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  1. UK is a joke right now, and many suffering from bad exchange rates that make second life even pricier to use. I used to play Gor a lot, in the Valkyrie Forests as a Panther, but my main role in second life for 5 years was as diplomatic officer in a large urban combat faction, in NOR the once famous 12 sim combat zone Using the WARP meter system. That whole 12 sim region no longer exists, only in players memory's of times gone by. Gor is not quite my cup of tea , as each region you go to has none standard global rules and tends to make ones that are not acceptable to a factions raiding party., which takes the spontaneously surprise attacks from Docks away, if you have to read 500 words what you can do or not. Dont know about Boris, he does make blunders, but he does have a sense of humour, but now all this tit for tat between The US and us over our ambassadors illegal leaks, doesn't do anyone any favours, and with labour falling apart as well, and Merkels health becoming an issue for the EU to deal with only adds to all the uncertainty that affects currency's all over. For me, I just see in my UK daytime, literately no one now to engage with. Boris or failed NHS Hunt, is what we going to get one way or the other. Just hang on to your hats., and hope if Boris wins his better relationship with Trump, may push up rates again.
  2. I just been back in SL for two hours June 2019, and promptly uninstalled it again. main reason, Just empty of avators, the Bots in stores instead of real people have contributed to the lack of social interaction Once seen, even on shopping trips, used to pick up a couple of new friends to hang out with. I see shopping is mostly done by only one person, yet in 2010 pairs were the norm. sandboxes, once busy were empty. Blakes seas were unusually quite, with most of the old Airports that used to be full devoid or decayed of any activity. With me, I last spent a linden$ back in 2016....I..haven't spent any since then , because For me June 2016 was great, I was getting 1.49$ to my 1 GBP. I could afford to rent land and not be financially pushed as an OAP. But, since our Brexit nightmare, its only 1.26$ to one GBP. now. In real terms, it would add almost £10 a week to my tier, of any large land or Homestead. Plus large purchases on market Street have had to be put on hold. I still dont understand why Second Life uses in game currency linked to real time financial markets. With UK players its a serious problem, and many have gone on to play other games with steady fixed buys or payments, that are not linked to any market. Over the years, the rise and fall of countries currency have taken a real hit, in what expendable income one is limited to. If the UK does go out on October the 1st with no deal, the pound as I know it, I believe will just crash further and lead to a recession , and for many who, like have been in SL for 10 years or more, UK veterans who literally helped built SL you see today will no choice than to spend on basics of energy overpriced fuel and food and clothing, rather than gaming. I would like SL to realise that still floating L$ on dramatically changing real time markets is now an outdated policy, and is only helping to lower the spending rates of residents in the same position as me, on fixed pension incomes, and no room for increasing spending power. As using European time zone, Im quite shocked by the emptiness of nearly every sim I went to on my bookmarks from 2016. What is your experience returning after a three year Break be interesting to here.
