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  2. So... A *Premium Subscriber* is entitled to a Linden Home (or any 1024 parcel on the mainland) and all land-use fees (a.k.a. "Tier") are waved, making it entirely and totally free. But if I didn't get one of the newer Houseboat Linden Homes, I can *rent* a resident-owned facsimile from you (where you are in control and can eject and ban me for any or no reason at any time) for $8.00 U.S. per month and I get only half the space and prims I would have (2048 m2) if I paid that same amount directly to Linden Lab. Got it. So, this is a great deal... how? //JUSTASKING.
  3. Packet loss is easy to understand. Data on the internet is sent not in big bundles but in small packets - or packages if you like. When a packet is lost on the way ... well you know how it is when it happens with snail mail or when the airline looses your luggage. It takes a bit of time and it's a bit of bother to sort it out and of course, the packet has to be resent. It's more or less the same on the internet. If there are a lot of avatars, yes, but it seems that won't an issue now that the novelity value is beginning to fade. I checked right now and I couldn't find any regions there with more than four avatars and that's nothing. A few of the new houseboat regions they've added had still had fairly high avatar counts one of them as high as 8 - but that's still not enough to cause any serious problems on its own. I didn't see any time dilation figures below 0.995 (except right after I tp'ed in of course). This however may be a little bit worrying: Nothing unusual about these figures at first sight but keep in mind that this is a brand new region where the residents only have had time to start filling up their places. It was also the region with 8 avatars though and that may explain it. Even so, even though there's no reason to sound any alarm bells, it's certainly something to keep an eye on.
  4. Contact le Live Chat et dis-leur que tu as changé d'avis. Ils t'aideront à rester membre Premium.
  5. UMBRA is a unique club that is multi-themed and ethnically diverse club and radio station whose aim is to provide Music for all genres. We are Hiring DJs, Hosts, and other Staff. Grab the Application here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenity Vista/137/110/22
  6. bonjour, j'avais demander à passer sur un compte basic mais je voudrais rester en Premium comment je fais?
  7. Yes, it was "first land" - and LL would "unlock" a new region once every few days (or maybe per week?). I *STILL* Have the very first landmark I ever created, which goes to that little parcel in the Glenboon regions (First-land is just one of those memories that will never go away for me LOL)
  8. One of the few gadgets I don’t have.
  9. HI Mikey Shu! If it keeps happening, try clearing your browsers Cookie files for SL. I know that phrase has become some kind of fall back excuse for issues, but the MKT sets the cookie with your settings for the MKT, and that could be why it flips back to another language. You shouldn't need to delete ALL cookies, just the ones for Second Life or the Marketplace. The Chrome browser has an awesome feature where you can Inspect the web page and directly delete any cookies that are set for that web site/page directly without mucking about with other site cookies, etc. Not sure if other browsers offer the same, or similar, options, but might be worth checking.
  10. Where do some of your pets pee? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=uv+urine+detector+flashlight&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo7v_-_Cs4gIVDLXACh3d0AxDEAAYASAAEgK7JvD_BwE&hvadid=214456938150&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9018766&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=15541088372808563580&hvtargid=kwd-353440567143&hydadcr=29042_10166002&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_1pdavnf24d_b
  11. TIL that tofu presses are WAY over priced. I think I'll stick with the kitchen towel and cast iron skillet.
  12. It's still too much when we take into account that there may well be thousands of scripts running in a region and let's be absolutely clear: This is not how well behaved software works. The task priority argument is a valid one but only to a certain extent. There is good reason to believe that low priority server tasks do to some degree negatively affect higher priority ones (there's an old thread about it in the scripter's forum but I can't find it right now) and even if that's not the case, the spinning certainly affects the execution of scripts we want to run.
  13. I decided to add a loft to my Windlass houseboat, pretty happy how it looks, it doesn't detract from the style and utilises the internal space. Its only 7Li, now I just need to play around with the rest of my interior to get it down to be able to rezz a boat (I currently have about 5 spare, lolol) It's really fun to wander around the regions and see what everyone has been doing with their houseboats (I was fortunate enough to snap up one on the squishy pickle regions last week!) I'm loving everyone's originality and style that they've added to their new homes, its great to see! ❤️
  14. It can also be linked back to text RP and the IC/OOC dividing line. Though no matter which way you slice it, it (and variations) essentially boil down to keping some barrier between Online and Offline social (and other) circles.
  15. Here is my houseboat and I really did name it SOON!
  16. Today I learned that scripts don’t affect (frame rate) lag.
  17. Today
  18. Yeah, it had gone dormant, so I revived it.
  19. Congratulations! and WOW! That is just beautiful!! I love the corner sink and the rustic furniture!
  20. I run The Wastelands, 10 regions big, a mix of Full Regions and Homesteads. I like to keep my estate running nice, so I am a bit of a stats hawk. Sometime last year things started to sometimes get bad enough to notice, and since then I have been doing casual research. Here's what I know so far: @Oz Linden, @Whirly Fizzle "Top Scripts" in the region debug menu always reports HALF or less of what the Statistics menu says. Even with "Spare Time" available, "Scripts Run" doesn't seem to use it. "Scripts Run" seems to be affected by a regions networking burden in addition to the obvious events per second (more scripts). You will find that regions that have a exceptionally bad "Scripts Run" stat directly correlates to how much networking it's doing. Could be object updates, or packets in/out, and especially noticeable when people teleport in/out. Now, when regions come online they have been increasingly slow for all the "services" to fully start. Specifically the dataserver() event is most noticeable right now, sometimes a few objects that I use to monitor the estate are slow to come online and take a few retries. I also run an Experience and during todays rolling restart someone tried to interact with an object that uses llRequestExperiencePermissions() and it returned an XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE despite that script being compiled for an experience for years. It took probably 5 minutes for it to finally work properly without my intervention. As strange as it seems, I think networking for the regions is borked or throttled and is probably a bigger meta issue that just happens to affect "Scripts Run" as well. I would probably look into the HTTP/UDP changes that have been made in the past year.
  21. Really lovely! Love your decor and how you fitted in with the trees in the neighbourhood
  22. De coy peak of spring https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/05/21/de-coy-peak-of-spring/
  23. I've never written something like that in my profile, but I might. It's not a matter of being emotionless. It's a simple statement that nobody in RL knows who I am here and nobody here knows who or where I am in RL. That's the way it has been for twelve years and I don't intend to change it. I value my privacy and I don't see a compelling reason to open a door between the two worlds. My friends in SL and RL have always accepted that as one of my personal bits of quirkiness.
  24. Four words (parenthesis don't count) Evil Eye
  25. WH looks nice but that's.. pretty much it. Use to be a HUGE WH fan, but many creators and fans alike have been leaving the brand for.. reasons.
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