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  1. As Luna has said, I dont expect LL to not make a profit. Its like saying one of google play store games is free, but micro transactions is what it makes in revenue to develop and run the game , pay wages etc. I just dont see LL since they hiked tiers up a long time ago, dont seem to realize the world and costs of living has risen dramatically, but unemployment driven by cheap chinese labour has unsettled the status quo, for many OTHER countries. USA has a unique position, it can almost produce everything it needs without huge imports. The UK is an island, we dont have our own gas, own oil wells, or have a climate like florida or the great plains, to grow huge amounts of grain. My work in SL has always been around building, or and making themed sims for others to enjoy. on the matter of petrol prices. todays pump price in uk is around £6.50 per gallon, according to XE currency converter, that's still just under $9 per gallon. Other things USA and canada don't pay hardly any for is internet access, and phone line charges , that are charged even if you dont have a phone. My monthly bill from Virgin media on a basic tv package, no phone but fibre optic is around £70 incl VAT, add to that The TV licence fee, millions of us struggle to keep up with each month, shows how our disposable income for use in Second life had dwindled away since 2006. yep 12.50$ I mentioned is wrong, so its more like 9$ a gallon to you over the pond. Tomorrow the financial markets open, and thats where will we see what the opening rates is against the US$ ....after we finally left the Bloc...
  2. I had to laugh at one poster saying 5$ for a gallon of petrol is robbery. I remind none UK residents, that fuel and energy prices take a huge amount of income from even those who are working. We currently pay on conversion 12.50$ per gallon. The days we used to be able to just go anywhere you want for £20 of petrol has long gone. The same applies to car insurance, which is very high. I been driving since 1970. But even then , the cheapest insurance I could find for 2006 Zara picasso auto costs me £66 a month on direct debit. That also has to come out of my fixed pension. I can't imagine any USA resident paying without grumbling 2 gallons of petrol for 23$ .this also effects light vans and delivery vehicles, which is why some delivery charge s are quite high. Sorry for duplicate post. This new tablet is not like a Windows PC with mouse and keyboard. I never spam my whole life. This is just a problem I haven't solved yet that's all
  3. Pussycat my wife and myself get 22k GBP PER ANNUM. we still have to top up our rent each week of £40. Plus we still have to pay £450 to the council for some council tax, because just over the limit of rules. Wife has two work pensions paid £160 Twice a year only. But DWP, CAPS mean that even pensioners have to pay part of the rent and part council tax. In the years before, no pensioners paid towards rent or council tax. But Tories changed all the benefit system years ago. So when we retired in 2015, we not really getting our full pens ion, it's been pinched by Tory austerity measures. Thanks 😐😐
  4. Well Alwin, we already have one of the highest fuel charges in the EU area. Unfortunately to get out of the house, instead of living as a vegetable I have to run a picasso which has a large tailgate to take my mobility scooter, which I also have to pay rent for it to the government. As an amatuer meteorologist since 1963, and a student of the in Dutch .no open university course on ecological matters and ocean plastics, the most pressing matter to stop counties having to spend huge amounts on fires and flooding defences has a deffinate cost to the world economy. Our climate s are changing rapidly ,instead of 1000 years. Just in my lifetime of 69 years we are approaching a 2% rise in global and ocean tempatures. It's folly to ignore the rising cost of damage and any problem with Iran has a knock on effect especially if they continue to attack tankers and oil refineries. You see The USA doesn't depend on middle East oil, which is why it's so cheap in the USa. But closer to home we do depend on middle East oil for heating and trucks, cars etc. It's important the relationship between climate change and steady oil supplies has a huge effect on our disposable income. Once again thanks for your comment
