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  1. From Firestorm help pages: "One aspect of SL that is often underestimated is the importance of your network bandwidth setting. Having this too high or too low can lead to all kinds of problems, from simple TP failure to being disconnected - among other things. So it is advisable to not rely on the bandwidth stated by your provider, but to check for yourself. SpeedTest will give some indication of the quality of your connection. But another very useful indication is ping and packet loss.You can determine these from within the viewer by accessing the statistics bar (press Shift-Ctrl-1). Lo
  2. off, you just ruined my all secondlife experience. Now what, you are gonna tell me all cats in sl are not real cats ? how can i secondlive now?
  3. I couldn't care less about that. i don't date the typist, i date the persona created in game.i found once the person involved was opposite sex, but the date was amazing, so , who am i to judge? ( don't tell anyone, sex was great too )
  4. try a marketplace search with "gift" as search word , apparel category . you wil be surprised https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=3&search[copy_permission]=0&search[keywords]=gift&search[layout]=gallery&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search[modify_permission]=0&search =1&search[per_page]=96&search[transfer_permission]=0
  5. I don't think upgrading your machine is a must for second life. Comparing with your machines, mine look like Dark Ages of computers ( i3 7100, 3.9Ghz, 8 gb ram and 2gb video on some gt 730) i get usually 100 + fps at home and no less than 20 in crowdy places. but i have a good net line and that must be the "secret" From Firestorm help pages: "One aspect of SL that is often underestimated is the importance of your network bandwidth setting. Having this too high or too low can lead to all kinds of problems, from simple TP failure to being disconnected - among other things. So it is
  6. yw. i sent you a message
  7. what Amina said and, surprisingly, I also agree, not the existence of slavery and violence is the problem but its glorification. Gor proposes a philosophy of life that violates almost all the contemporary norms of common sense. Not my cup of tea .What makes me happy is the fact, (one gorean master told me that, blame him if is a lie) more than 50% of the slave girls involved are males behind the keyboard.
  8. you may never find an alpha allready made for what you need. to mix mesh with classic, almost every piece of clothes need an unique alpha.Sometimes you can get lucky sometimes don't. make a pic with the shirt you want to wear, post it in wanted, to be in right topic, and i will try to make you one in this weekend if i have time .
  9. And you missed my point too. You are right to consider the books very bad. To me, the whole Gor story seems to come from the wet dream of a frustrated teenager. What the hell, even the laws of physics are sexist there (when a man gets to Gor, he gets extra powers due to weaker gravity. Kidnapped women don't have the same laws of physics.) But equally stupid are the stories with superheroes or vampire stories.After the movie "300" presented us Spartans as a gathering of muscle and strength, "true men", a lot of men became Spartans, until they learned that true Spartans were homosexual, spe
  10. so true.. from my experience , the only ones who's not mesh yet are: new players in sl trolls Alts- hidding the identity of the prime. people who love the old avatar so much they don't want to change ( usually they have at least one of the free mesh avatars in inventory ; most of them have mesh bodies but keep the original head -or they have some nice custom made avatars ) cheap/ lazy people. If you are an old avatar, making money is not so hard. i know someone will hate me for that, but having a nice avatar in sl is like using deodorant in RL.will you go i
  11. Secondlife declining player base? old talk quantity versus quality, Years ago, when I joined SL, I had dozens of online friends who didn't pay more than anything, they didn't produce anything, they just asked for sex and / or bites. No more than 10% were premium, or they owned land in different forms. Now, most of them have at least one premium avatar, spending several hundred L $ a month, etc. I think linden lab prefers to have 50,000 paying users than several hundred thousands who do nothing
  12. Only In Second life, kid. Don't do this at home
  13. A Muslim and a Christian were at odds once on a religious theme. Because they did not reach any results, they decided to appeal to a neutral judge, a rabbi to give them a conclusion. For the first time, the rabbi listened to the Christian's argument and at the end said "You're right." Hearing this, the Muslim responded with his own argument to which, in the end, the rabbi said: "You are right too." the rabbi's assistant came in and said," Rabbi, they cannot be both right at the same time". The rabbi stood for a few minutes, thought, and said, "You are right too."
  14. Oh, no. Don't ruin the fun Joe . We still need you, this topic is still new. Just take it like man, (or master) 😎 And you will get them for years if you play your cards right
  15. yeah, i know from pod riders group
  16. my bet the OP is in the character already. You know, the old - stiff -grumpy principal with 'my way or the highway' atitude . Don't talk in class , the teacher knows better. oh, i remember the good old days I knew there must be a reason to find lot of empty clubs and only few good ones. good point i might try to visit after few weeks to see if your style worked but i am afraid i have to use an alt ( i am sure i'll be banned after my post) anyway, wish you good luck with your Academy.
  17. what? next you will tell us when a guy meet a girl he don't think "wow, i bet she like poetry, piano songs and long walks on sunset " but rather " nice boobs" or " her ass could be bigger"? my world is shattered 😱
  18. tell us more about your skills in 1. Texturing -> photoshop or gimp - there is a huge market for this. Most of the mesh bodies creators offer designers kits so you can make skins , tattoos , hair bases etc. 2.Mesh modeling --> Blender, maya etc. Biggest market of all .Your imagination is the limit... 3.Scripting ( like chinese for me but there are people who make big money on this. butthe most important, the motivation. Why are you doing this . Just to have a source of income? Easy peasy.. get full perms,modify them ( some meshes came with dae files so you can edit t
  19. Maybe the OP still saves and got now around 60K
  20. angels get an aura, demons get better sex
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