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  1. Hello everyone, as a parcel owner, I want to know is there any way I can let others manage the parcel (by using the "about land" tools), without deeding the land to a group? I already set the land to a group in which they are owners. But they told me they cannot exercise parcel manager rights if the land is still under my name and only set to the group, not deeded to it. (And I do wanna have my name as owner, not with a group name as owner). Thank you very much!
  2. Hello everyone, in sims where I can rez things, I can rez a post stand then sit my AV on it and edit it, moving and rotating the pose stand, so I can accurately control the position and rotation of my AV. But in most sims I cannot rez a pose stand but can only control my AV. So how can I achieve the same precision of the placement of my AV as using a pose stand, in those no-rez sims? Thank you very much.
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