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  2. According to this article in the BBC Culture section, mini skirts are making a big comeback! http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20190703-the-return-of-the-mighty-miniskirt Question: Have they ever NOT been in style in SL?
  3. They won't collect a thin dime. What they will be doing is reducing a possible expense. I'm sure it has financial factors on their books, but think of it this way - if you cancel your Netflix subscription you don't gain the money you would have paid for it otherwise, you eliminate the expense.
  4. It';s jut a matter of creating a new physics layer and playing around with the sliders until your body parts move in a way which you feel is good. Just don;t turn ANY of the sliders all the way up, that makes your wobbly bits go way out of control. It's fun to see for like 3 seconds, but very annoying after the 4th second šŸ™‚
  5. Iā€™m hopeful every time I log onto SL haha , but Iā€™m not that lucky it seems šŸ˜‚
  6. Remember, you are NOT the admin of these forums.
  7. Everyone should visit New York, at least one. It truly IS a wonderful place to be.
  8. So, I noticed that some people managed to have realistic physics for the breasts, on a mesh body. Even during adult animations. I'm wondering how, considering my avatar's breasts are just like solid rock on my chest when I'm moving around the world. Despite wearing physics in Firestorm Viewer.
  9. One building in my State is 18 stories tall. Sidewalks are mostly empty in my city. I need to see the incredible NYC! I do like to commute before the sunrise!
  10. with my premium I'm also planning to buy 5120 meters of land but I'm going to deed it to a group so how is the bonus work with that so how much more land can I add on before I'm forced to pay more I'm the owner of the group by the way
  11. default { state_entry() { llSay( 0, (string)llFrand(10.0) ); } }
  12. RebeccaElizabeth58


    how do you add the calling card of a friend to your profile? I have this but I must be doing it wrong: <icon>icon_name</icon> Where do I add their name in that?
  13. 6:00 am would be a dream. I wake up at 5:10 am, and I'm out the door at 6:15 am to head into NYC. The only good thing is I leave at 4:15pm, which is nearly 2 hours earlier than everyone else. After being there for 10 years, I finally was like - look, I'm up at the crack of dawn anyway to feed cats, so why don't I just come in, work through lunch (I eat at my desk) and just leave early so I actually enjoy my evenings? Luckily, my boss was cool with it šŸ˜Š Works much better for me.
  14. Yes. Yes, we DO want Thunderdome!
  15. random stuff her eplease all hate mail will be ignored.
  16. I'll be your second signature. And upon that day, July 19, 2019, peace came to Bellisseria.
  17. THIS IS FOR HELP ONLY nlothing more if youw ant to do random stuff ill make a fourm for it but DO NOT post it on here, please.
  18. It's Konata from the slice-of-life comedy anime Lucky Star. I am using this avatar to honor the show's studio KiyoAni which has been in the news recently.
  19. Petition for a Bellisseria Roman Colosseum
  20. At the fairgrounds, perhaps? I'll bring the popcorn!
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