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  1. Yeah, for this sort of thing the script is (probably, depending on the build of the lockers) rather trivial, the main hassle is setting it up properly, or perhaps adding some bells and whistles. (perhaps you want it to need a combination to open, or now that I think of it, one of those twist combination locks would be quite neat. . . I've been looking for a good use case for a twistable dial I have. . .)
  2. OMG thank you. I kinda need fancy vector interpolation for KFM things and have been putting of trying to implement it myself ( my guesses at formulae work kinda, but aren't the best. )
  3. Also, "locked" items in your inventory show as having "(no modify)" in their perms, even if in-fact they are full-perm.
  4. OOooooooh. You can't edit scripts in locked objects, and an object remains "locked" after you take it into your inventory. "You do not have permission to edit this" could have been made a lot clearer. Sorry for answering my own question. . .
  5. So, a script that I wrote, in a thing that I own, that has never (as far as I can recall) been not-owned by me, has suddenly become no-mod, and won't let me edit it !? Firstly, I thought I read somewhere that the original creator of a thing always had full perms on it, but more pertinently, any steps I should take before submitting a support ticket in frustrated confusion? It was fairly simple and I could re-write it, but it would be a bit of a pain, as it has some fiddly guess-and-check parameters. . . Edit/Update: I took it into my inventory, and made it full perm, after which I was able to edit it. Really weird glitch though. . .
  6. Also, I just remembered the actual loop for this sort of thing has a number of annoying gotchas, if you want to avoid them, IMO best practice is to use integers in the loop conditionals and calculate the floats, rather than (for example) adding a float increment: //Do this: integer index_max = 9; integer index; for(index=0;index<=index_max;++index) { //... float f = (float)index/index_max; } //Don't do this: float max = 1.0; float f; for(f=0.0;f<=max;f+=0.11111111111) { //... } It will save you a big headache, not that there aren't ways to make a floating-point increment work if you really want to.
  7. I'm not really a color expert, but IIRC slides like this are better done in a different colorspace, read up on http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlLinear2sRGB and its cousin http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlsRGB2Linear Also, Rolig made the math look worse than it is. it's easier to think about this as a weighted sum of the 2 colors: float f = 0.1; vector color1 = <1,0.5,0.25>; vector color2 =<0.25,1,0.75>; // not even sure what colors these are. . . vector inbetween(vector a,vector b,float f) { return (1-f)*a + f*b; // FWIW, this is equivalent to: // return a + f*(b-a); } where 'f' is the amount between the 2 colors; 0.0 is color a, 1.0 is color b.
  8. I don't think you can do it directly, but you could export to a shared format (dae for example). You would of course loose certain kinds of information from the .blend due to format constraints.
  9. I think there are RP sims regions where you can buy a house and do whatever it is people do in a neighborhood. Similar things exist for roleplay based on unlicensed use of intellectual property (My Little Pony, Star-wars/trek, Disney) Finding a group of people that does XYZ roleplay and finding one or two people you really click with are different things entirely though. For finding people, my best advise would be to work up your profile with specifics about what exactly you're looking for, and then just try to meet a lot of people, and go to places that are related to your interests. (For sex stuff, you wouldn't have a problem finding it, so I'll not mention Gor or slave auctions.)
  10. Oh, If I'm understanding you right, a system whereby residents could become friends with specific scripts would be kinda cool, but seems a bit off-topic. I also don't see the use case if just anyone can become friends with my scripts. How do I make sure mr griefer doesn't bribe my security orb with cookies and become its friend?
  11. but what if you don't answer, or click the little x without reading the message? Then the script may never know if it's friends with you or not.
  12. It's not overly difficult to script a custom combat system, (depending on how involved you want to get of course) although it is a bit time-consuming. do a MP search for "Combat Meter" and you will find a load of such systems. . . Wow, pricey.
  13. Well, /technically/ if you buy land at auction, you can get land at just above 0.5l$. But I agree, just on the price, I think anything under 1L$ per sqm qualifies as a colloquial "steal". 1~3 might be a "bargain" 3~5 "cheap" (stretching a bit) .
  14. list temp_keys; default { state_entry() { llSensorRepeat(...); } sensor(integer N) { // eject everyone in temp_keys temp_keys =[]; //... while(~--N) { temp_keys+=[llDetectedKey(N)]; llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(N),PERMISSION_FRIEND_STATUS); } } no_sensor() {// eject everyone in temp_keys temp_keys = []; } run_time_permissions(key ID, integer perms) { if(perms&PERMISSION_FRIEND_STATUS) { //remove key from temp_keys if(!llIsFriend(key)) { //eject key } } } } As long as you make the sensor repeat sufficiently long (30 ~60 seconds) and you warn your friends ahead of time to accept the request when they get within range of your orb it /works/ just not well.
  15. SL is diverse, and (IMO) there isn't really one unified 'SL community'. Many SL communities seem to have Discord servers now, related to their particular niche, but I don't think you'd find many related to SL as a whole.
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