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  1. Thank you everyone! So, I should still check when buying then, that's what I needed to know. And, yep. I'm aware of the mainland vs private land, and the maturity ratings too, so should be good there. I just wanted to make sure if I were to get a place through buying it, that it would actually be mine. I had started to feel unsure, when I came across places set to buy, but they talked of renting, or the land was group owned. Right now, I'm just looking through, and not actually ready to buy just yet, but wanted to be ready when I am.
  2. Thank you so much everyone for the replies, that helps a lot! One last question. What about land set to buy (has buy tag in address bar to click), but talks of rental? Am I still good?
  3. I have a few questions about buying mainland. I'm aware a premium account is needed to buy, and that your land tier is free if you stay within the first 1024 provided by a premium account. I have some questions about buying land on the mainland however, that despite many searches, could not seem to find an answer for. 1. If land says it is in the Mainland, and has the for sale tag in the address bar. I'm owning the property if I was to buy it, regardless who it says the owner is? I.e. Group/owner/Gov. Linden? 2. Can someone come and try to get me to pay them rent if were to buy it, and if so, would they have a claim, or is it a scam? 3. If I were to want land subdivided, who and where would I contact?
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