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  2. Wow, these regions keep getting more artistic! That's lovely.
  3. You can check out the Sine Wave dances on the upper deck of my houseboat in Fourze (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fourze/100/225/27). I stuffed the dances in this dance ball:
  4. Tried both buttons. (Why is there both a List and a View List button, anyway?) Same list. I tried adding a bogus name, and it won't let you do that - it checks that the name is a valid user name. So it's not a typo. I'll have to try again, now that we've both been offline.
  5. Previously I could only find a sense of community on RP regions and so most of my time was spent there. With the advent of Bellisseria and the way it's designed to foster community and activities, I've found so much to do and people to talk to. Boating, swimming, sailing, flying, riding, driving all over and exploring, doing it with groups, new great acquaintances (mostly in @Beth Macbain's niche group), it's given new life to SL for me. I think this new way of doing the Premium Linden Homes has paid off big time and I hope LL keeps things going this way.
  6. Yes Belinda I believe you until I get suspicious again which in your case may not take long, but you keep me on my toes and make SL more interesting and fun, hugs.
  7. Oh my god, it drives me insane with bloggers. Like there is one, that only posts his sponsors. I don't mind asking, but it's your job to credit everything you are wearing.
  8. You did the reverse of my explanation. Leave the skeleton as it is in Blender, go in the vertex groups tab, select the vertex group you want to remove and, on the right hand side of the list, where you can see the + (plus) , - (minus) and the pointing down triangle buttons, hit the button with the - (minus) sign to remove the selected vetex group from the mesh data. The results you are having are due to the deletion of actual bones from the skeleton, maintaining the reference in the mesh data, therefore confusion the character about what to do with the object and its associated data. Try again as explained above, I'm pretty sure you will succeed. Good luck!
  9. When I'm wearing the Tonic Fine body, I can't wear long hair styles wear the hair hangs down in front because of the excessive extra space between the chest and the hair. While I consider it more of a work around than a solution, when I wear that body, I've started wearing long hair that comes with a styling HUD where you can choose to wear the hair just hanging down in the back and not in the front. I'm not a huge shopper familiar with all kinds of brands, but the hair brands that I've commonly found those types of styling HUD's for have been Mina and Truth.
  10. Creators (and bloggers) who refuse to tell you what <insert accessory/apparel> is used in the advert, and chastise you for having the audacity to waste their time asking questions not related to their own products. Especially bloggers who say that "I didn't list that item in the credits, because they didn't sponsor me - I only include my sponsors' products in the credits". Fair do's, no point following you then, huh? Huh?! Bloody brats.
  11. @moirakathleen, very well said and you make some great points. The amount of premium members before the release of the new homes vs. the amount of premium members after the first release, has increased. The Lindens and Moles have all said that the level of positive response to the new homes really surprised them and I don't believe they envisioned the residents going this crazy over those homes/houseboats. They knew that they were going to be a hit but not this big of a hit, basically. You are right, the numbers have changed on that demand, so no matter how they did this, I think we still would have had a shortage, regardless if they had held the new homes for a longer period of time and had more to release later. On the first release, the houseboats went like hotcakes and the demand for them was through the roof. The homes were not far behind on that demand. At least now, the Linden's and Mole's do have a better idea on how much their work is being received and it does allow them to make adjustments for the long-term planning.
  12. I doubt bento hair will exist that totally react to sliders... the bento strands won't react to anything but their original rigging - this will always risk clipping.