  3. I haven't been on Second life for a very long time. Its become a very bad impersonation to what is was, Im 10 years old in it, and find, now, the social inter activeness seen in stores, or clubs is missing. Stores dont have real owners now, only BOTs... Every one seems now to nervous to talk to anyone, hence for me, the days of 2010 has long gone, while rents and land remain at such a price struggling residents like me in the UK with a weak pound to the US$ makes buying Linden$ a no no. So linden labs actual turnover is probably falling and falling. While the likes of Transport Tycoon on Steam provide creator made Airliners, ships , cargos, and cities to build, SL is falling behind the gaming market even faster. When I managed dance clubs, dancers made a 1000L a week, now dancers are dying out, while AFK dolls unfairly make money for sick owners, while not even being in second life. The Days I used to spend , my last was 2018, which was a waste of time despite putting 600 hours into a project, and £300 + in rent and objects, just wasn't enough residents to go around. Every time i re install Firestorm, within 7 days I uninstall it again, as there is nothing to do. Im a combat sim person from Remembrance, once a 12 sim lycan, vampire, etc combat sim. All these combat sims have gone, mainly because of teen grid being merged. Owners of sims struggled to keep teens from breaking rules set in concrete, more than one tearful owner of a a full paid for sim, packed up in a month, citing enormous stress trying to implement combat skills and rules, which these teens, unlike in 2010 abided by, or were punished. Todays teens dont understand humility or want to be governed by rules made for the benefit of every player being treated as an equal, and fairness against an opponent. Gorean continues to forcefully put insane rules, that causes so much confusion, hardly anyone is seen in them even in valkerie Forests. Rape and pillage is not acceptable these days, and thats what Gor is all about. If it was Game Of Thrones, with defined sim complexes, with the North, the Crownlands, Kings landing, and Dorne spread over 12 sims. that would be worth pledging support to a house. but there is no will left for people to pay out 800$ for one sim, that may hardly break even let alone make a profit. Time for a new platform that is affordable to most people on average incomes, not like SL which is for the rich only, on handsome incomes. Like many Im now retired. My income is fixed pension government amount. I have to work to a tight budget, and that doesnt include paying vast amounts of money to LL unless I see a reasonable return for my investment. Of course the main reason for its decline is outdated grid system, which makes sailing or driving or flying hard. Until LL get their finger out and make seamless oceans for cruisers and long haul airliner Flights, second life will remain the dinosaur it is. LL has no further interest in what is needed, they just sit back and let the BOTS take over.
  4. I joined this, to make a difference, even though my time in SL is gradually coming to an end because of age related health issues. Not only am I supporter of this, As a an old ATC officer, I would also like to see LL turning up the heat on technology to make seamless oceans with no lag to, not 99.7 I measured the other day, especially in the Cove areas of Blake's Seas. If companies can make AI sex dolls in real life and LL allows AFK sex dolls in second life, (which I don't actually think they should be allowed to use female avatars which demeans woman even more) then LL should be working on improving the way we travel around areas of aviation and marine environments. With the continuing development of GTFO and Passenger timetables and pre - planned flights, LL must turn away from the smut which is over saturated, and dying out, as the days of making several hundred L$ a week from dancing on poles like I used to do pre land price hike days has long gone. On the flip side, there a few good parcels and half sims in Blakes that become more affordable, mainly due to the landlord group allowing renting of large land plots instead of trying to impossibly sell a 2 million L$ sim. I was very lucky indeed to find an open ocean sim not far from Acknefar, 16,500 size for just 8,500 L$ a week, (courtesy of "Destiny Estates") for my last project, an interactive rp, living, staffed, Drilling rig "The Deep Water Horizon" already loved by the SLCG for training purposes. it goes online soon after 5 months construction, and staff will be needed. medics, security officer, all paid by the new Smartbot banking module. so while I enjoy this last project I am likely to do, I would support anything that improves our experiences in this field. MY GTFO Rig Tender ship aptly named as the Damon Bankster will be put into service soon, so I need staff to use it in group perms and helicopter pilots to deliver staff to the DWHP from the Bristows D-139 executive helicopter pads in "Storms Calm", 12 sims away. (Staff openings can be seen soon on many aviation and related groups and also at the office in SLNO.) Good luck with your endeavour (Im an oldie bought up on Analogue, the digital age and its complications are far harder for the likes of our age group to understand.So I would like to thank three vendors who have kindly helped to make mesh models of realistic Rig Lifeboats for me, (not available on market place), a modifiable small crane, and lastly the owner of "Basic Elements"who is modding me a Mud 35 meter high blow out fountain. Have a lovely weekend
  5. Sorry I dont come back here now, I just made a point. In the GoT sim I had, I stated categorically on an entry sim notecard that I dont claim to impersonate any RL person from Game of Thrones only a fictitious character. Further more I made it clear some of the items used were credited to HBO. What you would be more bothered about, would be how did creators get past LL mesh import rules on licenced objects. The iron Throne you can buy from several market place stores, "That's actually financial gain from selling a licensed HBO item, which HBO could challenge. It should not be confused with a place that is just for meant for presentation purposes. I wonder how many creators of Aircraft paint approached Flybe, Quantas, British Airways, Lufthansa and American Airlines if they could sell their brand livery in SL? As for Klytyna I wont reply to her comments, because they are so inaccurate in all aspects, I would be wasting my and her time trying to correct her totally Incorrect assumptions. ~This is now closed~. Thank you for the input, have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous new year.
