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  2. And a tiny white top? This is going to be the best forum photo ever.
  3. I think the video was intended to be open to interpretation. Duluth's aerial lift bridge has a sad history of accidents and suicides, and is in the background of most of the video's scenes, including the opening. I see the woman as being deterred from committing suicide by the "souls" of those who'd previously jumped off that bridge. I'm still trying to figure out how the dogs figure into the story, other than being the subject of the song. They put a fair bit of energy into that angle. I'll make something of it someday. Regardless what my brain eventually makes of it all, it tugged pretty damned hard at my heartstrings.
  4. Hi I’m new to sl and getting to know my way around. Trying to fix my avi but my yentement bbl body skin tone doesn’t seem to match my slink hands and feet. And also doesn’t match the tone of my genus project mesh head. If you have any tips on how to at least make the skin all match or even get it close that would be helpful. Thank you!
  5. It only counts if he wears orange shorts
  6. I am serious and I only want to give you evidence and warn you about stealing outfits from SL. Lavelin in RLC. I am talking about 40 thieves which catalogs are completely stolen.
  7. Please pick up some hot wings for @Gryphon Ronas while you are at the store!
  8. more importantly where is this outfit from, that skirt is stunning ! ((oops somehow this got posted twice on a page refresh when Chrome froze on me.. noooo idea how to delete this, sorry ))
  9. Hey friend, you might wanna actually read that, it's very useful and even I endorse it!
  10. I actually went to this store last night to see what was new, and shockingly, it's still a mess. You would think they had learned their lesson from all the complaints last time, but nope, they doubled down on their stubbornness. Who thought it was a good idea to make acquiring a body such a confusing and frustrating process? The blinding white aura obscures everything around you making it difficult to see the instructions and Hud, and they made acquiring a body a literal SL Experience, where it automates your huds and moves your avatar to the next room. It's a mystery why they don't do it the normal way like everyone else, with a normal store, demos, and final product all easily accessible without going through so many hoops. SMH. The sad thing is, the TMP bodies are actually really aesthetically nice looking. It probably would've been the top body if it wasn't for the steep price and godawful hud (which is even worse now).
  11. F1_Design in RLC and AnnacB_Designs in RLC are stealing from SL
  12. How to steal from Second Life: https://quiteoh.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/how-to-steal-anything-in-second-life/
  13. Scylla, i've loved your style since my friend Roxy Couturier showed me this thread over a month ago, but this... this goes beyond selfie photography.. this is art ! and not the type of art that one just looks at and goes "wow this is amazing"... this is the type that is appreciated and admired as something more than amazing. and yes, i've been looking at it for more than 20 minutes admiring it.. and i simply want to say "thank you".
  14. Party at Ribbon's! and the Bellisserian Cat joined in!
  15. Club SoHo Is HIRING! Are you looking for a job? here is the place for you !! CLUB SOHO IS HIRING! Hello and greetings to you! Do you need lindenes and are you willing to work for hours in SL? In the SOHO Club, we are giving the opportunity to those who are willing to follow simple guidelines for paid work. We are in a process of growth, and therefore we require talented hosts and DJs. The SOHO club stands out in the world of entertainment, and requires dedicated, serious and good-attitude personnel to be part of their family. We ask that you read and complete: APPLICATION: https://tinyurl.com/y7jpy7lh? Tips are 100% direct. Join our team now!
  16. Why do I suddenly want hot wings and beer? I don't even like beer
  17. totally agree here, but the one question Scylla didn't ask... where is that outfit from, especially that skirt, it's a stunning outfit
  18. I wish i was in Rhonda's place right now holding that door, aaaannnnnddd.... he was the one i keeping from going anywhere *purrrrrrs* mind you, i wonder how many people in this thread dreamed about being in that room while Rhonda stood in front of the door 😜
  19. Runs to MP to buy items for this photo .. haha
  20. I think we can have both, as I said I'm sure LL will still support the estates
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