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  1. I switched to a male avatar recently and still get endless PMs. I feel like they know somehow. Except now it’s not only horny random dudes but also gay furries. I was gonna add something else but oh god did it sound racist as all hell. All I’m gonna say is “Brazil”.
  2. Simply saying something has been ruled out does not mean it actually has. So, OP has a high framerate. It’s not hardware unless it’s showing stuttering, so a screenshot of the FPS counter would be useful to see how consistent framerate is. OP also posted an extremely high ping time, wanna take a guess what that causes? Heres a hint, it’s definitely not framerate lag. Tada! It’s network input latency. Which once again has absolutely nothing to do with your actual peripherals. Keyboard, mouse or monitor. None of that has anything to do with pressing a key and having nothing happen for a moment, or just having things be delayed ingame. That is all network. So what could cause that is a variety of things, from network adapter drivers, physical connectivity for network hardware, routers having issues, stuff beyond your home such as local ISP hardware and junction boxes, or most likely it’s just on LL’s end being slow because that happens sometimes. Being that this is a new computer and presumably nothing else changed then it’s likely the computers network adapter, wether it’s wired or wireless, having some kind of problem. Drivers likely wouldn’t cause bad ping times, hold ups like that are usually a firmware or hardware problem. Hypothetical, I have three objects, A B and C. One of them, B is causing a problem. I have a guy look at it, he says it’s not a problem. So then there’s no problem? These three objects together still have a problem, but it can’t be B because a guy said it’s not a problem, so it has to be A or C right? Clearly A or C are causing the problem /s I shouldn’t have to explain things like I’m talking to a 6 year old on a game populated mainly by middle aged women and teenagers.
  3. cheesecurd

    graphics card

    The 960 is a really commonly faked card. Can you post a picture of them?
  4. As I stated to begin with, SL is just like that. It’s an ancient game built on a mountain of spaghetti code that barely functions. If your hardware is giving you good performance and your network connection to LL is fine, then any problems you get become some very specific types of issues or if it’s on LLs end then it’s a Sim issue and not really your problem. Input lag in that sense is something measured in milliseconds. Input lag is not pressing a key and having to wait a second or two before your character moves. That’s network lag and is a completely different ordeal and has nothing to do with your keyboard or mouse or whatever. That is not at all how this works. If I have to actually explain how this works I would quite literally eat an entire max pages length worth of text, so I direct you to google to learn how I/o lanes and controllers work on a processor and motherboard. Tldr You can completely tap out your gpu and cpu and it won’t affect your usb, ps/2, sata, etc I/o lanes. Even when it comes to pcie devices, you have cpu lanes and chipset lanes and each control different things independently and all of it can work simultaneously. You can max the throughout of your chipset pcie lanes for an NVMe drive for example and still get all the pcie performance out of your cpu lanes to your gpu. This applies to every device, your usb or ps/2 ports for a keyboard or mouse are not reliant on the cpu and work independently. A Ps/2 controller in particular will actually halt cpu instruction if it doesn’t get its instruction through quick enough. That halt is literally nanoseconds and you would never notice it but it’s the opposite of the cpu making your input devices wait. USB will allot a device as ps/2 as well and run it over the ps/2 controller even if you don’t have a ps/2 port, so usb does the same things. All it does is free up the gpu, the cpu side of game rendering isn’t done on a frame by frame basis. Your cpu is handling things like lighting, shadows, physics, geometry and resource allocation. Most of which is handled outside the gpus rendering pipeline and is simply dumped onto the gpu as it’s handled by the cpu. If you have a theoretical game where all it consists of is a ball falling on a flat surface, regardless of if it’s running at 1fps or 1000fps, the cpu has already done the physics mathematics, geometry of the ball and surface it hits, lightning and shadows for that ball going through it’s entire cycle of falling, and handled the application saying “the ball is falling, the ball has hit, the ball has bounced” etc. The gpu is just given that information and told to make an image. It works harder if it has to do it a thousand times per second but the cpu doesn’t notice much. These people are experiencing screen tearing by running their gpu at a rate lower than their screens refresh rate. It’s recommended to ideally run at your screens refresh rate unless you’re playing something where frame times matter and you can hit triple your refresh rate. You’re just pulling ideas out of thin air here, almost nothing you said here was remotely true or valid in any way. No amount of voting me down makes you factually right. Research what you want to talk about before you try and respond to a person in the “Answers” section, because otherwise you’re just spreading misinformation.
  5. 150fps with a ping time of 190+ that’s a network issue, you’re not seeing bad performance you’re just seeing lag Could be your end or it could be linden labs.
  6. This would ring true if you were running a sub 100mhz 16 bit processor or something. 10mbps worth of data is absolutely nothing to a processor, anything remotely modern handles way more data than that every clock cycle. A modern processor runs ddr4 at upwards of 3200 megabits per second, modern drives at anywhere from 500 to 3000 mbps, and handles data over pcie 3.0 (the only interface we can max with pcie) at t h i r t y t w o g i g a b y t e s p e r s e c o n d So in plain terminology, as simple as I can word this. The idea that higher bandwidth = lag for any reason, but especially the idea that the computer can’t handle 10mbps of data transfer on top of the rest of the single cores workload is complete and utter bull*****, a misleading lie perpetuated by people who have no idea what they’re talking about but talk about it anyway because it _sounds_ like it would make sense. Your processor breathes 10mbps, it *****s 10mbps, it’s on average processing 300-1000mb of data every clock cycle just making sure everything you have running is still actually running. Not once per second, once per clock cycle. Which depending on how many cycles each instruction requires is still in the terabytes per second range. Taking 10mb of data and turning it into Pajeets 2 foot long 1L$ dong is a metaphorical drop in the bucket. This has never been the case since the dawn of SL and is just parroted bull*****. All it takes a very basic understanding of how processors work to know that. If I told enough people babies grow on trees I bet i could confuse at least some people and have them believe it and try to convince others.
