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  1. Looks like the center of a mega-prim is below 400 meters. Of course it can be multiple objects of various sizes instead of just one. The map shows the "average color" stored in JPEG2000 texture metadata when rendering them on the map. If this data is missing from the texture you get "50% grey", same as a missing texture in-world.
  2. Offer it for sale via the appropriate Second Life Forum. Regions for Sale: Full Private Island - Second Life Community I think buyer and seller then both open support tickets to initiate transfer of ownership and billing. You can, of course, skip the "advertising" step if you already have a buyer.
  3. I would compare the prospective purchase's specification to this chart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAS_latency then buy the one that gave me the shortest time in ns (nanoseconds) to First Word. MT/s, which you are reading as a frequency in MHz, isn't the only factor and one cannot depend on "pipelining" to always make up for CAS latency. I could also be wrong.
  4. This is how one becomes The Dread Pirate Roberts. The current Dread Pirate Roberts pulls you up to their level then jumps ship.
  5. When I first tried SL. it sucked! (Not really. I was fascinated.) I was using a Pentium 4 and an Intel CAD workstation display generator. I was seeing video and snapshots others shared with me and decided to replace the old CAD workstation with something else. It helped a lot, but now that something else sucks! That fancy new rig (April 2008) is three generations behind me now. I go through a lot of computers for the sake of my Second Life existence. I am currently wanting more, but, after reading some posts and conducting some sloppy experiments of my own, I don't think more HARDWARE is what I need. I believe much of what the viewer is being asked to render is the equivalent of a dummy-load, a resistor, an incandescent light bulb in a world where much more efficient devices have been invented, perfected and produced in mass quantities. I am currently running an Intel i9-9900k at 4.8 to 5.1 GHz and and NVidia GTX 1070, mostly because the RTX 3080 I tried to order was gone before I hit "Buy" on the web site. All this has me wondering what current Second Life Residents are running, statistically. Too bad LL doesn't publish some guidance as to what is being used so content creators and content consumers know where the other stands, not that I think most content creators give a damn about real rendering efficiency. I paid good money (some time ago) for a machine that can handle dynamic lighting but find much content has preconceived notions of where the Sun shines. Is this what you folks mean when you say SL looks bad? All those damn baked-on shadows going the wrong way? I could also say something acerbic about grass that waves autonomously and UPSIDE-DOWN like it's trying to shake it's booty. Weird. As I look around I see STUPIDLY BRIGHT lights. If I turn off Advance Lighting Model, some get worse, some go away. ??? I also wonder about this option under "Shaders" called "Transparent Water" that, when disabled, also seems to disable "Advanced Lighting Model". I don't have to be new here to be confused. To be clear, I am not asking for help. I am just wondering how people deal with this stuff. I ignore most of it, but I can't help but think some things are poorly labeled and primed to confused new users.
  6. I like to imagine that the rampant toxicity in the Second Life Forum is what kills potential interest. After all, don't people tend to check reviews and related forums before considering trying a product? Those that come here and get a face full of crap and probably won't bother making an account, and yes, this forum can be read without logging in.
  7. Heh, yes. And apparently the biggest performance improvement is to not render content that causes large numbers of "draw calls". And it appears that, statistically speaking, that content is primarily avatars wearing mesh bodies with "alpha cuts", which is apparently most if not all of them! I can see why that feature to render only friends got popular. Always blame the other guy, or the software, or the people that wrote it. Apparently the correct "other guy" to blame is..... all of us. Yes, I have a mesh body, yes it has many alpha cuts, no, it's not got a Bakes on Mesh equivalent. At least, I don't think "Avatar 2.0" has a BoM version. I would switch to that so fast fur would fly. I tried other bodies. Too 'glamorous", or something. I wanna put a fur texture on it and run around without clothes and not have "features" showing through. When I switch back to the 'system body' I am disgusted at how lumpy and inorganic it looks, so that's not the solution. When I was building my own viewer I could change the system body to be more organic in appearance by changing vertex positions and weights in the source files. This made others look better to me too, but didn't affect my appearance on their screens, so I stopped fooling myself with that crazy amount of repetitive effort for such a small return. Now what am I gonna do?
