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  1. Hello, I know that avatars are "protected" from being inspected at a distance too close by restricting how close the camera can move to them. I am wondering if a non-avatar object can do it as well? I see all camera restriction functions require that you sit on the object. What I am looking for is a function that does not require sitting on the object but make the object protected from camera zooming too close just like a AV. Thanks!
  2. Thank you. But what happens if I use it when it is already inside the dataserver event?
  3. Hello, So I have a string and I wanna see if it is a valid UUID of an avatar. The candidate string may have the following properties: (1). Its length be less or more than 36 (the length of a UUID) (2). If its length is 36, it may not be a valid UUID of anything (3). If it is a valid UUID, it may not be a UUID of an avatar (4). If it is a UUID of an avatar, the avatar may not be nearby or online. (I guess this preludes usage of llGetDisplayName() and llGetObjectDetails()) And what I want is a function to test if the spot string is a valid UUID of any avatar. Say re
  4. So I think both of you favor a single llListen() on anything rather than 10 separate llListen() on specific messages. Thank you!
  5. Hello, One of my object uses a listening channel (say /222) to receive configuration commands (such as start, stop, etc). There are about 10 commands, all start with prefix "config:". So command 1 may be "/222 config:start" and command 2 may be "/222 config:stop". What I am wondering is, for this situation, is it better to write 10 llListen() on channel 222, each for one specific command; or to just do one llListen() on Channel 222 for anything, then analyze what the message is in the listen() event? And, is there a way to just write one llListen() which triggers the listen() event only w
  6. Hello, As the title suggested, I am not satisfied with the default caramel color of the text sent to me by the llInstantMessage() function. So is there anyway to change the color? I have searched the solutions myself but cannot find one. Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you, however my following script got compiling error as shown in the image. It happens when defining global variables. https://gyazo.com/ca24f4ccb4e8097b00e5e9bef54f0222 Where could possibly go wrong?
  8. Hello everyone, Just a curious question, if someone uploads some resource (texture, sounds, etc) and makes it full perm, and suppose somehow I get to know its UUID, then can I simply use that resource by calling its UUID in my script, even if I have not bought it? And what if the resource has restrictions on it (no trans, no copy, etc) and I still call its UUID in my script? Not trying to free ride just wondering if that is possible. Thank you very much.
  9. Thank you very much for the detailed suggestions. However the problem consistently occurs during most of your suggested testing environments. But as I mentioned in my other thread, I have found a workaround of this issue: of the 6 joints that impact bending down (and rotating and inclining of waist), only the 4 spine joints (spine 1 to spine 4) are affected and not properly reset after exiting of animation. So an ad-hoc solution is simply do not tweak those joints (their values do need to be set to be 1 or -1 in order to avoid being override by default joint movemets), but only use chest and t
  10. Hello everyone, I am just wondering how to multiply an scalar with a vector, defined by multiplying the scalar on each elements of that vector. The background of this is quite simple: I wanna shrink some object's size to 10% of its original size. So after I get its size stored in a vector using "current_size = llGetScale();" function, I wanna define a new_size which is 10% of the current size. But simply typing "new_size = 0.1*current_size;" generates an error. And I cannot find the corresponding operator of scalar multiplying vector in knowledge base. I know using the "." operator to qu
  11. Update: I found that the 4 spine joints (spine 1 to spine 4) do not reset properly after leaving the pose, while torso and chest work fine. So a temporal solution is leaving the 4 spine joints just minor tweaks to prevent random shift, but put all bending values on torso and chest.
  12. I played a priority 2 pose made by myself which has some bending down (rotating those 6 waist joints, spine 1 to 4, chest and torso) along with other joint movements. And after I leave the pose my AV keeps bending down like that, while all other joints are reset. I reset skel. and anim. then I look myself normally as the picture to the left. However others look me as the picture to the right still bending down. And this is after I reset skel. and anim. on myself and stopped all animations and revoked all permissions. They won't see me stopping bending down until they right click on me and cho
  13. Hello everyone, my AV keeps bending down after some of my animations that moves the 6 waist joints (spine 1 to 4, chest and torso) to make myself bend down. It happens even the animation is only priority 2. Resetting Skel. and Anim. on myself solves this for myself, but other people still see me as bending down, and they need to right click on me and reset the skel. and anim. of me themselves. This is very annoying. Is there any solution to this problem? Thank you very much.
  14. Hello everyone, what is the best way to make tailored poses for my specific avatar shape? My avatar is normal human female, 1.80m tall, with highly customized shapes. I don't care if my poses work on other AVs at all. I just wanna the pose look perfect on her. Thank you very much.
  15. I have been having the same problem. However that solution only solves for yourself. Other ppl still see you as deformed. They have to right click on your avatar and reset skeleton themselves. Is there a quick solution to make your AV appear normal to other ppl without them having to do anything?
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