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  1. What about the Gaming Regions? They specifically require current billing information for access and state that you must be 19 or older. Do they not use the billing information/credit card to verify age? Or do they simply use the existing account information? Thx!
  2. Being an old avatar and a former contributor to the Answers forum, I got caught up in a group discussion answering this question: "How can one tell if someone is truly an adult (over 20) in SL?" My answer was that they could simply go to an Adult sim with that person and if they can't get in, they are not age verified and not an adult. That when I got sideswiped and discovered that LL no longer has an age verification process for Adult access except for the person entering their birthday upon account creation. So a couple questions. Is there any real verification that the person entered the correct birthday? Or is it the basic honor system LL had that was easily cheated? Is age verification done at all for the Gaming regions? or is that also an honor system deal? Thx! --Cinn
  3. I considered reporting and still may. But in looking at the choices under Report Abuse as well as those available on a Support ticket, there doesn't appear to be any catagory that's appropriate. There is an Age Play catagory but that is not the same as under aged account abuse. When you report, what catagory are you using? --Cinn
  4. I've been testing a new game at my shop this week. Players need to tp in to play. The only "rule" that I announce and enforce is to please move off of the landing spot before playing. So yesterday, I asked someone to move off. When they didn't, I told them they would be ejected. The avi moved but didn't respond. I asked them to respond (checking if they might be under bot software control) and I got a rude, nasty, childish response. So I ejected and banned. Logged in this morning to find a nasty note from this person's mother, berating me for being rude to her daughter. The best line was "A little girl who is not supposed to talk to strangers" Excuse me? My shop is on a Moderate mainland sim parcel. My expectation is that anyone arriving there is 18 or older. A profile check showed the daughter using an account from 2010 and the mother's account from 2011. The mother's profile had a real world profile picture of the mother with daughter (which is a horrible idea). I've had other encounters with older aged avatars that made me think they were kids using parents' accounts. This is the first time that I seem to have validation that this is happening. And with encouragement from the parent! Seems that maybe some of the early players have families and are introducing their kids to SL via their older accounts. Is this now a common occurance? Enquiring minds want to know --Cinn
  5. Seems that every prim I create is phantom. In isolating the problem, it appears to only happen in an RC Magnum sim. If I create a prim elsewhere, it is normal. If I take that normal prim to the RC Magnum sim, it stays normal. If I link the false phantom prim to a normal prim, it acts normal. If I link it to other prim created in the RC Magnum sim the linked object acts phantom . If I take a "broken" prim into inventory, rez it in a standard software sim, it works normal. And when I return to the RC Magnum sim and drop that prim out of inventory, it is now normal Been driving me crazy!!! Anyone heard of this issue? Thx --Cinn It is only one particular sim. I will check the when the next restart for RC Magnum mainland is scheduled and then either wait til then or have the landowner I'm building for request a restart. Thx everyone for the fast response turn around :) Restart fixed the issue. thanks again to everyone who responded :) --Cinn
  6. Good question because I can see mine for 1 day just fine. Just set both dates to the same date and it shows the transactions for just that day.
  7. https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ You will see a Live Chat link in the text. Better hurry.....they close in 45 minutes for the day --Cinn
  8. Raven Luna wrote: Alphabetical... that explains a lot. I have 5 premium accounts and the one that got paid starts with an "H". That'll teach me to have too many alts that have names in the R-T range. I need to load-balance next time... :matte-motes-wink: I've got one account with an "A" and one with a "W" Looking back at the first Tuesday in May, the "A" account was paid the stipend at 2:18am. The "W" didn't get paid until 7:31am. So this is a pretty lengthy database process. Kinda surprising to me that it takes that long. That said, its been a highly reliable for years.
  9. There are numerous object and build rezzers available inworld and on Marketplace. I suppose the most popular of them is Rez-Faux. I've seen some advertized that claim the ability to do an entire sim but I question how practical that really is. The ones I've tried over the years all work about the same. You link as many object prims together as possible, place the build rezzer in world and then drop a script into your linked object(s). That then records the location of all prims linked as referenced to the build rezzer. Then you take the object(s) into inventory and then put them into the build rezzer. From there you can rezz or de-rezz the object. This is how almost all of the buildings are packed and then sold in SL. There are challenges to this. First if you cannot modify the object, you can't add the positioning script so that particular object cannot be part of your rezzer package. Second, if the object is No Copy you are very likely to loose it when trying to manipulate it into a rezzing box. Finally, not all prims can be linked into an object. For example, linking a phantom part will make the entire object phantom. --Cinn
  10. Yes, it happened to alot of other people as well. Recommend you open a support case or if you want to wait until 8:00 SLT time (about a hour from now) you can also contact Live Chat since you have a premium account. --Cinn
  11. Six Igaly wrote: Cinnamon Lohner wrote: Seems to be alphabetical... It is not in this case, unless they started with "Z" :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:. You see, my buddy his name starts with a J. And he got his already. and your name starts with an "S". Alphabetical by first name :matte-motes-nerdy:
  12. You are not alone. This is the second week in a row where the stipend payments were missed for some people. I have 5 premium accounts and only 2 got paid. Seems to be alphabetical. I think the problem yesterday is that the stipend payments process got interrupted by the scheduled maitenance and the stipend payment process stopped and was never restarted --Cinn PS I opened support tickets for each account that got missed. but you can also hound Live Chat when they open. That what I did last week
  13. Making it flexi is the first step as you know. The problem is that the SL wind doesn't always blow very hard. So you may see your flexi flag bend and move a little but it won't look much like a flag waving in the wind. Most flags you see that are waving have a script to control wind speed and direction. So if you are interested in learning to script, I recommend "Scripting Your World" Or search the Marketplace for a script you can use (try searching for "wind speed" or even "flag waving" --Cinn
  14. Guess I was asleep when this one happened. Seems that my mainland sim only supports 30 agents these days. I thought 40 was the limit for mainland sims. When did this change and why? Enquiring mginds want to know. --Cinn Thanks Rolig. I'll do a bit more exploring on this one. I'll check neighboring sims and see how they are set. Seems odd that with LL talking about improved performance as their main focus, they would be setting the agent limit down unless that's how they plan on ensuring performance on the mainland. I'll leave this one as unanswered until I can come back and report my findings. --Cinn Ok time to close this one out without a good answer. Seems that there are a number of sims in this mainland area set to 30 avatars max. Some are General, others are Moderate. Some are main channel, others are RC. To be honest, the sim where my parcel is located may have always been set to 30 and I never noticed it until yesterday when I held a rez day party and filled the sim! The only thing I can figure is that I'm located on Sansara which is the Old Continent and contains many of the original mainland sims. As I'm not likely to hold an event that large (until next year:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:) it really doesn't matter all that much. Was just one of those curious things that makes life in SL interesting! --Cinn
  15. The weekly stipend payments are delayed. --Cinn http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Unscheduled System MaintenancePosted by Status Desk on September 24th, 2013 at 08:23 am PDT[8:23 AM PDT, 24 September 2013] Payment of stipends in Second Life are temporarily delayed while we perform unscheduled system maintenance. Regular payment of stipends will resume when maintenance is complete.
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