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  1. Can confirm those are Gaeta V regions and names. I used to live in Gaeta V's Tamayo region, with friends living at Arcobluster, Malitz and Takeuti regions - all of which are duplicated (in name only) on the Beta grid. PS. If any of the Moles or Lindens are reading, I and many other boat users would hope that any future continental land or sea connection between Belisseria and Satori is done with a uniform sea level at 20m height. This would allow THOUSANDS of existing boat users to move between Satori and Belli, making this theoretical new area very popular - and potentially profitable.
  2. WATCH THE SKIES. WE ARE NOT ALONE. On East Bellisseria, I found a replica of the real-world Devil's Tower monument. At its top, there's a little nod to the "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" movie, which should be understood by anyone who's seen it. Location: The four corners of Porridge Pot, Whistlers Well, Birch Hill, and Soft Meadow regions.
  3. A bit off topic, but I've accidently stumbled upon a trio of older Linden Home test sims. LH Test 2, LH Test 9, LH Test 13. Contains lots of fantasy themed homes built by Molly Linden during September-October 2009
  4. A question about names for @Patch Linden or any of the Moles, is this new landmass an official part of Bellisseria (East Bellisseria?) - or because of its size, an entirely new as-yet un-named continent?
  5. I've made a large mosaic of all 96 new regions. Yes, I counted them.
  6. More of the new regions are now visible.
  7. Not exactly the stereotypical log cabin homes I had imagined at the Linden Reveal region. I had imagined something out of Shrek or Little House On The Prairie.
  8. 06:00 SLT - Just had a look at the inworld map and seen approximately 90-ish new invisible regions east of Bellisserria, but the region names are visible with maximum zoom. They range from Hoople (1044,951) in the south-west right up to New Leaf (1061,975) in the north-east extreme. Looks like the east-west continent connection is gradually happening!
  9. 06:00 SLT - Just had a look at the inworld map and have found approximately 96 new i̶n̶v̶i̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ regions east of Bellisserria! And they all have names, not SSP numbers. The region names are visible with maximum zoom. They range from Hoople (1044,951) in the south-west and way up to the extreme north-east at New Leaf (1061,975). The new regions don't (yet) seem to be one contiguous mass, they appear to be small groups of islands, or pieces of an uncompleted larger continent-sized landmass. EDIT: 06:45 SLT - Some regions now visible on map, some could be the new
  10. Found a snowy SSP region on the World Map just south of the Learning Islands and Social Islands named SSPWE2019 2 Might be a test region for winter themes? EDIT: Already found by another person on P131.
  11. I'm concerned that the current two-region wide north-south sea channel between Bellisseria and Jeogeot continents is going to be lost or constricted to accommodate this new southern extension to Bellisseria. As someone who enjoys remote and long-distance voyages between the continents, free from clutter, lag and land, this extension is sad news and highly disappointing. For example, the addition of SSP601 region will replace sea channel region Ancient Mariner. Likewise SSP602 will replace Remember Amistad. These two regions form part of the current two-region wide sea channel between the
  12. No. Which is why I don't want to live there. Plus I don't like where it is on the map.
  13. You seem to be confusing criticisms for hate.
  14. I do not "hate" the new continent. I simply don't like how its been built and its unsuitable location on the SL map.
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