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  1. Ever hear the quote “I would rather die standing than live on my knees”? Defending that absolute nightmare of a nation, even minorly as that, is absolutely disgusting. Theres a reason all the major cities want out, and that reason is somewhere along the lines of the retaliation being gunning people down in the street. There is no SL in China, it’s simply not allowed, it’s one of those things that exposes the people to a bit too much freedom. American game mainly played by Americans and all that.
  2. Kaby Lake at the newest, 3rd party drivers, Linux compatible drivers, or forwards compatible patches exist. Right now I could plug in my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz from 2001 into a PC running an i7 7700K and have it function as intended on Windows 10 or Linux. Because the driver for it is dirt simple and installs on any windows version, and the Linux compatible driver still works just the same.
  3. In what world do you guys think the average Chinese citizen would be allowed to even think of SecondLife? I think y’all forget it’s literally a communist dystopia outside of the major cities, nobody in China is playing SL. Let alone right now while half the nation is panicking over this disease, people are dying, and entire towns and cities are being locked down and quarantined
  4. You’re thinking of the Fx 9590, which is known to vaporize board VRMs on anything other than higher end 990fx boards the 8350 isn’t anything crazy, it’s a bit toasty but so are any fx chips really
  5. I recommend a platform upgrade before a gpu upgrade. Its just not worth it, especially for SL, when your cpu matters way more than your gpu and you have one of the worst options for SL, namely a Piledriver fx chip with god awful single thread performance. I would suggest going for the current budget combo of a Ryzen 5 2600, B450 motherboard and 2x8gb of 3200/3600mhz ddr4. And then work further upgrades from there. Because you could slap a Nvidia 2080ti into that system and it would do next to nothing because your primary problem impacting the performance of SL is the cpu. Video editing would also heavily benefit from a better cpu and faster memory. tldr you don’t need a gpu upgrade, you need a cpu upgrade
  6. Because it’s the only one that discriminates on F2p vs p2p. It basically means you have to have spent X amount of L$ to play. Which I’m not arguing against, that alone has some merit, but it’s why people get upset over avatar type requirements.
  7. Dumb for sure, but it’s just their requirement. No TOS rules are being violated by requiring a mesh avatar to partake in the roleplay. They can have criteria and standards for their roleplay based on aesthetic quality and roleplay accuracy. You wouldn’t let the winglessemoto F2p furry play in your stepford wives roleplay, it just doesn’t fit as long as there’s nothing discriminating against race, religion, gender or sexuality, really anything you couldn’t do irl, it’s up to them
  8. Lockable menus and UI pieces that “crop” down the actual game area. So you could have your chat and minimap locked to the left side or something, your view would be cut to whatever’s left to see, and then your actual view wouldn’t be behind it. That way nothing is hiding under anything else. Content tabs would be nice, tab for you view, tab for your appearance/inventory, tab for search and landmarks, tab for a browser and user profiles, etc. A mini view of just your avatar with its own 3D controls when using your appearance editor would be nice. What SL needs is to either give up and go straight back to 2003, simplify everything, or it needs to cut everything and start from scratch in 2020, because right now it’s like someone has been trying to sew up the same pair of ripped jeans for the past 17 years and there’s no longer any actual denim left.
  9. You would notice overall better performance out of the 5700 but it’s debatable how much either would really improve performance in SL since most of the lighting is cpu bound. The cpu upgrade probably did the most for lighting related performance, might not be worth upgrading the gpu unless you play a lot of other games that would utilize it more.
  10. It’s kinda impressive how far cpu tech jumped in the last few years. Consider bigmoes i7 5820k was about 400$ in 2014, and an x99 motherboard was another 150-200$. And that was an HEDT platform, the start of the very top end for Intel. Now the same performance comes from a 120$ Ryzen 5 and maybe 60-70$ B450 motherboard. Pretty cool, after AMD started being actually competitive again Intel stopped making 4c/8t i7’s the consumer high end and started with the higher core counts on 8th gen coffee lake just to keep up, the i5 8400 being their first 6 core i5. They held off on the i5 8600k for a while, and shipped the i5 8400 at low clocks because it was surpassing the performance of even the previous generations 4c/8t i7 7700k, which would’ve really pissed off anyone who bought a 7700K if your high end processor was blown out of the water by a now mid range product a year later for even cheaper. Just to stir things up even more, there’s the Ryzen 9 line that came out with insane core counts but also the single thread performance to back it all up, with the Ryzen 9 3900x being 470$ got 12c/24t and not requiring any special motherboard or chipsets, it’ll work fine on the same B450 motherboard for 70$. Wondering what Intel is gonna pull out, they’re lagging behind. AMD has surpassed them on overall performance at every price point and just keeps going, every previous generation just gets cheaper too because they keep making new AM4 processors. It’s a good thing for the consumer, Intel went 7 years with marginal improvements because AMD couldn’t keep up, every time AMD catches up Intel steps up their game. God awful Pentium D’s? AMD drops the Athlon 64 x2, Intel responds with Core2. Core2 getting stale? AMD drops the early FX series, Intel responds with Lynnfield i-series. Took em a whole but AMD brought Ryzen and Intel responded by upping core counts, maybe when they figure out 10nm production we’ll see it swing back again. Just means better processors for us.
