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  1. Just being able to set an alias forum name on here would be a start. Create the account with your real SL username, then option to change the displayed forum name. Hopefully most people using the forum do so with an alt account which does not handle money within SL.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion and I appreciate the replies. I didn't do exactly what you said but you gave me the idea to simply switch the positions of my mini-map and camera view. The mini-map now sits below the camera view and hides those enormous buttons, at least until I click on an arrow, which isn't that often but it does happen. Simple, but effective. I most commonly look around by holding a left click on myself and then spinning around using the mouse, and move by double-clicking the ground or keyboard arrow keys. Changes like this which shove a new feature in your fac
  3. I only just installed the new update. The windlight thing is irritating but I found an acceptable setting and will use that until the rest can be figured out. What irritates me most is that enormous 'Position' button and the 'Use Presets' button beneath it on the camera view floater. Are those buttons big enough?! Why they aren't located on the camera viewer's header bar I have no idea. An awful loss of screen real estate for something I have no need for. Any way to remove those two massive buttons?
  4. I could not agree more with the above. Very nice post overall. Beyond resizing everything else is tantamount to cheating when it comes to posting pictures on this forum for applause. Almost as embarrassing as placing a signature in the corner of it.
  5. The ability within marketplace to for a buyer/searcher to 'blacklist' a seller/shop would be a major positive. Yes, there would be a lot to block to keep each of us happy, but banning one group type of items would affect greatly those who either enjoy that group or simply don't feel affected to the same degree as the initial wisher of change. This goes the same way for many things in life. Filter out individually rather than blanket ban because a few people's delicate sensibiliteies were bruised. All SL Lives Matter.
  6. Kind of like now, only far more ubiquitous these days .. as we all send todays version of beeps in 0s and 1s via our modern communicators 😀
  7. Thank you for your replies. In my mind I always refer to the issue being with SL beacuse my eyes tell me so, but yes, I see. I grasp now how you describe it as not being SL but rather my ISP or some carrier inbetween me and LL servers which causes this problem. I hope things stay as they currently are, the difference when playing SL between good and bad is like chalk and cheese. I am at their mercy. It is only SL where I see problems, the rest of my internet usage is very good and is generally all or nothing. Nothing being my router needs a reset or the network cable to my laptop ne
  8. Each of my alts is a main account in its own right. They were created as things moved on. Because I already have mesh head and mesh body my last alt was created to make use of the free Genus head and a free mesh body. She has become her own SL account in her own right with her own personality. Nothing to do with any devious activity. In terms of FB accounts and SL accounts I have numerous of both, of which none are actually me, so no accociation could be drawn by a normal person. If ever a Facebook SL group lottery draw comes up and they say ..state your SL username to have a chance.
  9. Over the past few days things went from bad to worse. I'd log on and be a cloud. I had to Google how to fix that and nothing seemed to change to I closed it and gave up. I saw something in a Facebook group and thought I must have that. I logged in and everything seemed perfect. When I say perfect it is about equal to the best I remember even before my fibre install. The best it has been easily in two months. I didn't do anything. Something in SL has happened. Happened for the better. I don't know what is was, but I am glad it is like it is now. Maybe they just turned some
  10. Why not just add a few of your favourite poses to your AO? I have some poses in my Firestorm AO for whenever I want stillness. No need for a pose stand or to rez anything.
  11. The first thing when discussing 'child avatars' is to establish what constitutes a child avatar. It needs to be clearly defined before any further discussion can productively progress. For many it is obvious, but for many it is not. People get accussed of ***** arbitrarily. There are grey areas when considering avatar size, or whether the avatar is a teenager, either above or below the age of consent. I play as an adult, but at 5'2" tall (my adult height in RL) I am often less than shoulder height of many around me. I look small in SL because everyone else chooses to be abnormally tall pl
  12. Thank you for replying. Are saying to set my Bandwidth slider to 1500?
  13. I don't have a home, so was at my usual fairly quiet landing spot and Packets Lost was 0.0% I went to Blueberry as it is always packed with people and slow, especially now people spend a free giftcard. It was 0.0% packet loss there too, but it was painfully slow and things not rez. I was using Default graphics settings. Maybe I am expecting too much as packet loss is 0%. Also, with many people stuck at home and internet usage more at this time means SL and some other internet places are very, very busy. I never updated my Firestorm for BoM because I don't need or want BoM. Plus
  14. Thank you for the links. I must be honest, I had and still have no idea what Ardy Lay was saying and how to proceed. It just didn't compute with my brain, but I appreciated that it clearly triggered something with Oz Linden and I followed that link given. My speed test result at DSLreports .com is: - This all looks good and positive to my eyes, but I am no expert. It seems it is not bufferbloat. Maybe I need to start digging for clues inside Firestorm.
  15. I have no idea, but I thought I'd give it a try. Regard VPN slowing my internet down the ping was the same and the down/up speeds lower but still better than my old wired VDSL connection where SL ran nicely.
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