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SL performance on MacBook pro

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Hi all,

First of all, thanks for second life, it is great!

Below questions are both relevant for the SL viewer as well for firestorm.

On my MacBook pro, 2017, i5 2.3 GHz, 8 GB Ram, AMD Radeon Pro 580 OpenGL Engine (eGpu, temporarily borrowed), i have bad frame rate. Typical fr is below 10 with settings reset to default.

Apperently, the openGl implementation on the mac is sub-optimal, so maybe there is a fundamental cause that is difficult to solve.

The eGpu works, MacBook air cooling is almost always off now and fr is independent of screen size, even 4K works with the same fr as VGA. So something is right.

However, if I use reasonable graphics quality setting, fr is below par. If I go to Iow graphics I maybe get 20 to 40 fps outside crowds, but rendering is bad, my own av looks very flaky then.

In all settings, if I am in a ‘crowd’ of > 5 av’s, fr drastically reduces to very low levels. In default (mid / high) to 3 or 4, in low to below 10 fps. Strange is that reducing the max complexity does not help, looks like jellies take up as much time as fully rendered av’s. Sometimes, in low settings, I get 10 fps, but the av’s only update once a second (which may be a local problem at the PC of this av).

Which brings me to my network. I think network is OK, I have a fiberglass connection and also tested the bandwidth. But I did not look into this deeper, the firestorm lag meter is almost always green for network, although in crowds I sometimes get a warning about large ping times.

I need a new desktop for linux, so I’m thinking to get a more high-end config with also windows and use that for SL. But that will set me back a couple of bucks extra and I would like to know if that is worth the money.

So first, I would like to further trouble-shoot my MacBook, but I’m clueless at the moment on how to proceed. Would it be possible to use Mac steam? I saw something about SL also being released for steam, but if not for the Mac it would not help.

Sorry for the long post, tried to keep it as short as possible.

Thanks! Bart.

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It is because 2017 MacBook Pro... the newerr 2018 and newer run SL as good or better than most Windows machines (I have both) unless it is a newer Gamer PC within the last year.

Best peromrance on macBook pro is LL Virewer (Firestom is pig-in-a-poke) Best on Windows is Catznip - and I speak about performance specifically.

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you might want to also look at some sort of auxiliary cooling for that macbook as well. Apple has this bad habit of shoving a powerful chip that gives off a lot of heat into a small box. This causes both CPU and GPU to throttle under moderate loads.  and running second life is a perfect storm for system loading. 


you can see a video from Linus tech tips where they includes some suggestions as to what to do about heat here


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