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    @Lynn Zelin, There are many ways to get "one little house". The original Linden Homes, with 175 prim allowance, are available. All it takes is a Premium membership. More of the new, larger Linden Homes will be available soon. You need to be Premium to get one of these, too. If you have an original style Linden Home, you can abandon it and switch to the larger one when more become available. You can buy a vacant Mainland parcel, either directly with the "Buy Land" button in World/Parcel Details, or through the land auctions on this site. This option also requires a Premium membership. You can rent Mainland from another resident. Some rentals are vacant land, others have a home on them that you furnish and decorate, and still others offer complete, furnished residences. No Premium membership needed. You can lease a parcel of land on a Private Estate. No Premium membership required.
  3. Hello! I sent you a message on here, I will be online inworld in a bit
  4. Instead of a point system, give credit or some other means of accounting. Point systems are... well... pointless if it takes a long time to build enough points up, even if they do roll over. That's like Office Depot's system. Their points do expire now and you have 30 days to use them. The problem is it takes two weeks for them to put the points you earned on your "account" so you only have two weeks to use them. Which means most people don't use their points at all, unless they are just throwing money away buying things they don't need just to use the points. Not very intelligent.
  5. It would be interesting to know how many houses and how many houseboats were set up. And how many Premium member there is. Ive heard that many did not had a chance to get a Lindenhome. All were gone so fast. I really want to know how soon there will be more. I guess they can't set up so many homes that all premiums member can have a house, but i hope for so many as possible. How long shall we vait? A week? A month or even longer? Hope we get an answer soon 😃
  6. There is already a system in place for sellers that keeps account of how much you purchase and grants an increasing discount. Something similar could be easily coded or the current gacha system(s) could be modified. This coupled with giving gachas their own section or even their own market place would kill a few hundred birds with two stones.
  7. That's a lot to ask from all the different residents who (re)sell Gachas. Because LL sure as hell is not going to withdraw gacha items for the sake of being a gacha item. It's also a lot to ask from the gacha makers. I propose a simpler, more cost-effective solution:
  8. From my understanding the Epiphany event works this way. You can unpack the box OR get points and the box disappears. This is only useful if you want an item that can be purchased with points. It also takes a heck of a lot of points to get anything. The points carry over from past events, though.
  9. Yay! It's finished...looking at the GSP a little earlier it looks as though it was just the cashier function and marketplace that was affected and I had heard of folk having issues with MP purchases so maybe that's why.
  10. LAST DAY! This Beach Parcels will go into Auction at the end of the day. #1 Parcel SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moore/173/152/21 #2 Parcel SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moore/175/171/21 #3 Parcel SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moore/150/171/21 All of them are 1024m2 Minimum Bid price will be the same price it has now (L$4000 - L$3.9/m2), so this is the cheepest it will get. IM claireneon for any question.
  11. a couple of days ago i added my alt to CK Crazy kitty group (was free for a day).And there are lucky letter boards with mesh outfits, and different people started tp "call" these letters , i saw new letters every 10 minutes . And then owner and creator wrote a notice that only a model,who works at store is allowed to call letters once or twice in 30 minutes and when model is away, group members can write letters too, but not everytime it changes and i saw lots of complains about that in group.and i saw girls apology for "help people to get things".So this calling lucky letters thingy by non-stuff of group is a spam or help? in my view it s just a mess
  12. Ed Faith

    New Houses

    This is so true, lol 😂
  13. Since I am a Linux user, there is no supported viewer I can use to confirm bugs before reporting them to the Lindens, but it's interesting that Cool VL Viewer works better than Firestorm. I usually use Firestorm. They're always asking me if I can replicate the bug using the Linden Lab viewer. I don't know what the rollout today did. Sim crossing was OK at the weekend, started getting bad yesterday, and is horrible right now. Most of what I have seen suggests that the teleport and sim-crossing problems are happening on the network connecting Linden Lab servers. It could be my connection that's part of it, but today is the last day I shall be using it. Just when the change takes effect tomorrow, I don't know, but it will be interesting to see what does change, and what doesn't. I don't expect the internet ping time to change. It was a little bit slower when I used dial-up to Demon, The USA has always been over 150ms away. I tried an early VR demo, and that trans-Atlantic wet-string is a problem The lag from scenery loading should drop, but I doubt it will help on the Jeogeot-Sansar channel: all you can see on that is water. Oh, and Debian Jessie? The support on that ends next summer. I get the feeling that it's getting a little too old to be switching to it.
