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  2. I can echo with more rez zones. My wish list is more to do with the homes than the continent on a whole. I hope to see more texture options available for both inside and outside of the homes. And for these textures to be available in content creator packs. Not for making things for sale, but for creating add-ons for personal use. The ability for no walls at all inside each home except where absolutely necessary; to enclose stair wells, for example. The ability to control each window blind independently of the others. Automatically closing doors. It is also my hope that if and when new designs come out, that all parcels will be able to use them. Perhaps not using a houseboat on land or a 'land' house hovering above water. More, if the parcel is land, then have all the land houses available. If the parcel is water, then all the water houses available. I believe it would be nice to be able to rez a home that goes onto a 512 onto a 1024, creating a larger yard to use.
  3. Oh what a great outdoor area! Did you get a house on a hill, so you could have a pool that's not over ground?
  4. It is not a duplicate thread. This thread is about fashionable & artistic avatar photos and not general sl pictures on overall.
  5. Truthfully, even after LL rolls out more, I still doubt that everyone that wants a houseboat will get one. There is only so many water plots they can create and I doubt they want to create so many water plots that too much of the inland stays empty. I do believe that everyone that wants a new Linden Home will be able to get one in some theme, though maybe not their first choice of themes. Just a note - in case you care about any of the other Premium benefits, they will remain in effect until the current Premium membership period expires. i.e. you'll still get your weekly L$ stipend -- and if you paid for quarterly or yearly, then it will remain in effect long enough for you to also get the signup bonus. Actually it will, but you still have to do things very carefully and in a specific order unless you are willing to potentially pay $4 for a single month of tier. LL probably should put a disclaimer on the Premium signup page or wherever they advertise the Homes saying something along the lines of "a particular house type is NOT guaranteed". In this case, it might have helped in the houseboat expectations, but not in the availability of the New Homes overall.
  6. I've just completed 50 teleports between regions in about 15 minutes. A couple of times I got the "teleport failed" message, but was able to do the TP successfully after waiting about 30 seconds. No disconnections.
  7. lemme try this again LOL /waves Hi Neighbor! I was wondering what you were doing next door. I didn't know you could put a business in a residential area.
  8. ignore this post, immadork that didn't quote correctly
  9. If its like my bedside table it will never get cleared.
  10. I am an estate manager, and my experience is that many of the residents who rely upon ban lines have little or no knowledge of security orbs and their effectiveness. I was the same years ago, until I actually tried using an orb. I’d encourage others to at least test one before declaring that they won’t work.
  11. More is coming though and I will eat my thigh-highs if it won't be ready by the end of next month.
  12. Many people thought that Belliseria was way too ambitious and that 95% of the homes would remain empty and other negativity. It's actually good to see that it turned out not ambitious enough and that the adoption rate was so incredibly high, especially considering how much mainland, and older premium regions are empty and hardly used. Congratulations on hitting the proverbial jackpot!
  13. hei Hei 😘 So I'm just trying to figure out how by following the rules of "preferences" switch to "General, Moderate, Adult". I've done that about like 16 times, lol and nothing has changed. I tried restarting the viewer, going on a different viewer (FireStorm) and nothing.. I know my age signing up was old enough, my account alone is about 7 years old now lol If anyone has been going through the same problem or went through it and fixed it.. I'd love any tips or tricks. Thanks a ton! 🖤👻
  14. Yep, I already got a couple disconnects. [EDIT] Crossing sims just walking was one of them.
  15. I wanna bet that SSPXT stands for Super Secret Project eXTended. Seriously though, I think that this single region is merely a staging area. Although if I were to muse based on what I would hope it would be, i'd have to admit that I hope/wish it would become a public marina+airstrip. Basically a fancy rez zone, but one where we can also hang out and meet others. I know, wishful thinking...
  16. I'd venture to guess that there's not that much need to wait. Security orbs have predictable abilities, and so do ban lines. Only a security orb set to immediate ejection would approximate what ban lines do, and the odds that LL has come up with a unique orb that does something else we aren't already familiar with aren't high. It'd be interesting if they did, of course. But if you're wondering why people are feeling confident with commenting and critiquing this now, it's likely because we're all quite familiar with what each option does and which shortcomings each has. Only something different from what's already available would be notable. LL hasn't given an indication they're about to offer anyone such a thing. On a note unrelated to your question, the thing I haven't seen mentioned (it's possible I haven't read every last post, but I've tried) but which is a key part of the LL-proposed scenario is that the private estates which allow orbs but disable ban lines also tend to have proactive estate managers who handle issues swiftly. For this new continent, LL seems to be offering only the half of that equation where people have less privacy, but not the half where problematic people are estate-banned quickly. The A/R process is a bit opaque to most of us, and doesn't tend to include a particularly rapid response (if any) in many cases. So of course, people who want more privacy now feel like they're hanging out in the breeze; they know what to expect from LL, and it isn't what private estate managers (the good ones) deliver. So the key half of the equation that would make this more likely to work (keeping in mind that determined attackers collect alts) is entirely missing, unless LL is going to delegate people to such duties.
  17. Ooohhhh! Another great excuse to dress as a bunny!xo
  18. Books & Coffee - open for public I don't have "home", but ...I'm not sure how to call that .... antiquarian bookshop & cafe? Feel free to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corinth/75/76/35 (No edit, raw screenshots)
  19. I'd like to see something done about the lag. It's horrible. Other than that I love all the suggestions listed here, especially some sounds of the trees rustling, birds and the sea.
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