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  1. Heyo So I was wondering if one could make a teen avi out of their maitreya body?I mean I even seen a video on someone who made a teen avi from their maitreya body on YouTube,so I guess the big question here is,??CAN SOMEONE MAKE A TEEN AVI FROM AN AVI MEANT FOR ADULTS??🧐
  2. Hi sooo recently I heard of a body called Jessica by 9s and I was wondering what hands and feet do I use for it?If anybody could tell me it would be a big help,thanks🙏
  3. Hi there!Im PinkMilkyWay and I’m a little newish to the second life scene,I like kawaii,pastel,and other fashion subcultures.Im pretty easygoing and outgoing and I love finding people who are fun and who likes to have crazy times like I do🤪🦄
  4. Totally agree some ppl just need to stay in their lane because it’s not nice to judge ppl based on a virtual avi.
  5. She was only saying what she thought tbh...
  6. Hello there! So I was wondering if anyone is into Lolita,pastel goth,kawaii,or any other alternative fashions out there,as I don’t really know a lot of people on here that are into things as such.Alternative fashion has been a little hobby of mine here on second life so if anyone have any interests in any kind of fashion subculture or anything out of the norm fashion related,which kind do you prefer?I for one am pretty versatile when it comes to Alternative fashion and it’s subcultures and like pretty much of everything!Well except for a few...😅
  7. Consider yourselves on the ignore list to goodbye ignorant closeminded ppl😊
  8. Anyone else who wanna go on the ignore list just let me know😊
  9. Okay now I am officially done replying to any negativity on here peace,and gn.
  10. Well I am officially done with forums for now because I don’t have Time to get banned because ppl want to report me for”Breaking tos”But won’t report themselves for what they said or posted,I posted a forum I expressed my feelings and ppl come after me for what I post and defending myself.I mean some of u really should just get off sl because this is suppose to be a fun game with cool ppl to hangout with but some not all of u just wanted to be mean,rude,cause drama,harass,bully or do all of the above.U get on here then u say something rude and u don’t expect someone to say something back but when they do u decide”Oh well imma report”Nah report yourselves because I did nothing but post a forum about ppl shouldnt be being mean to someone because of their avatar and I had one person who said that there wasn’t anything to report concerning the reply’s I received?And that no one would get banned?But it’s okay to report me for”Breaking tos”When I was just defending myself?U guys are really the type of ppl I’ve strived to get away from off the other virtual chat i was on and furthermore I want nothing more to do with any of the people who decided to be toxic on here.If I want to express myself through the forum then I will I didn’t break any guidelines that I know of in my initial post,and I wasn’t attacking anyone,again just go away already because I’m fed up with all the drama and pettiness on here.If u were not doing anything to cause any problems on here for me then this does not apply to u but everyone else leave.Im done✌️
  11. I’m done with the unnecessary drama and unneeded stress u guys need help and maybe a hug(Not getting one from me)because what ur doing is not okay and I’m personally not going to stand for it I already to u that you’ve been reported and I’m calling linden first thing in the morning u guys have no right to get on a forum and act rude,petty,and mean out of ur own maliciousness I’m done with this crap you’ve been reported u know who u r just leave
  12. So basically ur saying I’m trolling..when u guys r the ones starting all the drama on a forum I made to oppose it?🤡
  13. I’m blocking and reporting cus life is WAAAAY to short to let u ppl harass me have a nice day and enjoy being reported and erased from my existence✌️
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