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  1. I've been considering it. How is that working out for you?
  2. Hi Bel, thank you for your interest. Yes, the parcel got sold. Kind regards.
  3. 1024m2 Beach type parcel next to path to Protected Land L$8000 Great for sailing, fishing, watching sunrises, the moon and beach lovers. All objects in parcel can be kept as they are or sent back. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/145/219/22
  4. Hi Toritoodles ... apparently it is only you and I who are suffering from this maddening and frustrating experience. Any news on your side?
  5. Even though we are partners and friends in SSL, he and I can`t befriend each other on my.secondlife.com Each of us sends a request to the other. We accept but nothing happens. Support did not provide any help nor a proper explanation to this. Has this happened to anybody else.
  6. I am having the same issue but guess what??.. .with my own partner inworld. I contacted live chat but they were unable to help ... left me thinking whether or not paying a subscription is worth it ...
  7. I am sorry about your loss and I promise you will make it thru this and live to tell. Now wipe those tears away and go out, dance and meet someone new.
  8. Hi Jokeress, I have experienced this serveral times on different ocassions. Luckily the problem seems to resolve in the same way it appears. On its own. Recently there has been a lot of rolling of regions. Try logging into a specific region different from the one you are trying to get into and with low traffic preferably. You can choose this from your sign in page. By any chance are you on a Mac?.
  9. Beautiful understated elegance both in clothing and in the images. This is PURE sophistication. Why create an create an ugly Second Life when you can so easily achieve this state of perfection !.
  10. What an absurd nightmare. Sorry you had to go thru that and thank you for letting us Mac users know about this.
  11. There are lots more Mac users in here than they are aware off. I will not even think about downloading it unless I hear that the Antialiasing problem is fixed and solved. Additionally I hate not being able to log in.
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