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how can i login and be invisible to others in sl?
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thanks girls much appreciated - wow fast and competent, understandable answers - are you gals gettin paid enough??? *smiles* hugs krista


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Welcome to Second Life Answers, krista1k

If you want to be invisible, there is an invisible layer in your inventory (just type in the word invisible into the inventory search box and slide this over to your avatar).

If it is that you wish to be invisible, as in you do not wish people to know when you are online, the only way you can do this is to create a separate avatar (officially you can have up to five avatars per household), and not make any friends when you log in on this "alt" account.

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If you are asking if you can log in and no one will know, then that is not possible.  You can make it so that you do not appear online to strangers and to your friends, but it is not a perfect solution as there are ways to still know you are online.


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In your Friends list, uncheck the "see when I am on line" check box next to the friends you want to hide from.

Some friends will un-friend you for this behavior.

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