  6. I tried Sinespace, but found it clunky and movements were not as precise as SL and don't seem to be anything like our the Market place for decent clothes shoes, or watches and scripted items yet, and found it devoid of anyone!! Flying Aircraft looks a long way off yet there yet. I Just want LL to remove grids from long stretches of LL oceans. Did you know even though oceans are devoid of prims, the lag in them according to my ATC testier device for reporting ATC traffic conditions return 85% lag, when a sim adjacent to it has only 56% lag, but has vehicles , homes and boats in it. It cant be that difficult to make the long stretches of Blakes Seas Ocean Airline Routes seamless, as they are belong LL maintenance or protected waters, it will never have residents prims in them, so one of the biggest hindrances to air travel and large yacht crossings would be to make more than two ocean grids seamless. Thus attracting more people in the area, and maybe like me, our airports can actually break even with increased traffic. My Concorde never makes a journey to the North of Blakes Seas regions, It fails after just a few grids, and thats very annoying when you think to actually start up a Concorde ready for taxi, its quite a long process of 5-6 minuets or more. On the RP issue, as I said, I had already changed my name to an early princess of the first Valyrian's which first settled at Dragonstone after being pushed out of Dorne and parts of the Dothraki lands. If the woman had acted properly and Asked me to remove certain items i would have complied. But her action was contrary to the TOS that state residents will not be harassed by landlords, and they have to pick a time with you to meet at your home, not break in. A home is private and is nothing to do with the land owner unless there huge borders or items or offensive items that might break the TOS content, but then the sim was (A) rated, so, shes just a Hitler, and glad my other two friends didnt join. Its no wonder almost all of her homes are empty with 40 still going. What she should have done, is Put peoples homes way up 1500 meters above the sim, which means it is out of the range of RP meters. Most of us in Combat sims had a home, but it had to be at a certain level, so you couldn't camp and get XP just for sitting at home. In other words it was your OOC home. Not related to the rules of the rp sim in any way. Thank you all, wont be about till next week now, catch up on some replies next week.
  7. Mitsuko Foxtrot Thank you for the url to this game of Thrones Community, But I have already had a bad experience with one GoT sim, where I joined the Targaryen guild, It had 50 or so apartments. I took a large one at 349L a week, But only 3 days into it, I found the land officer had broken into my home, and was sending back all my items, because although its my personal room and legally rented per LL TOS she took it upon herself to harrass me and send items back that didnt belong to her, and was not in any violation of TOS. her pathetic excuse is that pictures of Tyrion , Missandei and Ser Jorah dont fit in with her sim. She even send back my expensive throne. I dont know why these owners and, unfortunately yourselves keep making rp sims that are not current to the series, meaning, Just because Daenerys was not about 200 years ago, Im harrased by my name I made months ago which is ~Khaleesi~. I had already started to abide by this German woman's wishes by finding a name out of my new book of Ice and Fire on the beginnings of Essos. I took the name of the first Andal princess before the TV series was ever heard of. but she sent me a message saying my" rp is out of My sims history, we have to talk", But she didnt give me the courtesy of speaking to her, she illegally broke into my home on a contract binding and paid for, "I can put whatever I like in my own home", I was so annoyed, I just used my "Dracarys" gesture with magma Dragon Blast and bounced her around her own sim, which of course got me banned. There's to many Hitlers out there who think they are god, and forget they may own the sim, but they have to abide by LL tos by not harrassing paying residents on a sim, especially entering my home without permission and sending back wholesale all my items she had no legal right to do, as they were not adult rated, so didnt break any TOS. These