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  1. How to identify people out of touch with internet culture: -surprised twitter is full of furries -surprised that the furries who play SL also use twitter -surprised furries, an internet centric subculture, are sexual degenerates Lol.
  2. Sounds like one of the little Ryzen APU laptops, of which there are many. Should be a good choice for SL, see if you can find a similar one on sale anywhere because they tend to frequently go on sale and drop below the $300 mark. Any of them with the Ryzen 3200u and 8gb of ram or better will do just fine.
  3. Don’t bother referencing the system requirements page, it’s absolutely useless. For a kinda base line on what will play SL well, anything with Intel HD 620, try to get an 8th gen Mobile i5 quad core or better processor. Look up the processor names on google and check the Intel Ark website to see the details, i5-8xxx, look for quadcores. HD 620 being the common integrated graphics for these mobile processors, it’s good enough, it’ll handle the graphical side of SL decently well. 16gb of ram is ideal but 12 or 8 will still work, just with 8 you might have some difficulty multitasking
  4. If You just want “playable” on the super cheap, pick up anything newer than 2nd gen Intel. Old business laptops are dirt cheap. Thinkpad T420 (14” size), T520 (15”), X220 (13” small), or W520 (giant ass workstation). Theyre all 2nd gen mobile i3/i5/i7. With Intel HD3000 graphics. Nothing impressive, the machines are from 2011. But they cost about 100$ tops all ready to go and will make SL more playable. Nothing where you’re gonna be maxing settings and seeing 60fps, but medium/low settings to get 15-20fps in most places. They’re abundant on eBay, there’s an endless supply of off-l
  5. SL does utilize your gpu, just not well. 2gb is plenty and doesn’t cause texture thrashing in I would argue the vast majority of places, I rarely top 700mb of vram usage in this game but I don’t hang out in super detailed places all day. Again with this generalization, I’m not even gonna be nice about this because it’s just outright misinformation, where is this hard line at “GTX 600 series” coming from? You know the 700 series stuff right after it doesn’t start straight after GTX 680 performance? If all you need is a 600 series card, better not get a performance equivalent part for a che
  6. There’s nothing to do with this tbh, it could play SL but you’ll need to run Linux or Windows 7 at the newest just for the sake of video drivers. SL will run on it and ive run it on lower end hardware even, but it’s barely playable. Even if you got SL running on this laptop it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. There are no upgrades to do, no cpu change or more ram or whatever is going to make it playable. Look into a new laptop.
  7. Cache, whatever SL sets up its cache file on will affect load times for previously saved content. Regardless mechanical hard dives in 2020 are exclusively for bulk storage, and even then it’s usually worth it to get a sata SSD at least. nvme is the only way to go if building or buying a new pc To touch on the other subjects, vram is a terrible metric for gpu performance, as is raw generation generalizations. A 2gb GTX 960 will still do fine and will outperform a 4gb 1050ti. Just the same a 3gb 1060 would beat both or the 4gb variant of the 960. Anything over 1gb wont see many te
  8. For price to performance, yeah. A desktop is optimal for that and you can tailor it a bit more to your needs a laptops price increase comes in the form of portability, raw specs wise a 1000$ current gaming laptop would be blown entirely out of the water by a 1000$ desktop, but you can’t carry around a desktop that easily Parts wise for a desktop is a different mater. The kinda goto right now is any Ryzen 5 processor + 16gb 3200mhz or faster ddr4, and then whatever gpu fits your graphical needs. 1080p don’t bother with anything above a 3gb GTX 1060 or even a 1050ti. For 1440p look in
  9. I quote Lilith here to answer her as well. While certainly anything with Intel HD620/630 or any of the current Ryzen mobile APUs will handle SL just fine and dandy, 1080p normal settings, might drag a bit with a lot of people but otherwise fine. It would still be preferable to have a system with a dedicated gpu. At the minimum that’s a mobile 1050 and mobile i5/i7. That will do whatever you want in SL without issue, handle more complex stuff and is a good buying guideline. However the current all purpose gaming laptop without getting into super high end stuff involves a mobile 1660.
  10. Anything that comes with a dgpu to begin with is probably already an adequately specced laptop otherwise. Wont find a mobile GTX 1050 paired with a dual core ULV Pentium and 2gb of ram. To make a more specific suggestion for OP, read reviews, don’t buy anything with a mechanical hard drive, quadcores are the bare minimum. A mobile GTX 1050 is about as low as you can go reasonably with a gaming oriented laptop anyway, and it’ll do SL fine. Right now the popular entry level option with a slightly newer mobile gpu is anything with a 1660ti and 9th gen i5/i7. Nvme ssd’s ideally, look for
  11. The math is more complicated but in simple terms what it does is run a script that randomly selects a number, usually a high range of numbers. say 1-1000, 1-600 or so will net a common roll, it rolls again and the number will then correlate to an item in the common list. So you roll 550, then 230 or something. If there’s 4 items then 1-250 is item 1, 251-500 is item 2, 501-750 is item 3 and 751-1000 is item 4. On the first roll it Works for each tier with a smaller and smaller range of numbers for each tier of rarity, a common may be 1-600, uncommon could be 601-850, rare could
  12. I’ve already done this. idk why people are so specific over a username, it’s not that important
  13. To simplify my posts, the audience for SL is there, people want a casual creation game where you can do whatever you want. But SL is archaic in its implementation. The creation features need to be changed, the monetization aspect of the game needs to be changed, the engine of the game needs to be changed. Because content creation is too complex for a casual user to figure out easily, everything requires L$, and the game runs like complete ass. Change the game to be more friendly to that audience, advertise directly to that audience, and SL will receive that audience. W
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