  5. I disagree my friend. All games says there free to play. Yes, ok basically it is. But what would you look like in a newbie skin and Jeremy corbyns basic shirt and trousers. Ok so say you like the look at having a Gorean experience, which I was a panther in the Valkerie forest. For all the freebies around, you still need a decent skin, maybe Tatt's, decent bows and spears axes aren't free. Do you really want an horrible free standing or walking override r?Your clan also appreciated donations to. Can hardly be an active player without contributing. Many games advertised as "free to play"in fact aren't. rather "pay to win". If you want look like a newbie all your SL life, that's up to you. But in the end most of us have no choice to buy something. My first house I got, I found Lok's to furnish it. And what about visiting adult venues. Can't have much fun with no gas or similar genitals. I don't bregrudge my spending I have 5000 items including many houses, 30 aircraft and yachts. Marine underwater reefs and waves.yes it was my decision to spend on SL at a time land and finances were pretty manageable. What I am saying, is , LL has always priced land at a rate, which in the real world outside is nearly the same price as the rent for a real life dwelling. With so many uncertainty around Iran, oil, heatwaves, hacking problems. I just think LL COULD do a lot more to attract new residents by lowering many of their core financial demands made on players who want to afford SL, but many don't stay mainly cos no mentors anymore of which I was one, and to someone on zero contracts work, LL makes it very difficult for millions of people on minimum wages to buy or use SL effectively without looking as an avatar you obviously are poor. But thanks again for all the comments. I look forward to tonight when Boris Johnson addresses our nation, and eagerly await the next day's financial markets. Then we can make a more informed conclusion on British players hopes and aspirations. 🤗😁😁
  6. well its more like £7.50 more on top of what I used to pay pre 2016. Thats x 4 four weeks, thats £30 increase, on a HStead I used to be able to afford, but it not just rents, New airliners, because I fly a lot, cost a lot more, because to buy one on market street costs me more as well, so in one month, for instance, buying a beach house some new clothes or weapons, its a cumulative effect, which if you take as an average spend per month, I would be literally paying roughly £45 a month more than before, unfortunately in the days I had a Sim in the old NOR combat zones, I was working, now Im not and on fixed income retired on government pension. Which does not go far as the uk has the lowest rate pf pension rates than most of EU. All I would like to do is go back to my building themed sims like I have done from Pandora, to Manchester Airport, to my own urban combat sim. But this is beyond my reach now. As I said Im not looking for criticism, Im asking my UK residents if they will be able to keep up payments for premium rents and items, come 1st February. Its not really about me. I had my best times from 2007- 2012.... So with health problems, I dont think at my age now, i would be able build what i did 10 years ago anyway. Thank you for the comments.
  7. I find playstation and Steam purchases are affordable. But also for many titles there are many offers on hand to help your pocket out. But when has second Life ever offered monthly discounts to buy L$ CURRENCY,for instance at 50% off??
  8. Well of course I understand why LL should have to change but you have to understand,like quite a few other countries our petrol, heating costs etc are almost treble what Americans pay, which is why ,I don't know why they don't just set a price for a service like Steam purchases of digital content, which is not paired to real currency. SL is the only platform I currently know that links buying objects to wobbly financial markets. It's all to easy to make sweeping statements, but as a now disabled resident, it's very difficult for me to enjoy the same experience and new projects which now are almost out of my pocket. In 2012 when I could still work and pound was stable I didn't give costs much of a thought, but now hearing seventy soon, I seem to be marginalised by LL who thinks everybody is on 40k saleries which of course I'm not. But thanks for commenting, just getting feedback, that's all ☺️☺️
  9. I'm just getting some feedback from my fellow Brits. In 2016 I had an affordable homestead I could keep under my present retired income. We were getting 1.49$ to one GBP. Our currency crashed big time after stupid decision to leave. In no time at all it was down to 1.35$, which added £6 a week extra on my tier, which I could not afford. So been waiting 3 years for GBP to recover back to 1.49$ Again. This hasn't happened, and I really losing hope I will ever be able to buy or rent in the near future. Brexit happens any day now, and there's no doubt in my mind that our GBP Will go into free fall. I conservatively predict the pound will be almost worthless, crashing to about 1.10$ to one GBP. That would push up the price of a homestead to £9 -£10 a week, from pre 2016 levels. Who ,on fixed incomes or low pay will be able to afford to buy or rent land, especially in Blake's Seas, where I used to own airports and afford half a mainland sim to rent. Do you think it's time for Linden labs to stop using real world currency's floations for what is only a game platform. It makes unfair competition to countries who don't have a huge economy like the USA. So how many are still going to buy or rent, if the pound crashes on 1st February.???? Of course it may go up, but that's most unlikely, seeing the coranavirus is already depressing financial markets. Your thoughts?????