sort of people just make me want to give it all up. NOR was the biggest RP and urban combat going for many years 12 sims, with 200 people every day. I made all my friends in their, but all have gone, even my best mate who got me into NOR in 2008, who is still here, only logs twice a week, theres nothing for her to do, although shes in Gor Valkerie Forest I joined with her back in 2011, Gor sims are now mostly empty. I cant really play in GOR as a GoT character as obviously not by the same author and I recognize this, but I want to join a GOT group which is up to date to the series, not 200 years before hand.? I believe the problem is I feel happier in RP sims and and Im a career player, which is why I have worked very hard, to be awarded titles such as Admin / Moderator, an OOC Ambassador Title was given to me on my skills in diplomacy, which I used under truce to form or complain about incursions or problem players to enemys. I think MMORGS on PCs and this new PS4 which I cant afford, have taken the Role players away from SL which is more the poorer. I would love to play Star wars battlefront II but i need a new computer to play that, or a PS4 as I have a PS3 not supported. Oh well, thanks for all your comments, I wish i could go back into aviation, in Blakes Seas where I trained and got my certificate as an Air traffic Controller, but there is no job like that for me any longer, auto landing and take off technology has put me out of a job I loved so much as an airport owner, and flying any one of my 50 aircraft from a humble Cessna to a Fully operational Boeing 737 which i actually fly in a home made cockpit using flight sim x on a XP computer at home with multiple screens. But because of grids flying airliners to other destinations fails 60% of the time. SL wasnt really made to transport 6 passengers in an Airliner, its almost impossible just to get the pilot and co pilot to cross three sims without being ejected to the ocean floor. Anyway enough now, I will hopefully find my niche in time, but dont think it will even be in sl any more, because the comradeship of urban combat has all but disapeared, and that was my main activity in SL to be part of the urban combat community and work my way up to the top, being respected, drawing up raid plans with my fellow players. :((((
  8. Thank you Zeta. I notice that you put in 90k of L$ in three weeks. That, for me as a pensioner is what I may spend in 18 months!!!. I just cant afford 4k tier and 2K advertizing each week out of my limited set government income, without renting out the Atonement walk hill mall rental stalls. If SL wasn't so expensive, if you create themed sims, I would stay, but I already emptied the half homestead and took my items. Its just boring sitting , looking at my CCTV and seeing one person come and then go every day. i have two personal bots with addons to give people help. that's 900L a week plus I have 5 ad boards at adult places and recruitment agencies which is another 500L a week. I did good with my sims with my rl friend way back, and we had all our beach front houses rented at out at Ko ping 007 sim. But that was before greedy LL pushed up the prices of land, and many many places just like ours were losing more than covering the full sim tier. if you cant make enough to cover your tier, then its not a viable business. Even attractions have to at least break even, or your digging into your household funds. I really dont see any future for sl while it remains one of the highest pay to create platform, and still uses outdated grids, when every thing I seen in last two years is seamless. The failure to provide the much hyped Second life 2 never happened, and also left residents in limbo , not knowing if the two was going to be operating side by side, which also had the effect of not attracting new people unsure of wether sl as we know it would go. People are also sick at having two restarts On a Tuesday instead of one, which is very inconvenient while texturing or moving multiple items with a bloody gong going off only 2 hours earlier.!! Lately when I return, items and pavements scripted things like sand storm emmiters and sim borders have gone missing or their gone out of alignment, why should we pay all this money out when LL cant even do a restart without sim owners having to go round clearing up LL's mess afterwards!!
