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  1. I have a ticket with Linden. So far nothing. Merci Monsieur
  2. I have always updated both viewers when they available. I think you are right about clean install. Such a performance
  3. I have installed and used for ten years - Firestorm and SL viewers. I had two sims and ran a flying and renting enterprise for several years. When I downloaded an update SL viewer recently the problem started.
  4. SL viewer does not download, substitute SL viewers do download.
  5. I have been trying this with others which do full load on and off for months. Many download ok but apart from the sea it is a grey putty color.
  6. Thanks I give it a try. I still can't download a SL viewer - 101/111mb.
  7. Thanks anyway and I do appreciate your advice. So will keep trying for a while.
  8. Hi - many thanks for your comments. What do you suggest now please? Do I strangle my server guy? I live in a really backward part of the world so I got to maybe change server?
  9. Many thanks for your email. I will take your helpful advice tomorrow. LR.
  10. Thanks soo much. It was long ago and I forgot how. "destination" ??? Secondlife not work sim10167.agni.lindenlab.com blahblah Leila
  11. How do I do tracert? Help please
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