saddle Bags work but, have too-little effect on the skirt for it to match/follow the body, and they only work somewhat if I manually weight them to the vertex groups of "PELVIS" and "BUTT" on the skirt, and they are both weighted in Blender all the way to red. I did use the "Shrink Wrap" modifier for this, so it has a nice snug fit in Blender by default, so I really think it's just weighting issues. On the Avastar website, it does mention that it does NOT recommend manual weighting, so I have a feeling something is going wrong if it's not automatically being weighted to those sliders (while it works fine for the "leg muscles" slider). Is there any other way to do this, or to further strengthen the weighting beyond the maximum? I have already read through all of the fitted mesh guides on the Avastar website like 3 times or more, so I am not getting anymore help from that site, so please don't link me to that. Or, is this just the normal Fitted Mesh process for creating 3D mesh clothing? I am experienced in making non-fitted rigged mesh clothing, and so I am familiar with how much work it is to weight that, but... this is going to be another whole level of frustration and time-consumption over the non-fitted rigged mesh's already-long weighting process. It's really discouraging, so I actually really hope it's something with the program/plugin that is causing issues instead... How are some creators making flawlessly-fitting Fitted mesh clothing that doesn't even require hiding the body with alpha?? Is there some trick to it that Avastar doesn't explain? Do they duplicate the body itself and extrude on that to create the clothing?? I actually tried testing that out, and it did NOT work at all because modifying the vertices of the mesh at all after duplicating the body just completely gets rid of some of the sliders such as the butt and saddle bag sliders which are giving me problems in the first place. Not to mention, the duplicated body would not export due to errors (though the un-edited body could be uploaded just fine with all of the sliders in-tact).
  12. I have been getting extremely frustrated when it comes to edit or create listings on the Marketplace for my shop for quite some time. Over half of my sales come from MP, so I want this solved. First off, this is what happens when I use Firefox. I can use the rest of the Marketplace fine, but when I press "Edit Listing" or "Revise Listing", it will start loading... Then when it finishes loading, it immediately takes me to this page, rather than keeping it on the loaded page: ---------------- Then, I tried Chrome. Nothing below the "Quick Fill" button loads. The browser says it's done loading, and doesn't give anymore than that: -------- Then, I tried Internet Explorer, and... NOTHING AT ALL from Secondlife.com or the Marketplace even loads. It just is a forever loading blank white page. The only way I have been able to list anything up til now is by using Firefox, and waiting right until the page is almost fully-loaded, and it has to be within the exact few milisecond timeframe that I hit the "STOP LOADING" button, and then it MIGHT let me edit the input fields and if I'm even luckier, it might let me use the "Upload Image", "Related Items", and "Demo Items" pop up things. The majority of the time, it will simply load too fast and redirect to that stupid error, or I will hit the stop button a tad too fast, and it doesn't load enough for the "Upload Image" button to do anything at all. -_- I want to know what the heck is screwing this up, because it's so frustrating trying to get the timing right and failing, and pretty much wasting an hour just to be able to edit a listing. If Marketplace was not such a big part of my profit, I would not even bother using it anymore, but the fact is, it's more than half of my sales. I have to choose between my sanity or my sales.
  13. I received this email too... but I have several problems. First, I have no clue what a "Taxpayer ID" or anything of that sort is. Is this something I have to sign up for? Will this cost money to do? If I am an adult 'dependant', do I need parents to do it for me? Second, what if the money I have been sending is going to someone else's paypal? Will they be able to do the identification if they chose to, or does it have to be the one earning the L$? Third, what would happen to someone who is on social security disability welfare? From what I've been told by the social security people, I am allowed no more than around $300 in my bank account(not sure if online money counts). So, I do not send it to my own bank acconut, I simply send it all to a friend. I am worried about the legality of signing up my real life info to SL because I do make quite a bit of USD from SL, but by no means is it anywhere near enough to support my living necessities(not even enough for a cheap apartment rent), but because I do it in bulk every few months, it appears to be a hefty amount each time. I also never converted the money through my bank, but it exists online(in a friend's Paypal that I send it to). It is not so much of a worry of losing the welfare, but rather, would they send me to jail or something? Does it count as some kind of fraud to be making a bit of extra money like this, even if it's for someone else?
  14. Well I am starting to think it might be the camera as part of it, but maybe also the movement of the avatar in general. Mainly because I noticed something while moving via holding the mouse-click on your avatar(which lets you turn to the sides quickly). I noticed that while walking/running, quickly moving towards the opposite direction that your av was facing isn't exactly direct... instead it seems to make your avatar turn back in a sort of U-turn motion before actually doing so, which takes some time and kind of distorts your intended straight path making it wobbly(making it kind of hard to play games involving quick movement). Sorry, it is hard to explain. >_< Mouselook does work for turning quickly, but it requires using the mouse to turn, and I just want to be able to turn more quickly using the keyboard's left/right keys if possible.
  15. Hello. I am not actually sure if this belongs here since it probably is more of a viewer-based thing than an AO thing... but I figured it's related enough, maybe. Does anyone know if it's possible to speed up the avatar/camera when it turns left or right? It feels extremely sluggish to me. I know you can quickly turn while moving if you are holding the click button on your avatar while moving, but that's not what I want unless it can be done with just keyboard movement. I want to know if it's possible to turn the avatar's direction quicker when using the keyboard controls such as simply turning, or using "shift + left/right" and "walking back(with turning back enabled)". I am sort of wanting to have my avatar move more like PC/video game characters who turn their body's direction very fast or instantly, similarly to how there's a "quick jump" option in Firestorm's avatar/movement drop-down menu. Is this something that would be doable with advanced viewer options, scripts, or would it require programming skills? I can't program at all, by the way. :(
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