  9. One a Upon A time I had a Rez day In October 2007 that now makes me 10 years old here. Been back in here about two years after numerous health issues. But I am finding SL to be very depressing to what it was from 2009. The technology has improved somewhat, except from Grids in oceans making flying or sailing large vehicles still a nightmare. I used to have 56 friends, most of which were from urban Combat sims, Like NOR (Remembrance 12 sims). Since LL joined the teen grid, Most urban combat groups closed down very quickly because teens would not take orders on Role Play rules or be respectful to admins, which was none negotiable. Most of my Friends have long gone, Im lucky out of 12 I have left to see 4 Online during an 8 hour period. United Kingdom Time. In those days I was a manager of a German Shemale Club, that boasted full houses 4 out of 7 days every evening till 11pm (CET) Although German was spoken most new some English, I met many lovely people of all genders, and the dancers looked up to me as , not only their friend & confidant , but their manager to help them become better dancers and use Emotes carefully. I don't see that same close community over the last 2 years? All I seem to see is clubs, where everyone is scared to speak, or interact with each other, I also see insane rules, made by High Born owners, that If your not using an expensive avatar, or two many scripts they kick you from the sim!?? How is that supposed to help new residents learn , who don't know what a classic, mesh, Slink, Catwa body is yet ?, Im at a loss to understand their mind set, that would turn away a resident just because they may still be in noob clothing. They seem to forget everyone was a noob at one stage, and that must hurt the amount of new traffic that comes into SL. Who do not have Mentors to help them anymore, they will leave & find something else, that has empathy with them. I just finished a L$16,000 Game Of Thrones rp and adult attraction, using only the very best textures,and modified ballroom The most expensive drapes, carpets, Dragon Wine Goblet Trays, medieval Top end interactive adult Furniture you wont find in your average sex Hole dirty establishment, Lots Of Banners, so members can talk or banter about the houses they support. Additionally there is 5 Fiery topped dance poles, a VEA hi grade Widescreen where I screen great video from my own content I stream from StreamHoster, which I also pay a monthly fee. It has 4 themed sky rooms in corners of the sim, It has its own "Castle Hill", with the walk of Atonement audio built into the cobbles. In days gone by, I used to have to go on a waiting list to be considered to be a dancer, now I find myself having to pay out 1000L a week on recruitment boards in world to take on 5 dancers, which I still haven't filled, so I cant really open until I have at least three dancers. 2000L$ a week goes into the classified ad for it, but, me and Missandei don't see a soul all day long. Its really heartbreaking to to think you took all those hours / weeks on building, researching on Google history making textures and audio sounds to .wav. Paying the image uploads, paying the land Tier & make a unique attraction, inspired by "Littlefingers" premises, from GoT, yet residents seem apathetic to exploring new interesting places & groups. (uninterested, indifferent, unconcerned, unmoved, unresponsive, impassive, passive, detached, uninvolved, disinterested, unfeeling, unemotional, emotionless, dispassionate, lukewarm, cool, uncaring, half-hearted, lackadaisical, non-committal) What has happened to the community spirit that was once strong in SL? No one I speak to now ever send a friends request, that's of course If I actually find people in the daytime to talk to. has everybody forgotten how to have an intelligent conversation? Even market place vendors only come down to sort out a problem with an item, and leave in the middle of me talking to them, that's just plain rude, and can you imagine that in a real store. Why are residents so detached from each other,? emotionless, disinterested? We in the UK love The game of Thrones and will do anything to keep it alive with topics and being able to enter the World as an avatar, being in a place built by fans for fans? Is the use of none Human bots to blame? is it society as a whole?, who just expects them to pamper their needs, without so much as A good word. I remember back when I was a Minister, (and still am), I was asked to marry 5 couples over a period within the communities of the urban combat community. Its an honour to be asked tomarry couples in pretty surroundings, and work with the people involved and getting together and writing down settings and doing rehearsals. I don't think the average resident