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  1. i have a psd file that has some abs that i want to use how do tape that and add it to a dev kit that i have is there anyway of doing that ??
  2. my thing that has me stumped is getting a tattoo all the way around the neck
  3. https://gyazo.com/f4b08502d3ee461b2058edac3461a2f4
  4. well that really dont do anything b/c it still has 19 threre but i dont see them
  5. umm ok but its all taken care of ty for your help and response back
  6. is that still around God Mode ???
  7. ty for all the help i just redid my laptop but did not get rid of a few files and its back up and running but thank you all that tried to help
  8. And no I'm not useing duel monitors when I load it up its a wite screen
  9. Well I don't have a alt and it was doing it on the sl viewer and also I was not logged in it's the loading screen
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