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  1. https://www.facebook.com/ABAReBODY/posts/ebody-mesh-creator-kit-updatedwe-have-created-a-new-curvy-body-so-we-have-two-bo/1510704702323399/
  2. U mean, something like this? ( sorry, there are days i can't stop myself..)
  3. The sad secret is that I was more proud of how I looked then than now
  4. Let's be fair. you don't have to pay to use it. You can use the body , non bom version with the skins included , it have a decent build, less lag than other more "famous". the neck fit is good ( tested on 3 different brands of heads) , most of maitreya clothes fit, feets are slink comp . After all. there is no full options mesh body free on second life ( except all the versions of ruth bodies). the bom hud is around 170 L$, pretty cheap to have all you need.
  5. if you got the bom hud ( you must buy it separately) will work
  6. Welcome to SL . Good Job.Now get your prize( at least, see something funny to pass time till you log back):
  7. More like inspired from parietal cave art from Altamira or Chauvet Caves , but they have the look and the numbers. ( happy to bump this up, we need our daily fun)
  8. ok. got it, it's personal. Since i guess i am the only one person in SL who never got a gatcha item, not original, not from resellers, you can have your "flag all"button.
  9. why you will do that? flagging entire stories make me think your quest is more like a personal vendetta against seller than the items on sale. 20 pages means hundreds of item on sale. did you checked them all? are you sure not even one is worth? You can't say this seller is bad so all his 20-30 pages of products (x 12 /x 96 items on each page) must be bad too. is like you want to remove all Volkswagen's cars in the world because some of them tricked the system.
  10. from my point of view, be what you want to be, play how you want to play and if anyone is upset, there is an interesting option on SL that helps you to mute / block the idiots. I think it's a matter of perspective: women in sl are more interested what the avatar looks like and not who the back person is, while men want to control both the avatar and the real person. After all, it is your SL, you invest in it time / money, so play as you like.
  11. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/piggu-Jonathan-Avatar-21/11447858
  12. it happens more often than you think, when someone, attracted by the mirage of money made from renting / selling land, goes into business hoping that if he takes a large area of land he will sell / rent it quickly. but as time goes by, business doesn't go away and it turns out that he has more to pay than he hopes to do.
  13. oh my .. am I the only one who feels the need to follow the story? We need more ...
  14. did you tried to send a message to the creator?
  15. Of course we will continue necro-posting. it's so fun to see how others become nervous that we do it specially.
  16. I do not think there is anything that is "famous in SL". Before Strawberry became Linden I mentioned in a discussion with several friends that I had read something on her blog. Half were like : Who is Strawberry? And I was talking about someone considered popular. Many of the SL residents live in their bubble and do not read the forum, they are not aware of the events or changes.Especially people from countries that are not English speaking and who do not know more than "yes", "no", "Hi". Yes, I know, it seems surprising but such people exist. Even in SL. One of my Alts has a store on the marketplace for two years, had over 15,000 transactions (the most popular 5 products, the free ones, add up to 10,000+ together - I do not say this to boast, but only as an example. I don't know even this is good or not) She receives 2-3 messages per month with "thank you for all you do for the community", she has her own group, but this does not qualify her for at least "well known" . When she gets out of her bubble 99% of the time nobody knows who she is. although she has everything written on her profile, not even some of her friends know what she is doing in SL.if we were to do an experiment, I bet if we ask in the maitreya group who is the creator of the brand, many will check before answering. and that's the beauty of sl. We are all famous and popular in our bubbles and nothing when we get out of them.It makes you feel humble, doesn't it?
  17. with the risk of repeating some of what is said here, let's start: 1. A strong and confident look for Rhonda and a more vulnerable one for Maybie 2. Names: Maybie is an invitation to play , Rhonda not 3. Partnership: A wise guy told me long ago that men don't read profiles, but they always check the partnership.There would be two reasons, either it is something territorial, as if you were already marked, or it is about availability. A single person must be desperate for attention. After all, aren't we all here for slex?
  18. Usually I post when I feel like I have something to say or when I'm having too much fun following the conversation and I have to add something funny. Likes ... I'm not interested , not at all. I don't even notice them. now, .. cough*** ... can you like my comment ? pretty please.. please...please.... please
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