  7. I hate seeing this concept. This was relevant a decade ago, and barely even then. Its 2019, SL can eat as much bandwidth as you can throw at it and only runs better with more. Unless you’re in a Comcast monopoly zone and get 1mbps internet this isn’t a problem anymore. My little slider is at 10mbps and SL rarely uses it all but if it does it certainly doesn’t show any problems with network performance, quite the opposite. OP is describing network lag, has a high framerate and good specs. They’re experiencing network lag and that is all. It does not take a genius to figure this out. And even if they were experiencing framerate lag, any of you with high end hardware would know this from experience, that regardless of how many bungoliomarks your processor or gpu get this game performs terribly. Throw enough avatars and over modeled furnitures at 1-2 cores of any processor and you can watch it chug. It does take some kind of genius to manage to twist this issue into CABLES of all things, like its 1999 and everything we’re running is still over analog connections. I mean Jesus Christ read what you type before you press “Submit Reply”.
  8. @Bas Curtiz and I do understand your point, you’re benchmarking for SL. But there’s more to a PC than just raw fps. Nobody recommends 9th gen Intel at the moment with the exception of the 9900K, especially not the 9600k. It’s inferior in every other way than the Ryzen lineup. And that’s not just fanspeak, that’s the message of dozens of tech reviewers, YouTube channels and other “professional critics”. If someone were to build a PC where the only thing it would do is play SecondLife and they never want to upgrade it, then sure, go for it. But nobody uses their pc for just SecondLife, and anyone buying a system with any of those processors intends to upgrade at some point rather than just toss it and buy a new system. I could not argue to anyone that 7fps is ever worth it for buying into a dead end platform with an overpriced processor. Then there’s just that SL runs on anything, but doesn’t run _well_ on anything. All you’re seeing is slightly better single threaded performance for cpu based rendering tasks, you’d probably see very similar numbers out of a high clocked 6700k, since very little has changed since.
  9. The the important part here. SL wise. a 9600k is a worse choice in literally every other way. If your pc exists solely to play SL then it’s a better choice but if you do quite literally anything else or value your money in the slightest then the R5 3600 is the better choice by far, and the 100$ r5 1600 is a good way to get on to that platform. Cheaper motherboards, an actual upgrade path, cheaper initial processor cost. Also consider that SL runs like literal garbage regardless of what you play on.
  10. Remember rule 35. If porn of it doesn’t exist, it will be made. I am contacting my artist friends as we speak and I am trying to find my drawing tablet at the same time. Though there is already some stuff out there. Note for internet degenerates, make sure to include -nissan -skyline and -gtr whenever you try and include “r34” in an obscure google search because otherwise you just get Nissan skyline R34’s
  11. Yeah if you literally only listen to top 100 kinda stuff. Which has always been the case since the dawn of what one could consider the modern concept of pop music. It’s just that you liked a different era of pop music. There is a massive amount of music out there in every genre and a lot of it is absolutely amazing from what one could consider a “musical quality” and creative standpoint. In the end music is music and if someone enjoys it then they enjoy it, wether it’s a modern opera or whatever today’s top hit song is, it’s good to someone and they like it and that’s what makes that music good. I swear to god if I hear “Dance Monkey” on the radio one more time I’m going to blow my brains out in traffic, I personally do not like that song. But clearly a lot of people do enjoy it considering how popular it is, and I’m not going to write it off as bad music or artistically worthless or low quality just because I don’t like it. The idea of that blanket statement “current music is bad/sucks/whatever” is the hallmark of someone who has a taste in music but does not understand that just because they do not like all music, doesn’t mean what they don’t like is intrinsically bad. “Music today is dead” is one of those statements. You just don’t like today’s music. That does not mean it’s anywhere near dead. Not ever single song, album or artist out there in the last 20 years is out there as a major label backed “hit maker of the month”. If I could swear on this forum and leave this off with a short worded blatant insult I would, let this sentence fill in for that.
  12. Right about now is the prime time to buy first gen Ryzen btw It got outclassed by the 3rd gen super hard so they’re all dirt cheap. A Ryzen 5 1600 costs like 100$ new in the US and can definitely still hold its own in any AAA game, let alone SL. Starting with a B450 motherboard and 3600mhz ddr4 gives you room to upgrade in the future to 3rd gen Ryzen 7, or if you went for a higher end board, 3rd gen Ryzen 9.
  13. This right here is the mark of a complete idiot. i won’t even attempt to be nice about it, if you have this mindset about music then you do not know how to appreciate music ”oh it was so much better in the good old days! Music these days is terrible!” The opinion of you and a billion other forty year olds with room temperature IQ.
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