  10. UK is a joke right now, and many suffering from bad exchange rates that make second life even pricier to use. I used to play Gor a lot, in the Valkyrie Forests as a Panther, but my main role in second life for 5 years was as diplomatic officer in a large urban combat faction, in NOR the once famous 12 sim combat zone Using the WARP meter system. That whole 12 sim region no longer exists, only in players memory's of times gone by. Gor is not quite my cup of tea , as each region you go to has none standard global rules and tends to make ones that are not acceptable to a factions raiding party., which takes the spontaneously surprise attacks from Docks away, if you have to read 500 words what you can do or not. Dont know about Boris, he does make blunders, but he does have a sense of humour, but now all this tit for tat between The US and us over our ambassadors illegal leaks, doesn't do anyone any favours, and with labour falling apart as well, and Merkels health becoming an issue for the EU to deal with only adds to all the uncertainty that affects currency's all over. For me, I just see in my UK daytime, literately no one now to engage with. Boris or failed NHS Hunt, is what we going to get one way or the other. Just hang on to your hats., and hope if Boris wins his better relationship with Trump, may push up rates again.
  11. I just been back in SL for two hours June 2019, and promptly uninstalled it again. main reason, Just empty of avators, the Bots in stores instead of real people have contributed to the lack of social interaction Once seen, even on shopping trips, used to pick up a couple of new friends to hang out with. I see shopping is mostly done by only one person, yet in 2010 pairs were the norm. sandboxes, once busy were empty. Blakes seas were unusually quite, with most of the old Airports that used to be full devoid or decayed of any activity. With me, I last spent a linden$ back in 2016....I..haven't spent any since then , because For me June 2016 was great, I was getting 1.49$ to my 1 GBP. I could afford to rent land and not be financially pushed as an OAP. But, since our Brexit nightmare, its only 1.26$ to one GBP. now. In real terms, it would add almost £10 a week to my tier, of any large land or Homestead. Plus large purchases on market Street have had to be put on hold. I still dont understand why Second Life uses in game currency linked to real time financial markets. With UK players its a serious problem, and many have gone on to play other games with steady fixed buys or payments, that are not linked to any market. Over the years, the rise and fall of countries currency have taken a real hit, in what expendable income one is limited to. If the UK does go out on October the 1st with no deal, the pound as I know it, I believe will just crash further and lead to a recession , and for many who, like have been in SL for 10 years or more, UK veterans who literally helped built SL you see today will no choice than to spend on basics of energy overpriced fuel and food and clothing, rather than gaming. I would like SL to realise that still floating L$ on dramatically changing real time markets is now an outdated policy, and is only helping to lower the spending rates of residents in the same position as me, on fixed pension incomes, and no room for increasing spending power. As using European time zone, Im quite shocked by the emptiness of nearly every sim I went to on my bookmarks from 2016. What is your experience returning after a three year Break be interesting to here.
  12. I haven't been on Second life for a very long time. Its become a very bad impersonation to what is was, Im 10 years old in it, and find, now, the social inter activeness seen in stores, or clubs is missing. Stores dont have real owners now, only BOTs... Every one seems now to nervous to talk to anyone, hence for me, the days of 2010 has long gone, while rents and land remain at such a price struggling residents like me in the UK with a weak pound to the US$ makes buying Linden$ a no no. So linden labs actual turnover is probably falling and falling. While the likes of Transport Tycoon on Steam provide creator made Airliners, ships , cargos, and cities to build, SL is falling behind the gaming market even faster. When I managed dance clubs, dancers made a 1000L a week, now dancers are dying out, while AFK dolls unfairly make money for sick owners, while not even being in second life. The Days I used to spend , my last was 2018, which was a waste of time despite putting 600 hours into a project, and £300 + in rent and objects, just wasn't enough residents to go around. Every time i re install Firestorm, within 7 days I uninstall it again, as there is nothing to do. Im a combat sim person from Remembrance, once a 12 sim lycan, vampire, etc combat sim. All these combat sims have gone, mainly because of teen grid being merged. Owners of sims struggled to keep teens from breaking rules set in concrete, more than one tearful owner of a a full paid for sim, packed up in a month, citing enormous stress trying to implement combat skills and rules, which these teens, unlike in 2010 abided by, or were punished. Todays teens dont understand humility or want to be governed by rules made for the benefit of every player being treated as an equal, and fairness against an opponent. Gorean continues to forcefully put insane rules, that causes so much confusion, hardly anyone is seen in them even in valkerie Forests. Rape and pillage is not acceptable these days, and thats what Gor is all about. If it was Game Of Thrones, with defined sim complexes, with the North, the Crownlands, Kings landing, and Dorne spread over 12 sims. that would be worth pledging support to a house. but there is no will left for people to pay out 800$ for one sim, that may hardly break even let alone make a profit. Time for a new platform that is affordable to most people on average incomes, not like SL which is for the rich only, on handsome incomes. Like many Im now retired. My income is fixed pension government amount. I have to work to a tight budget, and that doesnt include paying vast amounts of money to LL unless I see a reasonable return for my investment. Of course the main reason for its decline is outdated grid system, which makes sailing or driving or flying hard. Until LL get their finger out and make seamless oceans for cruisers and long haul airliner Flights, second life will remain the dinosaur it is. LL has no further interest in what is needed, they just sit back and let the BOTS take over.
