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  1. Every day I automatically gyrate O I H P A (I’ll bail for now and wait for others to get involved)
  2. “Why are you so short?” reeeeeeeee
  3. Please friends, no quiet lies. J H Y A I
  4. Dude, I hate butter lettuce. H P I A M
  5. This is an issue myself and some other users in my friend group have been having recently. I don’t really partake in much SL adult activities with another person, and if I do it’s going to be with my spouse. However a lot of the places I enjoy hanging out at are A rated, very casual settings, stand around and chat types. And I will often be naked or at the very least partially clothed. As will many other people there: And inherently with an adult space pretty much any piece of furniture has some functions beyond face value. And of course some adult activity is going on somewhere in the space. (do I need to word things like this? I don’t want to seem blatant with wording and get a forum ban) But not everyone is there for that. I find it fun to parade my butt around but it’s also just to fit in better to a crowd of other casually nude people. But the problem I’m having is people who presume that nudity is consent. It is most definitely not. Just because I’m naked doesn’t mean I’m going to instantly answer your pushy IMs. Hovering around me, while I normally don’t care about proximity, is a bit creepy when it goes on for too long and comes with a bunch of IMs. And that’s another point, I don’t care if you’re going to look. It’s a casually nude setting, nobody does. But don’t be so unbelievably blatant about it because at that point it’s not just creepy, it’s also rude. I don’t keep showlookat turned on so I don’t care if your cameras crosshair is on me. But people practically walking into me and physically pushing me out of the little chat group I’m in is super irritating. If I sit on any furniture in these places I usually have a friend sit with me, because if I don’t, some random person tends to show up and I get an endless chain of pop ups in the corner “xyzusername wants to control animations” or whatever. Now I understand I am a nude person in an A rated space, but unless I were to specifically state so in some way, me chilling naked it is not consent. My friend group has by this point really considered the nudity a norm, and we’re looking into M rated clubs and spaces instead to try and avoid as much of that as possible. Have any of you had this problem in the past? I’ve heard it’s particularly bad at the more public nude beaches for human avatars.
  6. The client is weird with what hardware it will auto recognize and usually relies on windows to “inform” it of new changes. Swapping a video card for example will usually make SL reset it’s configuration, swapping ram will not. So I imagine SL just doesn’t see the adapter because it’s technically not an important hardware change and the rest of the system wasn’t “informed” of it. I don’t know how to force the hardware scan SL clients do when you change key hardware, so I imagine the easiest solution would be a reinstall.
  7. I can be friends with anyone but won’t seek that out myself. Extrovert by necessity?
  8. It’s a really neat concept and it works ok in moderation when you have a more mature userbase, running into staff occasionally can be the same as running into anyone else except you can maybe discuss stuff more meta to the game than anything else. The problem is that you can’t make that the norm, you can’t have a way for your users to instantly talk to staff in a casual setting because they will become reliant on it. If you have a place full of lindens where anyone and everyone can show up just to whine about whatever, anyone and everyone is gonna show up to whine about whatever. I used to play a lot of Smallworlds, my spouse in fact worked for them briefly as a backend moderator. They rarely even allowed their moderation and administration teams to enter the game with “staff” accounts. It was pretty much reserved exclusively for hyping up new staff created locations and content or pre scheduled meet and greets with a select audience of mainly oldschool users. Nobody knew who the staff were off of their staff accounts, they never stuck around long when they were on staff accounts. Because they get pestered constantly with questions and they can’t just stand there all day and handle questions in game chat. They have other things to do and also want to enjoy the game themselves on their personal account. LL is a bit different in that the lindens are much more public but it’s very intentional that they be a rare occurrence to find and talk to, they have their own things to do and don’t need and endless chain of game chat to respond to.
  9. If I’m playing this game sober then something is wrong. Cheap alcohol, and I mean cheeaaaaap. Like plastic bottle 5$ vodka at room temperature. I don’t eat when in front of the computer, makes you fat.
  10. Yeah that would probably do it, multi monitor is still weird sometimes for no reason on Windows. I guess the best thing to check for in that case is mismatch refresh rates. Even a tiny difference like 59hz vs 60hz on each monitor can cause a gpu to crap the bed. They really do not like mixing refresh rates, sometimes it can cause resources to lock up or it’ll just cause the card to run at 100% the whole time. If it’s two different monitors they may be running at a 1, .1 or even .01 hertz difference and could cause that issue. Multiple display output types can do the same, mixing HDMI, Displayport or DVI. Most of this is an issue with the drivers and windows, those kind of issues are almost nonexistent on Linux for some reason, and workstation equivalent Radeon pro cards with the pro drivers don’t usually have those problems.
  11. Did you fully remove all drivers left over from the 1030 before installing the drivers for the RX 550? Some older applications will try and use parts of an old driver even if the hardware isn’t there. Though most often that would lead to things just not loading graphically rather than stuttering. I ran SL on a 560 with no issues, the 550 is far from high end but it should handle SL without issue.
  12. Not Safe for work vs safe for work. A nude avatar with genitals vs a nude avatar with nothing to see but a skin texture.
  13. I don’t really like sex in SL outside of just for fun with my irl partner when we’re bored in game. i do however really like doing just about anything and everything else in more public adult spaces, I find a great deal of fun in doing things you can’t realistically do irl, if the place is A rated and the atmosphere and rules permitting, why be timid about anything? Got that safety net of a virtual persona, let people look watch if they want. SL lets you do a lot you might not get to experience irl. i have no problem with fully admitting that I am the furry sexual deviant stereotype,
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