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Found 6 results

  1. So tonight I was halfway through my shift as a hostess in a live music venue and I suddenly crashed. I log back in and this mess pops up on my screen, on the singer's screen and on her manager's. A search bar with a nice statement, a friend request and a voice call to the singer. They also managed to block her on my behalf and they asked me to teleport to some random piece of mainland. The owner found two scripts that were dropped. That was awful, how do they manage to execute stuff on our viewer? Is that simple?
  2. I'm not even sure where to ask to be honest and reading the wiki has left me with a few doubts so I thought I was ask for general opinions here. At least that way I'll know if I am wasting LL's time or not. Okay so to quote LL's Terms of Service/Community Standards here; https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards This relates to alternate accounts, specifically. If someone tells others the identity of your alternate account, that's a clear case of above/Disclosure, correct? But what if they tell others of accounts they suspect are alts? Not; "I think that *name here* is Rae". It's "Did you know *name here* is Rae? She told me years ago. I was just telling *their friend's name* about it. I thought everyone knew? " (Not true). Having alts is one thing. Being accused of being an alt, or having an alt, and having that repeated to any who will listen seems like another matter. It's also incredibly frustrating. Because someone has it in mind that I am someone else that then automatically entitles them to my real life information? I'm supposed to step out of my comfort zone and voice with a stranger, or send a real life photograph, or have a Skype chat just to set their mind at ease? What exactly constitutes as proof that can't be tampered with (such as Photoshop or flat out Catfishing anyway)? Why should I disclose anything in a virtual world where one is encouraged to be whatever they want to be... provided I tell anyone what they want to know. That defeats the purpose of being here in Second Life, doesn't it? Ignoring this person or what they say doesn't work. I blocked them years ago when it first started and we haven't spoken a word since but the rumours keep persisting. That was over FIVE years ago in fact and it's just now reared its ugly head again. I'm not alone in all this. A few of my closest friends are also implicated and for one of them, after reporting a virtual stalker in SL for over two years and having nothing done about it (and subsequently having a nervous breakdown because of it) I think this may be the final straw. For one final insult, the friends that told me what was said would, according to the same rules covered in the ToS/CS, get into trouble/a warning for trying to help. So I can't AR without sacrificing them which puts me in a precarious situation. I'm sure Linden Lab doesn't really care too much about this sort of thing as no doubt it's a case of "he said/she said" (even with IM logs, and who is to say they don't assume both sides have edited them anyway) and there are bigger issues to deal with in the entirety of Second Life. I'm just not sure what else can be done to stop this person's toxicity beyond just deleting my account and walking away for good. Legally, realistically, what can be done? 😔
  3. I am looking for an orbit/shield that prevents avatars from getting too close to you. I bought one but I have to rez it and I need a shield for no-rez zones. I have seen seen shields used like this in Freebie Galaxy(no-rez zone). I need one that creates an orbit of at least two meters from your avatar.
  4. I feel like such a dummy I was being trained on a hud. The person training me used their hud and I sat on something which gave them permissions to my avatar. Is there a way to remove that from them? Someone told me no this cannot be undone so this person can take my lindens? The person who trained me is no longer in my Second Life but not an enemy and I was told Linden by another friend that they can control you in any place in Second Life plus steal your lindens. Any suggestions and wow I should have had a V8 what a stupid move on my part but I was not knowlegeable of what sitting on that would result in
  5. What happens after a report is filed? How long does it take to remove the griefer from the land or sim? Why is it that the avatar continues to harass even after reports have been filed? Does nothing happen to them at all?
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