  8. Blocking whole parcels of hooliganism sounds like a good idea after you described some of what you are dealing with.
  9. Dear Second Life Viewer. Please let me use a 400 meter draw distance with an option to not draw things more than 120 meters above my altitude.
  10. Tell us why you are still here. Addressed to nobody in particular, but RANTS will follow saying you know who I am addressing. I am still here because: I don't care about those mayhem games people are calling "the metaverse" Roblox Fortnight etc I tried Open Simulator based OS Grid and a few others and found little of interest, except some of the builds, but I could not move around in SOME of them because the network response time was horrid. In others the physics was not running and the only way to move was to teleport. Oh, and on that note, teleporting was really slow on one grid, but reliable, and on another it was not slow but was very unreliable. I had to resort to logging in to the desired destination. Often that didn't work and I ended up at some other location. I suppose I got what I paid for there. About half of the people I met were flying a "Banned from Second Life" group title. The other half seemed to busy doing something else as they were not doing anything noticeable in world, which felt very familiar. 😉 Oh, and I encountered places where I could pick up for free things I had paid for in Second Life. I know some of it was legitimately placed there by the person that created it. I tried Open Simulator on my own hosts, that worked, mostly. Some scripts I had written in SL would not work, probably something not implemented or implemented differently. I didn't check because I assumed that would be something I would have to start over with. Moving about was different. Avatar walking and flying speeds were quite different from in SL. Physics was, in general way different. Building seemed okay. Coalesced objects were nasty though. Not sure what was going on there. I suppose these things seemed weird because I had learned on Second Life. Expecting Open Simulator to be just like Second Life was probably wrong. I found a lot of content I could download and use however I wanted. Uploads to my own little virtual world were free, but the power to run the servers was not. If I try again I will be able to use more energy efficient hardware. Only two people ever found my site to visit me. I was going to try Nebraska, but, the purchase price and maintenance costs were prohibitive. An acquaintance that worked in an organization that was trialing Nebraska said it felt exactly like Second Life, except, it's too damn fast. She attributed that to all software components being dedicated to their organization and in a single rack of host computers. But, this would not be a public place anyway. Sansar provided some amusement but seemed very restrictive to a newcomer. After having a text chat with some people at my point of entry I moved on then discovered that text chat was not available anywhere else! (I am told that changed later.) I wandered around trying to understand what some of the places were but what I found was like dioramas in glass jars. Exploring was mostly catalog based. I could not just walk or fly to other 'places'. Again, not what I was accustomed to, but maybe not a fatal flaw. I didn't get to try building or scripting. Those seemed to be reserved. The other "places" out there have not yet been visited by me. Definitely not knocking them. I haven't tried them! Second Life has been exciting, frustrating, educational, boring, entertaining, disgusting, irritating ... But you know what? That's life. I do hope for more from Linden Lab via Second Life but I really doubt blathering about it here has any effect.
  11. I'd say one or more of the developers got tired of hearing snoring in the Firestorm Support group voice chat.
  12. Heh, yeah, sounds like it excludes the stuff that makes it real. Not saying it can't be done, just saying $25 simulator hosts, soft databases and whatever OS Grid was using last time I tried them was a fun toy for a little while but the flimsy infrastructure and very short feature list kept getting in the way, at the time. (It's been years.) Also didn't help that most of the people I met were "Banned from Second Life" and proud of it. Most, not all. I didn't really try any of the other grids that were using Open Simulator. I think it it was easy then everybody would be doing it, but, free things tend to collapse when the load exceeds the revenue. Or wait, that's math.
  13. According to Drayke Newall, not updating a page is a sign of LAZY. Tell those gits over there at Open Simulator that you expect better of them.