  13. I joined this, to make a difference, even though my time in SL is gradually coming to an end because of age related health issues. Not only am I supporter of this, As a an old ATC officer, I would also like to see LL turning up the heat on technology to make seamless oceans with no lag to, not 99.7 I measured the other day, especially in the Cove areas of Blake's Seas. If companies can make AI sex dolls in real life and LL allows AFK sex dolls in second life, (which I don't actually think they should be allowed to use female avatars which demeans woman even more) then LL should be working on improving the way we travel around areas of aviation and marine environments. With the continuing development of GTFO and Passenger timetables and pre - planned flights, LL must turn away from the smut which is over saturated, and dying out, as the days of making several hundred L$ a week from dancing on poles like I used to do pre land price hike days has long gone. On the flip side, there a few good parcels and half sims in Blakes that become more affordable, mainly due to the landlord group allowing renting of large land plots instead of trying to impossibly sell a 2 million L$ sim. I was very lucky indeed to find an open ocean sim not far from Acknefar, 16,500 size for just 8,500 L$ a week, (courtesy of "Destiny Estates") for my last project, an interactive rp, living, staffed, Drilling rig "The Deep Water Horizon" already loved by the SLCG for training purposes. it goes online soon after 5 months construction, and staff will be needed. medics, security officer, all paid by the new Smartbot banking module. so while I enjoy this last project I am likely to do, I would support anything that improves our experiences in this field. MY GTFO Rig Tender ship aptly named as the Damon Bankster will be put into service soon, so I need staff to use it in group perms and helicopter pilots to deliver staff to the DWHP from the Bristows D-139 executive helicopter pads in "Storms Calm", 12 sims away. (Staff openings can be seen soon on many aviation and related groups and also at the office in SLNO.) Good luck with your endeavour (Im an oldie bought up on Analogue, the digital age and its complications are far harder for the likes of our age group to understand.So I would like to thank three vendors who have kindly helped to make mesh models of realistic Rig Lifeboats for me, (not available on market place), a modifiable small crane, and lastly the owner of "Basic Elements"who is modding me a Mud 35 meter high blow out fountain. Have a lovely weekend
  14. Sorry I dont come back here now, I just made a point. In the GoT sim I had, I stated categorically on an entry sim notecard that I dont claim to impersonate any RL person from Game of Thrones only a fictitious character. Further more I made it clear some of the items used were credited to HBO. What you would be more bothered about, would be how did creators get past LL mesh import rules on licenced objects. The iron Throne you can buy from several market place stores, "That's actually financial gain from selling a licensed HBO item, which HBO could challenge. It should not be confused with a place that is just for meant for presentation purposes. I wonder how many creators of Aircraft paint approached Flybe, Quantas, British Airways, Lufthansa and American Airlines if they could sell their brand livery in SL? As for Klytyna I wont reply to her comments, because they are so inaccurate in all aspects, I would be wasting my and her time trying to correct her totally Incorrect assumptions. ~This is now closed~. Thank you for the input, have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous new year.
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