  13. There are tons of stores that sell photo poses of various styles, with or without props. Backdrop City has a mall with pose stores at their ground level that you can check out - you can also keep an eye on Seraphim since they often announce when stores have sales, and there have been quite a few sales from different pose stores lately. I would suggest, when it comes to poses, that you always should try the pose in-world though, since your avatar shape may not work with all poses (poses that put your hand on your hip, for example, can put it through your gut or out in the air depending on your shape sliders). Browsing the MP is fine, but go to the in-world store to try the pose before you spend your money on it; if they don't have an in-world store, I personally would go for finding a different pose (unless the pose doesn't have any risk of clipping or other issues). Many pose stores straight-up cater to the T-rex people (if you can't beat 'em, sell them poses?) whose arms don't reach their waists, I have several gift and freebie poses from such creators that look absolutely ridiculous with my shape. A few brands I use that I could recommend: Artis Poses (I can't seem to find the in-world location - @Tamara Artis?), Hera Poses, Poseology and Voir (Voir has some very large fatpacks, I think there's a specific 'Model' set even!).
  14. Like Morena I would be more inclined to try a style intended for a male avatar. Suitable long styles seem few and far between at the moment. no.match is a good suggestion. I am not large chested in SL but have the same problem, I either have to go for an older style that is unrigged or a small by most makers where the hair still often sticks out in front of me as if resting on some imaginary lolas. I get round this by choosing a style that goes around the side, like Leah by Entwined which is one of my staple hairs. A few of my male avatar friends wear a lot of Dela styles. That's not a brand I have tried but may be worth trying out a few demo's?
  15. Me too - just the same! - just with 80 seconds - nothing at all. well today is not Friday - if Thursday a region would be released it would be an extra. But there haven't been any abandoneds either so far during the last four hours - at least I didn't see any
  16. I've been logged in for more than 2 hours, with refresh at 70 sec as someone suggested. I've yet to see or hear anything.
  17. I changed it into a Winchester and took this from the balcony at the back.
  18. It's easy to say they shouldn't have released any until there was enough for everyone who wanted one (disregarding the length of time we'd have to wait), but the difficult part I think would be determining what that number would have been: - the number of homes that were occupied in the old LH continents at the time they started building the SSP continent? - the number of premium accounts at the time they started building the SSP continent? - the number of premium accounts at the time they showcased the first houses and houseboats at the Home and Garden Expo? I think that with each exposure (showcasing the homes at events like the Home & Garden Expo or SL16B) or with each large release, the number of people who now want a new linden home increases, so the number of homes needed is an ever-changing number. We have seen in the forums that people who had not ever been premium before, have become premium in order to get a new linden home. We have seen people that have been premium for years, but have never been interested in a linden home before, now wanting a new linden home. How would you expect LL to accurately count these types of changes beforehand? Even if they had managed to build in secret enough homes to match the number of occupied old LH's at the time they started the build, once they were released and everyone saw them, it would not have been enough homes for the number of people who would have decided, after seeing the homes, that they now they now want a new linden home. Also, there will be more themes of homes available - I think Patch had indicated that there will be more than 4 themes - so the other question is how would they know ahead of time how many of each theme to build, if they weren't building and releasing as they went along? And if they had a lottery or a waiting list, which theme would you want to sign up for (without knowing what the additional themes will be)?
  19. Okay, another one of my pet peeves. It's when shape designers charge so much for a shape, when all you did was tweak some sliders, uploaded an ad photo, and then that's it. And please don't get me started with the style card, if you already owned it. Why is it as the consumers responsibility, to compensate you for what you are wearing, your skin and your hair?
  20. I will and THANK YOU, I'll take all the luck that is on offer 😄
  21. Darn, I saw this tread earlier and was going to reply in it, but I went to get a clip from my Flickr that I caught of one of the Abranimation rave dances - and apparently I had taken it down whilst cleaning my feed. ... Might have to go check out any suggestions that pops up here for myself, too.
  22. Go ahead and join some of the inworld Bellisseria groups and join in on the fun there -- no requirement to already own a home there. Good luck with the refreshing - and the patience.
  23. Agreed. I never heard of that sim before, so I went in and had a look - it's nice, and it's a shame it might be going out of business. But the entitled whining of its supporters and the (from the little I've read, some of which might be plain hearsay) creator, makes me almost want to watch it burn.
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