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  1. I'm wanting a land one if I decide to get one. Will have room to park my car underneath.
  2. Yall are really gonna completely derail this thread over that?
  3. Any sims that have tornadoes or anything?
  4. Kind of agree with everything feeling a bit same-y. If someone who didn't already have a pretty decent knowledge of the themes and homes saw screenshots of any of the insides of any of the styles and homes, they'd be basically just guessing what theme/style it was. All the releases so far (apart from campers, I guess) have felt a bit like just different 'takes' on the Traditional. That said, I've still been pretty happen with all the styles and whatnot. Still, I'd kill for some brick/urban themes in the future, and I have to imagine at the very least we are probably getting some sort of m
  5. Wasn't the last square region like that rumored to be commercial area? Maybe the BC could stand for 'Belisseria commercial.'
  6. Assuming the B stands for Belisseria? C could be.. Community? Center?
  7. For anyone that's been wanting to look more into the policing abolition movement, the ebook for The End of Policing by Alex Vitale is free right now. I've heard nothing but good things about it, and Alex has been making the rounds recently and is really great in interviews.
  8. Hope this is OK to post here, there's a game bundle that's out right now - $3400 worth of indie games for a minimum of a $5 donation towards BLM: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality
  9. Regardless of intention, you actually have it backwards. Black Lives Matter is actually the one that means, "no lives of one race are more important than the lives of another race." All Lives Matter, on the other hand, is something that came about as a response to the BLM movement, and it essentially is saying "no, BLM is a pointless saying, let's go back to how things were before." Do all lives matter? Sure, they should at least, and that's the goal of the BLM movement, to make sure that black lives are not overlooked in all of this, because they often are. There was actually a really goo
  10. Wondering if the double-thickness part of the train tracks here might indicate that I'm getting a little station put in behind my cabin.
  11. 1. Urban/industrial/warehouse loft type theme. 2. Modern. Think: Hollywood Hills type theme. 3. American craftsman/bungalow theme. 4. Spanish style theme.
  12. If the next theme announcement is at at the Dec 5-15 Christmas expo, this might mean we can expect them to release between Feb-April? Fingers crossed it's a city/urban theme.
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