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  1. how about putting tattoos on the hand everyone has videos about how to put tattoos on and etc but i have not see anyone break it down and show how to put tattoos on the hands or full body ones soo if there is a good way please let me know
  2. ok ty b/c when i did put a brush on the arm it had a gap on it from where i guess i did not make it big enough
  3. soo on the uv map when you put the arms on it will wrap around the arm ?? and also how do you get the tattoo to come up and around the neck ??
  4. yea it is a nice body but i wish they would make some changes and hurry up and come out with appliers for tattoos and etc and change the alpha layer for the feet as well but other than that its a nice body well the male one anyway and this is my first time using this body hope to be using it more
  5. ohok well i just want to know how to apply my other tattoos to the TMP Legacy mesh body b/c this is the first time i have had one
  6. well i wish i can add the other tattoos that i have that are tmp
  7. SLIM Barrowstone


    why do i still have messages in my inbox and how do i empty it ??
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