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  1. Well I have not really been on very much over last year, but been exploring Valkeyrie for Gorrean role play.. Found some land nearby for a small villa base along with all my veg and fountains. Amazing rent price due to my GBP doing well to the US Dollar. As far as I can see, its disappointing to see so much almost extreme sexual content taking over, along with these afk so called dolls that makes SL a giant red light world. Being in the UK I have to be very careful of avoiding certain places that has animal sex. It's illegal to engage with ***** either in any way, even if simulated. Forc
  2. I have been out of SL for a time. I have many TVs and cinema screens like VEA and the rest. I cant see how they can work, pretty sure all the menu buttons need flash to operate them. I do stream my customers films and adult content from streamhoster but they are in a known format. But to be able to use the screen, flash needs to be enabled for the menu still as far as Im aware.?
  3. As Luna has said, I dont expect LL to not make a profit. Its like saying one of google play store games is free, but micro transactions is what it makes in revenue to develop and run the game , pay wages etc. I just dont see LL since they hiked tiers up a long time ago, dont seem to realize the world and costs of living has risen dramatically, but unemployment driven by cheap chinese labour has unsettled the status quo, for many OTHER countries. USA has a unique position, it can almost produce everything it needs without huge imports. The UK is an island, we dont have our own gas, own oi
  4. I had to laugh at one poster saying 5$ for a gallon of petrol is robbery. I remind none UK residents, that fuel and energy prices take a huge amount of income from even those who are working. We currently pay on conversion 12.50$ per gallon. The days we used to be able to just go anywhere you want for £20 of petrol has long gone. The same applies to car insurance, which is very high. I been driving since 1970. But even then , the cheapest insurance I could find for 2006 Zara picasso auto costs me £66 a month on direct debit. That also has to come out of my fixed pension. I can't imagine any
  5. Pussycat my wife and myself get 22k GBP PER ANNUM. we still have to top up our rent each week of £40. Plus we still have to pay £450 to the council for some council tax, because just over the limit of rules. Wife has two work pensions paid £160 Twice a year only. But DWP, CAPS mean that even pensioners have to pay part of the rent and part council tax. In the years before, no pensioners paid towards rent or council tax. But Tories changed all the benefit system years ago. So when we retired in 2015, we not really getting our full pens ion, it's been pinched by Tory austerity measures. Thanks 😐
  6. Well Alwin, we already have one of the highest fuel charges in the EU area. Unfortunately to get out of the house, instead of living as a vegetable I have to run a picasso which has a large tailgate to take my mobility scooter, which I also have to pay rent for it to the government. As an amatuer meteorologist since 1963, and a student of the in Dutch .no open university course on ecological matters and ocean plastics, the most pressing matter to stop counties having to spend huge amounts on fires and flooding defences has a deffinate cost to the world economy. Our climate s are changing rapid
  7. I disagree my friend. All games says there free to play. Yes, ok basically it is. But what would you look like in a newbie skin and Jeremy corbyns basic shirt and trousers. Ok so say you like the look at having a Gorean experience, which I was a panther in the Valkerie forest. For all the freebies around, you still need a decent skin, maybe Tatt's, decent bows and spears axes aren't free. Do you really want an horrible free standing or walking override r?Your clan also appreciated donations to. Can hardly be an active player without contributing. Many games advertised as "free to play"in f
  8. well its more like £7.50 more on top of what I used to pay pre 2016. Thats x 4 four weeks, thats £30 increase, on a HStead I used to be able to afford, but it not just rents, New airliners, because I fly a lot, cost a lot more, because to buy one on market street costs me more as well, so in one month, for instance, buying a beach house some new clothes or weapons, its a cumulative effect, which if you take as an average spend per month, I would be literally paying roughly £45 a month more than before, unfortunately in the days I had a Sim in the old NOR combat zones, I was working, now Im n
  9. I find playstation and Steam purchases are affordable. But also for many titles there are many offers on hand to help your pocket out. But when has second Life ever offered monthly discounts to buy L$ CURRENCY,for instance at 50% off??
  10. Well of course I understand why LL should have to change but you have to understand,like quite a few other countries our petrol, heating costs etc are almost treble what Americans pay, which is why ,I don't know why they don't just set a price for a service like Steam purchases of digital content, which is not paired to real currency. SL is the only platform I currently know that links buying objects to wobbly financial markets. It's all to easy to make sweeping statements, but as a now disabled resident, it's very difficult for me to enjoy the same experience and new projects which now are a
  11. I'm just getting some feedback from my fellow Brits. In 2016 I had an affordable homestead I could keep under my present retired income. We were getting 1.49$ to one GBP. Our currency crashed big time after stupid decision to leave. In no time at all it was down to 1.35$, which added £6 a week extra on my tier, which I could not afford. So been waiting 3 years for GBP to recover back to 1.49$ Again. This hasn't happened, and I really losing hope I will ever be able to buy or rent in the near future. Brexit happens any day now, and there's no doubt in my mind that our GBP Will go into
  12. UK is a joke right now, and many suffering from bad exchange rates that make second life even pricier to use. I used to play Gor a lot, in the Valkyrie Forests as a Panther, but my main role in second life for 5 years was as diplomatic officer in a large urban combat faction, in NOR the once famous 12 sim combat zone Using the WARP meter system. That whole 12 sim region no longer exists, only in players memory's of times gone by. Gor is not quite my cup of tea , as each region you go to has none standard global rules and tends to make ones that are not acceptable to a factions raiding part
  13. I just been back in SL for two hours June 2019, and promptly uninstalled it again. main reason, Just empty of avators, the Bots in stores instead of real people have contributed to the lack of social interaction Once seen, even on shopping trips, used to pick up a couple of new friends to hang out with. I see shopping is mostly done by only one person, yet in 2010 pairs were the norm. sandboxes, once busy were empty. Blakes seas were unusually quite, with most of the old Airports that used to be full devoid or decayed of any activity. With me, I last spent a linden$ back in 2016....I..h
  14. I haven't been on Second life for a very long time. Its become a very bad impersonation to what is was, Im 10 years old in it, and find, now, the social inter activeness seen in stores, or clubs is missing. Stores dont have real owners now, only BOTs... Every one seems now to nervous to talk to anyone, hence for me, the days of 2010 has long gone, while rents and land remain at such a price struggling residents like me in the UK with a weak pound to the US$ makes buying Linden$ a no no. So linden labs actual turnover is probably falling and falling. While the likes of Transport Tycoon on Steam
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