actually knows how much work and real money goes into creating things just for them. I still find day times extremely Lonely As a retired person, I dont get out much because of disabilities, In the days of 2009, I could rely on a good day of convos and interaction with laughter and sometimes attachments. Today, to me SL has become the Tower of "faceless men of Bravos". I do know its more expensive for UK residents to pay for items and especially land, because our country is locked in a battle with Europe, and the once High rate of GBP to the US$ remains stubbornly low, with land costing a third more than before Brexit. I really dont Know What to do now? I got over the abuse years ago of being Transgendered, that doesnt bother me now, But the lack of connection between people socially is alarming. This is a social platform, but it seems more and more residents are unmoved, indifferent, and for the most part I would call most of them walking Dead. I wonder even more, if this platform is only being used by well off Americans who can afford mainland prices and not even cough. For us Europeans, are hands on finances have been curtailed by sky high petrol, energy bills, huge traveling costs and out of control real life rents and Council taxes, leave a lot of us with little real disposable income. I like to visit malls and shopping in world, but, contrary to 2009, I dont see a single other soul while Im there. Does anybody else think SL has become detached from its prime directive? That was to make a diverse unique living world, but with a social media platform that was state of the art. These days , I find 30 groups dedicated to GoT on Facebook which everyone is full or interactive people I enjoy talking about plots and the Seven Kingdoms. Here There is no such desire, if anything, SL seems so dead, the Playstore's walking Dead no mans land game I play has more social interaction within my guild, than I have in 7 days being still in Second Life. I really don't know what people want here anymore, most of them look like zombies, wandering aimlessly around, looking like lost sheep. Once, residents went about together or in groups to stores and Jazz clubs, How can one ever get an attraction going, with the Apathetic attitudes of residents, who seem to have the IQ of a "Wildling!" ..At least "White Walkers" have a purpose and a goal, but many here seem to be almost afraid to be seen? Send Your crows with a scroll if you want to reply, But I doubt I will get any apart from the usual Trolls who only have one line of text in their vocabulary
  10. I Just noticed this, and like to add, that Like Facebook who dont take seriously anything to do with online abuse. The LL TOS may not apply, But many countries including the UK I live in would prosecute a forced rape even on a pixel avatar. Since Political correctness has crept into the Internet, thousands of Police forces around the globe are watching you online instead of being on the beat. Also it is illegal here to watch or take part in ***** pixel sex or even doggy parts for sale or Psuedo Images of it especially if its a screenshot downloaded to your H/D, thats used for evidence if your computer is seized .....Also we have to keep away from market place adverts advertising schools outfits, BDSM photos in black and white, that say school on them,,young avatars, although you may want to be a kid, the law is very grey on what constituents an offence within the new laws. Anime & Manga is targeted regularly By cops now, even in America when once you could happily be an Anime fan like I was, and have nothing to fear, but that all changed after the BBC cover up of young teens abuse scandals. Buying adult Anime dolls models from japan with plastic panties half way down in provocative poses is illegal to from Ebay uk, because they are built to look like school girls with big Breasts. UK laws that depict an underage person whether pixel or a model & Being in possession of one of these is an offense. So although some USA laws and LL TOS Rules seem to be benign, legally in a lot of countries pixel rape and what I have outlined above is a criminal offence. This is one reason I avoid any AFK brothel sims, because the real law takes a dim view of these. It wont be long before we have another Sky news scandal breaking, like we did years ago, when Linden labs was accused of keeping secret kiddie playgrounds for perverts to play with, That didn't go away for months and led to a clamp down by LL or they would face some governments, (which the UK was one), to block Second life from British servers and residents. Until LL take the nasty stuff out of SL, many people are unaware what they doing or creating is borderline or an offense in the country they / you live in.
