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  2. That you cannot TP suggests this is more of a viewer-to-server connection issue. When this happens try relogging. If the relog does not fix the problem, log into a different region. You can use the Destination Guide on the web to get a new place for login. Close the viewer and click VISIT in the guide to have the viewer log into the region. If neither of these fix the problem we need to see your viewer/computer specs from the viewer's HELP->About...
  3. I earned significantly more per hour by pulling pints and cleaning toilets as a student than the average SL escort/sex worker, even if you don't count the unpaid time spent touting for business (them, that is, not me). It does tickle me a bit that all of them are "high class" when I got paid more for bog brushing. Even double pay occasionally when there were special events on (me, that is, not them). Yes yes, I know, different economy, but it's still funny. I don't know how you find yourself L$100k in debt. I recall a thread a while ago by someone who was worried about an SL loan shark and had to be reassured that whatever notecard they'd signed wasn't worth five minutes of the pixelbump going rate. Sometimes people need to be reminded that they can log out and vanish. It's surprising how often this seems to get forgotten, given that it's one of the biggest attractions of the place. My former SL sister once decided to buy a slave at auction along with her husband. She then told me the slave was resisting being bought. I suggested the slave was only RPing resistance - nobody could force her to participate in an auction, after all, and this place required all lots to register themselves for sale ahead of time - but it seemed the slave was on voice screaming at them and did seem to be taking it all rather seriously. I asked why she didn't just TP or log out if she had changed her mind, but as the slave had switched to Ukrainian by then, we never found out.
  4. you'd get so many reports about spam you'll end in the room where you hear nothing than grinding false teeth and sounds of heavy chains over the ashes of never ending fires.
  5. Thank you, @Madelaine McMasters, good to know! I only take it occasionally, and not exceeding the recommended dosage but you are absolutely right about being knowledgeable about your medications! A good reason to get better about my bedtime routine and maybe get the lavender essential oil diffuser I’ve been eyeing too. 👁👄👁
  6. These strange happenings are why we recommend making backup copies or the original as soon as we/you get it. There is a known bug where a viewer crash causes scripts to change to RUN disabled, Not Running. With no-mod items there is nothing to be done but get a new copy. With mod-ok items you can edit the items and set scripts to Running. I think this is as close as we get to a viewer causing the problem.
  7. Who are you? What the hell is as space spinner? Please don't. Who are you?
  8. I've always liked the smaller trads (now in an Adams - pictures in the 'Show off your home' thread; previously in an Alderley). Even though I've bought add-ons for both, I wound up not using them (the Alderley shutters excepted) and managed to create a 'complete' house with bedroom/study/bathroom, living room, and kitchen/dining room. I did get hooked by the Vic's color-change walls, so bought the Adams interior paint shell which has mostly worked out well, so I don't feel like I'm missing out. That said, my alt has a Vic Hardy which I've almost finished decorating, and to my surprise it doesn't feel too big. (It has a bedroom, study, and bathroom upstairs, and a kitchen/dining room, TV room, and living room downstairs. The kitchen has actually been the biggest challenge.)
  9. I don’t need any changes. We got a bigger 2nd monitor, then for the SL UI, I moved a lot of things to sit on the left and to open or pop up on the upper left. I turned off all toasts and sent most group notice pop-ups to the chat window, which I usually close unless I’m actively chatting or need to see local chat at an event. Most of my AO’s are built into firestorm. All of which leaves a nice big clear rectangle free of UI stuff on the right for framing my photos. I still need a simple singles dance HUD with invites and easy ability to switch dances, that’s pretty much it.
  10. I've made a Space Spinner and I'm going to give it out to every SL resident! Look out for it this March, dropped into your IM box!!
  11. Faster to work in a RL job to pay the debt. Unless you buy and rent/sell land or deal in 3d goods and services, I’m not aware of many other SL jobs that pay anything like a RL wage, and even in these trades, competition is big. Admittedly I don’t know anything about the Adult jobs, but I’m assuming those require some particular skills (emoting, voice, cam, etc) and usually an initial investment in your avatar for mesh head/body/fashion, etc. I’m assuming a minimum wage RL job pays more than *most* SL jobs. I’ve actually known a couple of seemingly ‘successful’ creators that went back to their RL jobs because SL ‘fame and fortune‘ at the height of their business didn’t consistently pay the equal to a RL mall store clerking job + health insurance.
  12. We were together and talking for a good 2 hours last night before she started crashing again. Technology is just going to be something we have to work around. Anyway, we hit it off and she is silly enough to trust me
  13. Some of you have mentioned taking Benadryl (diphenhydramine hydrochloride in the US, but something else in the UK) as a sleep aid. For unknown reasons, I was having difficulty getting to sleep some years back, and heard that Benadryl was helpful. Shortly after starting usage, I learned of research linking use of anticholinergic medications (diphenhydramine HCL is one) with cognitive decline. Out of an abundance of caution (I have only three working cerebral neurons, losing one raises the potential for deadlock, losing two raises the potential for massive unwarranted certainty), I stopped taking Benadryl and changed my bedtime habits to encourage sleep. More recent research has not shown a correlation between Benadryl and cognition, but continues to support a correlation with the use of other anticholinergic drugs. Here's an overview... https://www.webmd.com/alzheimers/news/20190624/commonly-prescribed-meds-could-raise-dementia-risk#1 After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, I also learned of research suggesting (weakly) that antihistamines (Benadryl is one) might, by reducing inflammation (due to allergy) in the brain, make it easier for certain brain cancers to sprout. Here's a link to that... https://www.webmd.com/cancer/brain-cancer/news/20060404/antihistamine-use-tied-to-brain-tumors#2 Finally, it's pretty easy to find research showing that sleep deprivation affects the brain... https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/sleep-deprivation-increases-alzheimers-protein I don't bring this up to alarm anyone, the evidence for a downside to Benadryl is modest and decreasing, while the benefit of a good night's sleep remains. Nevertheless, it's worth keeping track of research on any medications you take, particularly routinely.
  14. ❤️OH MY GOODNESS!❤️ It's about darn time you chimed in and let us know how things went!
  15. My mom had this issue,I solved it for her using this tip provided by Firestorm team: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_intel_fix_32bit Hope this works for you.
  16. Oh, Sierra, if I had the time and money I would take on everyone I could. Nicole (Girly) has already taken my spot.
  17. 💋Make $$ @ Vanilla Unicorn💋 are you a cutie with a booty?? Vanilla unicorn wants to hire you!! Come and make some money $$ Apply today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bloom/83/75/3805
  18. How about eliminating the entire GUI and doing everything except movement of avatar and direct manipulation of in-world objects via a command interface? Should I run and hide now?
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