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  1. Yeah but whats the point of saying there are X homes and X are desirable when you're just pulling those numbers out of thin air?
  2. You go to school in the bay area? My school never went into there being X Linden homes and X of those homes being desirable.
  3. Not sure where these numbers are being pulled from, but someones gonna get hemorrhoids.
  4. Some of us think that orange and green area might be an urban area. See those alleyways?
  5. Yes, it is to bring in new premium members. No, long-time premium members are not getting stiffed. Tbf, existing premium members are already guaranteed income to a certain degree. This presumably is to get more premium members. But it's not as if new members have a monopoly, no one does. Is LL suppossed to give accounts that have had premium longest priority, in which case its pointless signing up for premium to members that have not done so already? The only ones with a real advantage, is anyone paying attention. They're doing a stifled rollout so that people can actually get houses, and they can get feedback and suggestions as the continent is made. It was a long time between when the project started (see the SSP thread to see the process and speculation from members. It was the better part of a year from when it started until when the first bit dropped) and when the first round of houses dropped. It would have been such a disaster if they made an entire continent with no gauge for how it would play out, and then have it fall flat. (Also, "ten more years?" really?)
  6. This is not actually always the case. Many places restrict or ban billboards. I'm not fully apposed to ads, but I think billboards would be crossing the line imo.
  7. SL16B Stunning seems to be a copy of SSP 197, so I agree that it's probably just showing off the current options.
  8. If you search SLB 1 Build, that to me looks like the area. It seems there is a Linden Homes preview in SLB 20 Build, but it's unknown if that's just showcasing the home types that are already out.
  9. Bolded section would be brilliant. Especially with each parcel knowing what house its using, and said houses footprint. Could extend the footprint idea to the security orb settings too: e.x. you step onto the property, 20 second warning; you tp into the home, kicked immediately.
  10. 💯 Just as long as you can pass the same region twice several times before you go "OH... this is just a copy."I feel like it is quite a damper when it feels like a procedural. But I feel like they learned that between the old linden homes and now.
  11. I'm always down to be cammed and I cam those nearby occasionally as well. We're a curious bunch. I rarely hide my parcel (hey if you see anything you don't want, 99% of the time its your fault). I'm on a river/lake so I often sit out and watch the boats go by, so it's only fair they can see me too in my eyes. But I agree with the general consensus that the roads and community areas get enough traffic (for now. will depend how the rest of the rollout goes if they remain popular).
  12. I hope they won't copy paste them too-too much. Even if they are the perfect regions, and they move the landscaping around, each region should still be somewhat unique. I think some basic copy-paste might even help somewhat, as far as keeping the road network uniform and making sense. No doubt they'll tweak once they're all in place. i'm not worried.
  13. "you can do whatever" is not permission. It's a given. I just add it because people like to really put words in peoples mouths here. If I clarified less, I'd have double the number of people taking issue.
  14. It's just something to ask yourself when you decide to get a 2nd home. What if everyone had 2 accounts and did the same? You can do whatever. I'm not sure it would stop me from getting a 2nd home if I had 2 premiums. I'm just saying towards the people whos thought process is : "Well, not many people are going to do this, so if I do it it's fine." That's a risky way to go about your thought process.
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