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  1. Found a snowy SSP region on the World Map just south of the Learning Islands and Social Islands named SSPWE2019 2 Might be a test region for winter themes? EDIT: Already found by another person on P131.
  2. I'm concerned that the current two-region wide north-south sea channel between Bellisseria and Jeogeot continents is going to be lost or constricted to accommodate this new southern extension to Bellisseria. As someone who enjoys remote and long-distance voyages between the continents, free from clutter, lag and land, this extension is sad news and highly disappointing. For example, the addition of SSP601 region will replace sea channel region Ancient Mariner. Likewise SSP602 will replace Remember Amistad. These two regions form part of the current two-region wide sea channel between the continents. This new southern extension means that 13 sea channel regions will be lost. And providing a narrow coastal water channel instead, such as that found in Gazaway region, is inadequate.
  3. No. Which is why I don't want to live there. Plus I don't like where it is on the map.
  4. You seem to be confusing criticisms for hate.
  5. I do not "hate" the new continent. I simply don't like how its been built and its unsuitable location on the SL map.
  6. @moirakathleen @RuffertasAlt I've visited and explored all of the public areas of Bellisseria, from above, on the ground through the streets, plains and over the hills and sea. But I would never want to live there. I find Bellisseria to be far too bland, samey, restrictive and strangely soulless. It doesn't "feel" like SL there. Most importantly, the continent completely goes against the original SL goal of "virtual world created by its users". Its sad that LL built and wasted resources to create this new continent while other existing LL continents remain unfinished, unconnected and abandoned.
  7. SL was designed to be a virtual world created by its users. Lets compare Bellisseria and Sansara, as they are the youngest and oldest continents. Bellisseria: Literally everything there has been preplanned and prebuilt by LL and their Moles. You are merely a tenant in their prebuilt, regimented, gated-community/continent, where individuality and creativity isn't allowed. The continent has a bland soulless corporate feel to it , and doesn't even "feel" like SL to me. The houses in Bellesseria are all US style wooden box houses, which to my English tastes and perspective are unappealing, ugly, and look like oversized garden sheds. Having searched the entire continent, it does not contain a single house made from bricks or stones. Bellisseria's "houseboats" are incorrectly called houseboats. Their correct names are actually "Float Houses" (a North American name btw), which are houses built on rafts or pontoons, of which Bellisseria's are. Traditional real houseboats are converted boats/ships with houses built into or on top of them. Houseboats can be sailed around with their own engines or sails, while floathouses cannot and are moored or anchored to a fixed location. Bellisseria's streets are all too perfectly straight, they look the same in every region, and are built on an uninteresting and unnatural grid system, which makes for a very boring straight line car driving experience, punctuated with right angled intersection turns. The regions all look too similar to each other, almost if they have been copy-pasted down from a template, as its quicker and easier to do so. There are no unique landmarks to define and identify one region from another. No shops or businesses exist there either, because its purely residential only. No sandboxes for group creativity. Welcome to your ready-made virtual world where you will never need to create anything! (Which is totally against the "virtual world created by its users" LL mantra.) Bewarned. Bay City and Nova Albion were once the shiny new popular things. Now they're not.... Sansara: The first continent. Historic. Unplanned. Organic. Chaotic - and even a bit ugly to newcomers who don't understand why Sansara looks the way it does. Sansara's regions, parcels, builds, objects and lost prims were all built during a 16+ year time span from individual residents and creators not working to a predetermined overall masterplan. Sansara has a rich and diverse history and story in every single one of its prims - something that Bellesseria will never have. The oldest 16 regions/sims of Sansara date from 2002 when SL was in Alpha and Beta test periods and was called Linden World instead of Second Life. At that time, complex mesh builds, sculpts, and even basic prims over 10 metres in size did not yet exist. Through invention and creativity on Sansara (and its younger sister continents), these creative elements were "invented" and incorporated into today's SL. Sansara is a historic, creative and much loved continent that doesn't deserve to have Bellisseria parked off its southern coast. Why? Because they are polar opposites of each other. Sansara has and continues to produce creativity, while Bellesseria does not and gives nothing back, except L$ revenue for LL. Bellesseria's close proximity to Sansara somehow cheapens the legacy of entire Sansara continent. Like an analogy of having a McDonalds built next to Stonehenge or other world heritage sites. I think Bellisseria should be entirely moved as far away from Sansara as possible, perhaps back to its original SSP location, or somewhere between Gaeta and Zindra. The long awaited navigable sea channel that has been created between Sansara and Jeogoet is the only positive benefit from Bellisseria's creation in my opinion.
  8. Those are not houseboats. Those are houses built on floating pontoons and rafts and are properly called a Float House. They cannot be sailed around like a real houseboat.
  9. That is the very definition of a pier, pontoon or jetty. These are real houseboats:
  10. Yes. I have visited the houseboats which don't even look like houseboats. They don't behave like houseboats either, they don't even FLOAT or MOVE like a real houseboat. Clue is in the name. HOUSE. BOAT. They are supposed to float and move on water. LL, you have built pontoons and piers, not houseboats ! EDIT: These LL things are not houseboats. They are Float Houses, houses built on top of flat bottomed rafts, particularly only in the US and Canada.
  11. You wouldn't build a McDonalds beside Stonehenge. Same analogy.
  12. Been away for a while, so I've missed the updates. Just logged into SL, looked at the map and seen the bunch of new "houseboats" (which don't float) "floating" off the east coast of Bellisseria. One question. WHY ON EARTH HAVE YOU PUT THEM ALL SPECIFICALLY THERE??! Bellisseria looks so tacky, cheap and amateurish and because of its proximity, is affecting the look and feel of the historic Sansara continent in a very negative way.
  13. These are what I would call a houseboat. Most, if not all, are old boats, barges and ships that have been converted into houses. There isn't one single standard design, as each is unique and is usually scratch built to the builder's or owners personal tastes, skills and bank balance. In Britain, we also have "narrow boats" that move freely around Britain's thousands of miles of inland canals and rivers. They are floating homes converted from former barges, that used to move heavy freight and delicate goods around the UK in the 1700's and 1800's before the invention of trains, trucks and multi-laned highways.
  14. Bellisseria's "houseboats" don't float and can't be sailed around to other locations. Maybe its just a bad name for them. I think they are more like beach huts or chalets , rather than actual houseboats. In Britain (where I'm from), a house boat is literally a boat that's been converted into a house.
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