  14. Two parcels are available at Schindleria SoutEast, which is a part of 5 connected sims Price: $4000/week Prim allotment: 4800 Size: 88x88 meters (the private portion - this allows for public boating around the parcels) Rating : adult only - Parcels are private - people cannot see in or out. - All sites are on the water. - We provide security orbs to remove intruders. - You can set your own audio stream. - Building area / sky platform are provided. - Includes full use of the public areas -- boating through 5 connected sims -- many adult shared areas for your pleasure throughout the Tiki Town resort (tropical hedonist resort) and the town of La Cuna (urban) We have weekly events, usually DJ's at various places around the sims. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schindleria%20SouthEast/128/128/27 Please review the covenant before proceeding. If interested please contact in-world: Teresa Tryce (owner) Kytanna Kawanishi (co-owner)
  15. There were a lot of us who have been watching and waiting since last August when the "SSP" regions were first found on the map. Just imagine how much longer we'd need to wait for enough regions to be developed for there to be a home for every premium member before anyone was allowed to move in. There also seems to be a lot more individualized layout planning going into the new regions than in other LL regions built in the past, so it's not a "cookie-cutter" layout, but the more individualized region layouts do take more time in planning and building out new regions. I always thought of the premium perk as being 1024 sqm free tier for a house - whether that was a Linden home or 1024 free tier for or towards a purchased mainland parcel. Different people may prefer to use that perk in different ways - not all premium members will want a Linden home, for example, or they may want a Linden home to basically use as an unfurnished dressing room (which also is drawing some complaints in the new community). I know premium members who have not been at all interested in moving into the new Linden homes, and I also know of 2 members that abandoned new Linden homes yesterday. Work is in progress on another phase to be rolled out, so be patient and follow the LL blogs and Patch's "The New Linden Homes Update" thread. (By the way, the "crappy old-style homes" have had 175 prims for quite awhile now.)
  16. We're all about the MUSIC!! All DJ's perform LIVE Today's ROCKIN' Line UP @ The WOLF DEN 12pm - 1pm DJ Prachi brings her unique mix of felgood and club music to the club 2pm - 4pm DJ Kate will be here to cater to your music needs - make sure to come along 4pm - 6pm DJ Tara carries on the party with her choice of music to get you dancing 8pm - 10pm DJ John Snow rounds up the day with his Country-mix Come along, join us to have a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME We're all about the MUSIC!! All DJ's perform LIVE Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenity%20Vista/206/45/25
  17. A little bit more disruptive? I didn't know Americans did understatements! But if you can improve sim crossings, it's more than worth it, so keep up your good work!
  18. No, it's not. I've seen the simulator performance drop drastically even in a region where I was the only avatar and the only scripted item I was wearing, was a standard AO. It doesn't seem to be scripts only either. I've occasionally managed to catch the frame time stats just as the region froze and it isn't always script time that is peaking, it can be anything really. Nor am I convinced it's about server capacity as such. 100 ms agent time for a region with only one fairly low lag and not very active avatar - that seems more like faulty software than sheer lack of capacity. The only thing that is certain, is that the servers are struggling hard these days to handle workloads that didn't cause them any problems whatsoever a year or three ago.
  19. Or be able to turn off Sounds and/or Media from outside your own parcel in the Land settings or on the Control Panel. That would be nice if you want to watch a video or listen to media in your home but don't want to hear the neighbours' sounds and media.
  20. It's from a Schultz Bros gacha, The Gardener's House, and it's only 4 LI. At least he trades the prices for copy/no trans, so that's always something.
  21. For me the only reason I would ever get back into buying gacha from the machines, is if I could return each unwanted item directly on the spot and receive some value for it. Maybe points, and at certain points you can pick items from the same machine? Current system I ignore Gacha's entirely or occasionally buy something of MP directly if I really want an item. I'm a client that wants to buy a certain item, not a dealer/reseller of your unwanted junk. So giving them points value to eventually get the item I want "could" motivate me to use the system.
  22. I don't have any issue with the way the new rez areas look here. Considering that we didn't have any when the continent first opened, and that as far as I could tell, there were not any at all on the original Linden Home continents, I was both very surprised and pleased that the moles responded so quickly to residents' requests for land and water rez areas and for an air strip. Unless one sails all the time in the Blake area, or reads a lot of SL wiki documentation, the fact that there are unmarked rez zones in a corner of a water sim is probably not general knowledge (and would certainly not be general knowledge to new players - who eventually will be able to get one of the new Linden Homes when they join and become premium). The obvious rez zones may encourage people to try out the different modes of transportation.
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