  11. Dancers needed for new venue *Littlefingers* Adult premises, inspired by Game Of Thrones, made by fans for fans. Newcomers or experienced welcome. Friendly help from a previous German Shemale Dance Manager, dress code for dancers is Satins & Silks,plus undergarments. You keep 100% of tips. Arrive at Kings Landings, walk the hill of atonement, Give the "Girl who has no name some coins If your so inclined", enter the middle walkway, there is ad boards there if you want to offer services. There is also 4 themed medieval sky rooms accessed by pay TPs. To use the flaming dance poles and log in once accepted you must join the Staff group to be able to continue. Newcomers have to be a certain second Life age or payment on file before entering (A) Adult sims & attractions. Find us in search under "Littlefingers". This is not a run of the Mill sex hall, we expect House banners to be upheld , friendly banter between people who support different Houses, and Khaleesi & Missandei, will overlook proceedings from her throne. All genders welcome as they are in Dorne, (except for Furry, Animals, Sci Fi charactors, or Amine or under age looking avatars. Look us up at "Love Temptation Isle". Drop me a line, My Dragons wont hurt you...yet! ~Khaleesi~ Queen of Meereen, breaker of Chains , Mother Of Dragons & protector Of the realm
  12. Just came across this thread. In recent years, Anime & Manga have been classed by many countries including mine, the UK as being Childlike. UK Laws on Buying Amine figures on the likes of Ebay, using Amine characters in Second Life that look underage, is illegal here. The government deems the use of underage looking amine characters or cartoon Videos as looking or downloading an indecent image of a Minor, Wether its A cartoon or not. The cartoon images have been deemed illegal and are Technical named as Pseudo Images, either drawn, or CGI generated. This Solicitors website explains more about the Section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 It should also be noted, that taking part in Pseudo Animated acts on Second Life canine Sims, is also Illegal for UK citizens to see or take part of. It rather annoys me, that face book is still getting away with putting in adverts for so called games, with Buttons saying Kiss or Molest, which is also sites NOT to click on , if you live in a country where these sort of things are illegal by law. But it seems ok for facebook to allow terrorist propaganda. Why would I be bothering to write this you may ask? The simple reason, is my home was raided 19 months ago, with 7 officers with a warrant, saying I had downloaded 1 image of an underage Pseudo image and passed it on by email. I was in disbelief, because I know I do not have any such images on my computers or external drives. But they still took everything away including my password books, later taken down to a police station, thrown in a jail for two hours, interrogated for an hour, But they didnt get anywhere. I had to wait 6 months to get all my equipment back, which took me off second life, all my grocery sites , Online banking, Amazon and Ebay, I had no access for 6 months, until one day two plain clothes came to my door and gave me all the wrapped Seized items back, saying, "Nothing was found", you are no longer under bail conditions. It ruined my life & health, But I could not sue for wrongful arrest, because the Government stopped allowing legal aid for this and many other claims. My solicitor said I would have to Find £1000 in the first place to take action against Lancashire Police, But being a pensioner, I have no such access to that amount of money, so I have to live with the fact, that My fingerprints & mug shots are on record, for no wrong doing. I was never given or told where this so called suspicion allegation came from, seems I have no rights to stand before my accuser and ask , why did you do it. My advice is to keep well away from Japanese Anime, it may be legal In japan, But in Europe Most countries laws have changed to make the underage look of Amine and manga an offence to buy, download, or interact with. That's probably why some sim owners are very aware of the consequences off allowing this sort of content, because different laws applies to the country you live. If in Doubt make sure, your not committing an offence, by looking up your own countries regulations on Amine content by going online
  13. This may be an old thread, But I still use A low profile dell XP professional, which I upgraded myself with new low profile ATI graphics with HDMI and VGA and Creative labs 2.1 card which thankfully is still available to install on windows XP. The RAM is 4gig, but the lower DDR2, but I use Flight Sim X on it on an Airbus A320 mock cockpit, and with 4 usb instrument physical Instrument panels. connected to a USB2 hub..... I hardly get any problems using it, even though i have in my few Folders British Airways 2015 Downloaded A320's which Are more sophisticated, my monitor resolution is limited to about 20Inch screen, But I can use the HDMI socket to the monitor that gives better visuals. I intend to use it soon, to install the 32 bit Firestorm on it, because I have multiple characters, that I use in a special sim, and my win7 gaming machine, can not handle more than two multiple viewers at the same time. So my third character who's in a special group, apart from my smartbots, I will hopefully be able to use separately, and get all characters to walk without to much lag, using a second smaller TV screen we bought earlier in year, which supports PC inputs... I am lucky to have a very high Fibre optic Virgin connection which has never been short on bandwidth to power the 5G wi fi on my NOW TV, as well as feeding the router cable into the Ethernet plug on back, of my win 7 64bit gaming machine. As long you simply put settings at minimum, it should work, Im not looking for a fairy land look, just basic settings so I can move 3 characters around as a group simultaneously . NHS and Councils plus the Navy still use XP nationwide in the UK. Microsoft doesn't think of large providers of countries critical services, and the cost of fitting the whole countries many thousands of OP systems, servers and updated computers to the huge NHS GPs surgerys and council offices is not financially viable to local Government funding which is very limited (Tory Austerity you can thank for that), and really Microsoft with it billion dollar incomes since 1995, should still patch XP users with the odd security patches, especially like the latest Encrypted Bitcoin Hijack a month or two ago. Because my computer was built primarily as a Flight management computer, it has no software like emailing or Imaging, music,Amazon or anything else, so the H/D is literally empty, which gives a good boost to performance. It rarely connects to the net, because I don't need it, so security risks for an hour online a day maybe, I dont think will be a problem, I have other small malaware software installed, that If I so wish I can upgrade & protect the XP once every two to three months. As yet, I have to set it all up again as haven't been in use for 13 months, maybe I let you know how it goes. Some Low profile Graphic cards are more powerful than they actually are, and plenty still to choose from Ebay or Amazon uk. Just my two penny worth.
