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  1. It’s time to get your game on in The Game Room. Jupiter Projects has finally come back with a new project in the Belli house on the hill for all you lovely Bellisserians to enjoy. As we approach the end of summer why not have some fun with interactive games. We have bowling, Zombie shooter, a Shuffleboard table and beer Pong! While you are there get your fortune told with the magical Tarot deck. In the back you can chill and have a BBQ. All the MadPea games give instructions in local chat when you start to play the game. Mash a button and follow the instructions. For the Tarot deck just c
  2. Thank you so much for enjoying Welcome to Wonderland. The last day is April 30th. Pop on by if you have not already or if you have then come on by for one last hurrah! The next project will be quite different and a comment on the state of the world these days...stay tuned for up dates. Cheers, Tessa http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/189/39/46
  3. I am absolutely thrilled y'all are enjoying Wonderland! @Rufferta shhh I did get an alt or 2 so this place could be open to all Belli residents full time. I do revolving themes hopefully you will enjoy the next one just as much.
  4. Hey everyone! Welcome to Wonderland is still open for y'all to get your Alice in Wonderland fix. A new theme will be coming soon...I am waiting to snag a cabin! Gemma Cleanslate wrote a lovely article about the installation in the SL Newser blog take a peak http://slnewserplaces.blogspot.com/2020/03/alice-in-wonderland-at-bellisseria.html. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/187/42/46
  5. Oh this is so annoying. In less than 48 hours $19, 674L worth of Merchandise has been purchased fraudulently from my MP store. $7000 has been recovered by LL so far in the last 3 hours or so. I submitted my ticket for that amount. Now I am waiting for the rest of the funds to be recovered. I sent in tickets as soon as I saw the avi who was gifted was a new born. Hot items from my store 3 Bamse Gamer sets with extras, 1 Dead Dollz Bridal Gown RARE and the AF Tiffany Dining set with an extra chair. I delisted my other Tiffany set for now...sigh. I wish this system was easier and safer for us...s
  6. Thank you Kristen and LL for your speedy response. Money received, woo hoo!
  7. Yep...I got targeted again! I just filed a ticket. This was a brand new rare from the Arcade event. Perhaps we should wait to post new rares? ugh...
  8. I am thrilled you enjoyed Wonderland. Come back anytime. I will be doing little tweaks here and there. Darn I wish I had just 20 more prims to work with it!
  9. Jupiter Projects presents WELCOME TO WONDERLAND. Pop on by and have some tea and cake with Alice and the gang. Take a spin on the Mad Teacup ride or ride the flamingo and the Cheshire cat. You and a loved one can cuddle on the sofa, do some yoga outside or "hang" out in Alice’s bedroom. All Bellisseria citizens are welcome 24/7 for a limited time TBD. For the best viewing experience set your windlight to Orange Incubus or something along those lines and use the best graphics settings. ENJOY! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/187/42/46
  10. Thank you @Patch Linden and LL for the return of funds from the fraudulent sale! You rock!
  11. WOW, some MP sellers have been hit extremely hard by these fraudsters! This happened to me in January but it was not nearly as bad as some of you have been hit. I was devastated to find out that $747L was taken out of my account for a fraud issue. I was also quite disappointed that I did not receive my item back. I am a new Gacha reseller and have gone full steam ahead into investing in merchandise. I submitted a ticket immediately after receiving the email from LL but never received a response. I just submitted another ticket after my friend directed me to this thread. I hope that I can get a
  12. We wish you a Merry ChristmasWe wish you a Merry ChristmasWe wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New YearGood tidings we bring to you and your kinWe wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Come on over to Santa's Hideaway and have a little visit this holiday season.
  13. Homes, homes homes! All sorts of homes are available. The question is for how long? My alts have been catching and releasing so many traditionals and Vics these last few days. The beach house I wanted since Bellisseria's inception was my intended target. Well, I got two! One traditional just now and an incredible Victorian on the beach a couple of days ago. The game of homes is not for everyone but, if you don't like what you have now then this is definitely the time to play. Break a pixel everyone!
  14. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Santa's Helper the fabulous Hal arrived at Santa's Hideaway the other day with a special gift box filled to the brim with unique presents for all the lovely folks in Bellisseria! Pop on over for some holiday cheer, ride the carousel, take a selfie with Santa or the snowman, get your own Santa hat with or without lights, have some turkey, cuddle by the fireplace and don’t forget your free wearable sled located at the entrance and Christhiana's
  15. Hey does anyone want to start a holiday decorating thread or for the first Holiday season in Belli? I love seeing what everyone is doing and it would be fun for all of us to share. Thoughts?
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