  14. That evidence has been appearing for some time now. To bad "mankind" ignored it for too long. This makes me wonder: How long does it take the digital canary to die when things are done poorly in a digital world?
  15. Where we are going we don't need roads. I once broke a CEO from saying "roadmap" when he got stuck riding with me on a really long, slow, drive through a blizzard. I had refused to let him drive in that and insisted he rest and let me drive. I knew how he was, always looking so far ahead he was making catastrophes up close, both in his driving and his business planning, so this was a self-preservation move. Having survived the previous five days with him I no longer cared if I continued to have a job working with him or not, so I talked, calmly, quietly and frankly. He found my demeanor and driving to be soothing, under the circumstances, which he really needed after the mess of the previous week. When I noticed he was actually listening to me, instead of doing his fake-listening-while-scheming, I, the CTO of the company, laid out before him all the recent problems, where they came from, and why "our" plans to deal with them had almost all failed completely. It was very much like some are saying here. Linden Research, Inc., DBA Linden Lab, has a product that appeals to multiple demographics, but, apparently, not all. Trying to make Second Life something else, to make it appeal to another demographic, is going to risk current business. Trying to make something else that is to replace Second Life, likewise, is harmful to the health of Second Life when it parasitizes resources. The CEO where I was working at the time was making the same plans. He doomed the business by trying to be everything to everybody and parasitized resources to do other things to an extent it harmed the successful business he had already built. The road trip we were on that almost claimed our lives was an example of him parasitizing the primary business to try to be a service contractor for other businesses in other locales. He stopped some of the madness after that failed and almost fatal endeavor. Unfortunately his life was cut short by stress induced health problems that had been building for years. I remember Andrew Linden telling a group that he would like to try reimplementing the Second Life Simulator and some of the supporting services while keeping it on the same account, inventory, asset and financial systems. Some "troublesome legacy content" would NOT be supported on a continent consisting of regions run on this simulator and some new content created there would likewise not be supported on the rest of Second Life. When information about Sansar started floating around I was hopeful Andrew had gotten what he had described that day. Alas, Sansar was not to be part of Second Life. Sansar did not appeal to much of the established Second Life Residents and the fabled "larger general demographic" did not arrive.
  16. Does your journey have any stops? How about loading up on waypoints while at the stop then zip through them from memory then do it again at the next stop.
  17. Capital idea! How about we store data in a STATIONARY SCRIPT on a STATIONARY SCRIPT SERVER and provide some communication mechanism between stationary scripts and the scripts we have, wherever they may roam. But, here's the deal: Any new storage mechanism dreamt up must also have an expiration system whereby the owner must actively maintain it or it goes static, then later, evaporates.
  18. Worst SL job ever: Setting up animesh puppets for a fiendishly bossy individual.
  19. Maybe she can get some animesh puppets to dance with her.
  20. I suppose "we" can, but how will this initiate a change? Can we also talk about adding another language to Second Life to be used in addition to LSL? I used to love the heated debates between residents about what language should be added. How much 'script memory' would you suggest LSL have access to? What language would you like to see added and how much memory should it have access to? (Or shut me down by saying "No additional languages to be discussed in my thread!")
  21. Our "horrid" is up to version 6, now, Moe. Keep up!
  22. This is likely found in a Graphics Settings area. I think you will find it requires a viewer restart. After the restart you will likely see less detail in some things inworld because that S3 lossy compression applies to rendering, which only occurs after the textures have been downloaded, decompressed from JPEG2000, stored in RAM in at least THREE PLACES, buried in soft peat for six months then recycled as fire starters...... wait a minute. Where was I going? Oh yes, that lossy compression is between CPU memory and GPU memory. It's only useful to reduce GPU memory consumption. It will not help your network usage unless you have managed to remote your GPU from your CPU via the network. (It could happen.)
  23. I suppose that, in order to not violate the Principle of least astonishment, undocumented possibilities should only be accessible to those that continue then a dialog asks them if they are sure they want to take that route.
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