  14. Well, since I started this thread, at least one good thing happened. The stung UK users are getting 1.30$ for our 1 GBP, thanks to Trumps mishandling of his countries finance. With that in mind I have found A Homestead with all estate perks for a competitive 6999L$....Thats £22 a week at the current rate, and that's affordable, especially with the extra prims. LL doesn't understand their own policy of floating the L$ works both ways. Lindens have made millions, from NOT their platform, but from the community's creations at large. By today's gaming platforms standards, Second Life remains a bit of a dinosaur, with grids which are 6 years past their sell by date. A lot of improvements still to be made at little cost to LL. namely, stopping the punitive charge for uploading a photo. More affective way of dealing with griefers and abuse. re working the 10 second ridiculous audio upload into 2 minutes playing time at least, would help many, like me, who make, buy or sell Audio sounds, which is almost impossible in 10 seconds. Some people say there is still good places. Well , I used to have many friends in urban combat sims, and (Avatar-Pandora) where I was well known as admin, moderator and once a mentor. But LL has let the biggest Community completely fall, which WAS NOR Remembrance, which consisted of 12 sims. The last remaining sim, which in its heyday you had to wait up to 10 minutes to get into, shockingly closed, after problems with owners AND LL refusing to budge on some legal matter. Games should NOT involve politics or anything to do with legalities. In total LL acquiring an income of 4,800US$ from the buyers of those sims, together with maintenance charges, these 12 sims provided a huge income. Now all that is left is empty space!! While LL artificially keeps the cost of sim owner ship and rental prices up, instead of down to previous levels, in keeping with normal game playing subscriptions and costs, and not taking into account that Finance In the EU is nothing like The Californian Bubble they work in visitor numbers will continue to decline. France for instance, has a 10% unemployment rate. How do you drag hard up Parisians into renting or buying land or even buy the best Slink or Katwa head, when most can't afford even a phone line, let alone a fast Broadband connection. In closing, I remember the days me and My Friend Susan spent, on an empty homestead or full sim, HOPING we would win the right to get it. because hunting for an empty sim back before LL savagely upped the land rates, You had competition from three other interested parties, standing on the same land hoping to buy it. Now, the place is awash with hundreds if not thousands of sims for rent or sale, and never in the last 7 years have I had to sway an owner to let us have it over someone else. The other thing that still worry's me, is Linden labs allowance of extreme content. In my country of the UK, Zoophilia or doggy sex, is illegal to see, download or take part in, either real or simulated. The new Digital age Act introduced last year, makes it illegal to interact even with pixel simulated Zoophilia, But Lindens reject any complaints, that some countries citizens are at risk from being found prosecuted by the new abuse technology centres, that can flag up what you are doing online. In the end, like face Book, LL will have to toe the line, or face government actions and huge fines for allowing or actively encouraging an illegal act. i'm Hopeful, with the UK Pound up again, but not as high as 1.49$ - 1£ will encourage more of my old UK friends to return.
  15. Well not to worry Guys I already had 12 weeks of a taste of the Second Life that is not the Second Life I knew and loved. I already pulled out and left. Sorry you dont like my comments, but Im just an old codger missing the Sixties , where I would happily transport back to any time. farewell and have a great Second Life, what ever is left of it. :))
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