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  1. I was actually wondering what the "size" of SL was the other day, and I found this article from 2015 that said that - at the time - SL's grid covered 1640.3 square kilometers, which would have made it larger than the US state of Rhode Island at the time. I have to imagine it's even bigger now, especially with the new continent they've added.
  2. Saw this the other day, don't know if it's been shared yet. https://apnews.com/article/vt-state-wire-coronavirus-pandemic-health-bfa2dd39d1117a729542cf094504ca56 Looks like while a lot of the US is indeed vaccinated by now, it's very dependent upon where in the US you live. For instance, if you live in Massachusetts, it looks like at least 62% of people have received at least one dose, but if you live in Mississippi that number drops down to 32%. It's very much county-to-county as well.
  3. My first parcel was like this. It was so bizarre to me. It was pretty awkward with all my neighbors houses facing my backyard, when if my house was just rotated 180 degrees I'd have a really lovely parcel with the backyard facing the river.
  4. There not being shops or businesses doesn't mean there aren't places to congregate. There's plenty of public parks, pools, beaches, and even other bigger community areas like lounges and a pub. I find it odd you're so hung up on there not being stores in Bellisseria, given in your first post in this thread you seemed to criticize Belli as calling it all about consumerism. That said, I wouldn't mind limited commercial space in Belli, but I'm not sure those would become hotspots of activity where people would make friends or anything.
  5. London Real will platform literally anyone, including David Icke, who believes that the powerful and elite are all alien reptilians. I'd be skeptical of anything I see on the channel at best.
  6. Maybe things have changed as Belli has gotten bigger, but my first plot in Belli (when it first released) was great for sitting out and watching boats pass on the water.
  7. They fixed the map at least lol, you win some you lose some.
  8. Whoever likened it to an MMO is right on the money. No idea what they're going for. Anyone clicking through thinking that is gonna be hella disappointed.
  9. Am I missing something? When did OP say they were Canadian? I am just seeing that they don't live in the US.
  10. I don't think this is a problem in and of itself. I would imagine SL has some overlap with the people who enjoy the virtual dollhouse/decorating stuff that a game like The Sims offers, as well as the virtual hangout+ social spaces that something like VR Chat offers. There's plenty on Steam that aren't your typical 'games' with goals/winners and losers and whatnot. The currency thing that others have brought up seems like it would make sense as to why SL isn't on there, though.
  11. If doable, I really don't see a downside to this. As you said, through friends lists and Discord statuses, this would help SL be more findable and recognizable to the broader general gaming community. Could also court a lot of people as SL would fall into the "Free to Play" category.
  12. I would unironically really like high-rise apartments (or not-so-high-rise) if they found a way to divide up the parcels in a way that prevented people from putting things on lower levels that didn't belong to them. Hopefully we get some sort of urban theme in the future, even if it's more row-house-styled and less of what this was.
  13. I find myself sinking into furniture often myself and my advice is just finding the right diet and exercise routine.
  14. I'm wanting a land one if I decide to get one. Will have room to park my car underneath.
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