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  1. Bump again! It's been two years of searching. Literally. And while I found a good supernatural group (<3 for Bryn there), still cannot find a modern/urban RP that isn't Crack Den that allows youths. The only fantasy sim that I've seen for kids is Astrium and it needs more people! (If you're a youth and looking for a fantasy sim, check them out!) My updated list of sims: Does not allow child avatars: Alteria Farspire Orius (also no animals) Sphere of Nuvaria Sovereigns of Elyona Forsaken Realms Conquest of Elysium Ember Landing (Open nudity, despite "allowing" kids.)
  2. Now that Emory Haven has officially announced its closure at the end of the month, I'm back to looking for RP sims that allow children (but are not 100% focused around them) and found the OP's topic. I've been at another RP sim, Mischief Managed, for going on 7 years. It's the only thing that allows kids and has good in depth RP. But I like to shake things up sometimes and meet new people, experience new characters or settings. Aside from community RP sims like Cedar Creek which seem to be very lacklustre RP, not actually following RP etiquette or para-RP style, there are tons of sims tha
  3. Thanks! Checked out the site, currently looking for a more traditional modern day RP to bring two characters of mine back to, but I will keep the sim in mind when we're looking for something more on the supernatural side! I appreciate the clearly stating that you're open for kids and animals as well, on the website! No, it's not a matter of perspective, sorry. I am a writer, and in between working on a novel I like to decompress with other creative writers who have no problem writing in depth Rp scenes. I have a few genres I flit between on a regular basis, and a couple of characters I
  4. So half a year has gone by and I still have not found anywhere worthwhile to RP at. Now I'm really just looking for a modern day sim that's not focused on the rental/family community first. Guessing no one still knows if there's much out there? (Including fantasy sims) Does not allow child avatars: Chronicles of Lynnea CoV- Legacy Kingdoms of Comraich Alteria Shades of Immortality Pendilor Comraich Coal Creek The Last Stop (Hollow Creek) Alderheim Unnatural Toxian City Santa Ramona Abberation Whiskey City Farspire Pendulum Project Dead sim/Noob-
  5. Gonna bump this again. Currently lingering around missing mile / world of soap and enjoying it but I greatly miss modern day para rp. Plot driven scenes. Not "rp chatting" or "community with school and fire ems like everyone else and 3 pages of rental information with no plot or rules being enforced". Also still looking for medieval fantasy sims but that seems impossible. Willing to give Liberty Bay another shot but my friend and I spent two months actively trying to get into rp with people. Most of the time, everyone is in their home. If they aren't, they're at some oo
  6. Unfortunately your (our) options are incredibly limited. If you are looking for in depth para-rp then you're basically out of luck in my experience. I have been searching for months. I used to frequent Mystara, then that closed. Mysts of Eyr lacked something to me - perhaps the jungle theme, maybe because the original regulars split. Chronicles of Lynnea opened and USED to welcome kids. I was there until they closed. Song of Silverwind faced the same issue. Low activity, allowed kids, but eventually closed. I tried out Conquest of Elysium for quite a few months. Made som
  7. My friend and I are looking for what seems to be an impossible thing to find. We spent about a year roleplaying in Crack Den and Lafourche Crossing, but we took a break together. Now we're looking to revive our characters and the interest in roleplaying again, but can't seem to find anything. If anyone has suggestions, that'd be great. I'm feeling pretty discouraged after searching for a couple days. Important: Text-based roleplay sim Modern day (or close to i), realistic setting Must allow children characters & feral animals (No special powers needed/wanted Preferably
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