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  1. Thank you both. Rolig, yes, I'm aware....but I was wondering if a separate (different) stream could be played in two different areas of the same parcel. Lindal, thank you. I was afraid of that. And I actually had considered the audio vs video solution....I guess I'll have to look into a bit more. I had just thought the dual audio might be possible as it seems I've been on sims where different areas with different themes had different music (or at least sounds)....but I guess it's more likely they may have been separate parcels owned by one owner over a larger region. Thank you both. I appreciate the time and the advice.
  2. Hello. I'm just wondering if there's a way to stream more than one music or sound stream on just one parcel of land. For example, playing one music stream on the ground, but then another music stream in, say a skybox over the same parcel of land. Thanks for any help!
  3. I kind of figured, but I appreciate the help. What I liked about this script/anim combo was that it was bento and worked with the AO. But what I think I'm going to do anyway is just buy a new full perm bento script/animation that does the same thing and replace the old and see what happens. This way, if I still have an issue, I'll be able to post. Thank you again! I really appreciate all your help!
  4. Hello Innula. Thank you for responding. I hadn't considered that...and you may be right. Unfortunately, I can't post the script as it's "no mod". It's just titled "New Script", created by Serbitar Nemeth....which I can't recall where I even got it from now (whether bought on the MP, borrowed from another item I have or shared from a friend)...and I can't seem to find it on the MP now either to purchase a mod version. If you have any ideas how I might be able to get you the info you'd need, please let me know....I'll be happy to do what I can to help. I shared the script with you inworld. Doubt it helps, but it was all I could think of at the moment....and it couldn't hurt, right? Thank you!
  5. Hello. I know this has been covered many times (as I've tried to research it myself), but I haven't been able to find anything addressing my specific issue. Most have dealt with sitting or TPing and the like. I should start by saying I know next to nothing about scripting and only just starting to "build" or adjust some of my current furniture to my liking and for my own personal use/preference/enjoyment (not for sale) and using others' items, scripts, animations, etc. So...I'm creating a simple drink giver which automatically gives out and attaches a number of different drinks. I'm using AVSitter's prop/object/menu scripts (in the giver), 2 animations (drink and hold - the hold overrides the AO and works while moving, which is nice), and a simple script to animate (both in the drink props). Now, I have to say, everything works well....the giver offers the menu of drinks (plus a "clear" button), asks permission to attach. The prop attaches and the animations work perfectly until manually detached or "cleared" through the menu. All the props work when manually attaching them without the giver as well. The issue is, every time the Permission Request to attach appears, I also get the apparently common error: "[17:36] Script trying to stop animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set". I ignore it, grant permission and everything works fine (once the annoying little error triangle disappears). I could go on ignoring it, I suppose, but it is annoying...and besides I wouldn't be learning anything that way either. I'd post the script, but I don't know which it's coming from (my best guess it the "prop" script in the giver, since I get it at the attachment request). I'd really love some help with this. Thanks!!
  6. Hello all. Kind of a random question here, but... I'm wondering if anyone knows of any animations or creators that might have an "arms only" animation for taking selfies. I generally use the Vista AO hud, and though there's smoking anims and such, there's nothing for using a phone or taking selfies strictly using arm animations. For example, taking a selfie or holding the phone to your ear while still being able to walk or just stand using your regular walk/stand ao. Or maybe more importantly, sitting on furniture while still being able to use the phone or take a selfie without your AV standing bc the full body animation takes over. (I do also use the Vista cell phone, which is great but uses full body...it's what made me wonder if this was possible) Just curious...was thinking it would be a fun addition to certain RP's. If anyone has any info or input, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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