  11. It’s a generalization to keep people from buying overall lower performance parts. Quadcores are entry level now, the above mentioned Ryzen 5 2600 is a generation old (almost two whenever the rest of 4th gen drops), it’s a 120$ processor and it’s 6c/12t If you’re buying anything under 4c/8t that means very low end hardware now, because while a 9th gen Intel i3 or Ryzen 3 1200/2200g will be fine, below that comes 2c/4 stuff like the current athlon APU lines, Pentiums and celerons. They’re just not ideal from a price to performance perspective. I think the cheapest AM4 processor new is a 2c/2t athlon and it’s like 60$ or something? But why get that when for double the price you get more than 3x the raw specs out of a Ryzen 5 chip, and drastically better performance to match. SL may not use a lot of cores/threads at all, but the single core performance of a 2c/2t option will be dwarfed by the 6c/12t options or even the mentioned 4c/8t entry level stuff from Intel. The rest of the gaming world utilizes more cores better anyway and it would be a better idea to have and not 100% need than to need and not have. My apologies for coming off the way I did. What I mean is the era is not ideal to buy on recommendation, the performance 100% is worth it. As I’ve said, the modern equivalent to your build is a Ryzen 5 2600/3600 and an RTX 2060 super. That would be a good choice. Buying back into Haswell e and Maxwell would get you similar performance but you lose any upgrade path, slower DDR4, and at an overall much higher power consumption. Along with just having to buy these old parts which can be expensive for what they are. You could buy a system with your specs for sure still, and it would perform great, but it would be power hungry, limited to 2133 (and I think 2400mhz ddr4) instead of 3200mhz+, and lose out on things like proper NVMe drive controllers. And above all, when it starts to get slow you can swap you r5 2600 for an R7 3700 or r9 3900, with Haswell e your options are used xeons that aren’t as much of a jump in performance.
  12. Affordable isn’t always the best choice. Haswell E (pardon my mistake, I keep forgetting broadwell was slightly later) is about 6 years old now and the 5820k being 6c/12t is beat in every real world performance test and synthetic benchmark by the 2nd gen Ryzen 5 2600, which you can get for about 100-120$ brand new. Versus buying used LGA 2011v3 stuff, x99 motherboards are extremely expensive unless you’re buying recycled/rebuilt chinese options off of aliexpress and even then you should be buying a compatible Xeon since they’re way cheaper. But then you have a dead end platform that can’t go anywhere, there’s no upgrade path at all. 980 = 1070 = 2060 super, give or take a little bit in favor of the newer cards, I think the 980ti is actually closer to a 1070, but regardless, the performance would be good but maybe not needed, a 2060 super Is definitely a good choice if you’re running 1440p+ but SL will play fine with lower end Gpus
  13. There’s also speccy by piriform that does the same thing, pic related If the entire PC is hard crashing, like power cutoff hard crashing under load, it’s thermals or a power problem. Download speccy and post a screenshot of your specs if you want, also download cpu-z and furmark. Cpu-z has a processor stressing tool to put an artificial load on the cpu. Keep an eye on the cpu temperature in the background. If it crashes during that and the temp is fine, it’s a power issue. If the temp is stupidly high, 95°c+, it’s a thermal issue. If it’s neither try furmark, run it and monitor gpu temps. If it doesn’t instantly crash it’s not a power issue, if it hits a high temp and crashes then it’s a gpu thermal issue. If you run out of ram you don’t crash, you hit swap, the page file. SL would start using your storage drives swap partition as ram, which is incredibly slow but it won’t cause a crash. If your ram is faulty the crashes would be random, it doesn’t fill up in any particular order, you’re not hitting a ram usage that’s affecting one certain faulty stick or something, all the sticks of memory are being used just the same.
  14. We got trashed on gin, mutually agreed to ignore all chores for the next 24 hours, watched a bunch of dystopian future movies and then went at it like rabbits like the true millennial stereotypes we are. It is not easy to keep going with the gun-fu scenes from equilibrium in the background. hearts and lovey stuff is fine and all but in this household the primary foods consumed are alcohol and kraft Mac and cheese, nobody has made the bed in 3 months and all my bills are prepaid for the next 5 years unconventional is how I like it
  15. If you can install Linux, this is the best price to performance option as of February 2020: https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-14-Laptop-AMD-Ryzen-3-3200U-4GB-SDRAM-128GB-SSD-Whisper-Silver-14-dk0028wm/295012351 -Ryzen 3 3200u APU -4gb of some probably pretty slow ddr4 -128gb M.2 SSD at least -1366x768 but not a garbage TN panel at least -250$ brand new and sometimes cheaper https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c06401077#AbT0 Downsides are that it only has 4gb of ram and can’t be upgraded to anything beyond that. So you need to ditch windows 10, because it’s just such an unbelievably bloated OS with its ram usage that at best right now with tweaks you can maybe bring that idle down to 2gb. That’s just not enough memory for any multitasking. You can run SL on 2gb of free ram and just hit swap sometimes, but it depends on where you go, how many people are around, how big your inventory is, etc. There’s also a portion of that memory dedicated to the APU, it doesn’t have its own dedicated memory, it shares system memory. Meaning in SL you’ll probably top out around 1gb of ram left over for the actual client, which means you’ll hit swap pretty hard. However if you stick Linux on this, running something light like Lubuntu can bring that idle ram usage down to under 300mb, leaving plenty for the APU and client to run without issue. Thats the overall best, if you can’t use Linux then your 2nd best choice is this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lenovo-Ideapad-S340-15-6-Laptop-Windows-10-AMD-Ryzen-5-3500U-Quad-Core-Processor-8GB-Memory-128GB-Storage-Abyss-Blue-81NC00BGUS/177084242 Which is just one step up for the APU and ram, with a 3500u and 8gb of ddr4 instead of a 3200u and 4gb. This is 380$ however. Lastly if you have almost no money, buy a Thinkpad T420 off of eBay for 100$ and play SL on that. Itll run ok enough, don’t expect miracles. Look for local auctions because the sandy bridge thinkpads hit a price floor and won’t go under 100$ in ready to use condition. But locally you might be able to snag one for under 70$
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