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  1. Celebrate love, family and special occasions!

    This looks so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Will visit this week.
  2. Is it Price Fixing?

    No, I'm saying they don't make sense in that you have not considered any of the evidence that already exists on this topic. Not that your point is part of a "gray" area. Drake, you're still not correctly reading any of the data and insight previously shared in this thread, let alone parsing the grammar and intent in my last post. You will find the root of the discussion of your "argument" in the posts by others above. I am not arguing that there is *not* case law, which I already mentioned about the United States and China last week, I am arguing that you have clearly not read any of it if you are repeating the same questions.
  3. Is it Price Fixing?

    Neither of your points make sense. There has been a lot of existing case law on these topics shared above. You're both missing the fact that these are software licensing agreements, not traditional goods or services.
  4. I noticed specific language around the upgrading of all servers to a cloud-based system, which would mean faster experiences, advanced software like idling, and overall more affordable sims. Should be great all around for business and private development!
  5. why is submission so popular?

    My opinion on this might not be a widely accepted one, but I am pretty confident in it, lol. The reason we see so many bondage and sexual groups in online communities is because of the particular prevalence of a "community" known as "Gor" which is actually a sci-fi, fictional creation by men in order to create a fantastical world where women are enslaved. Gor first got going in 1966, but since then it's taken on a completely different direction, including in Second Life. More on the sub-cultures here: In fact, this Wikipedia page about Gorean subcultures and submissive cultures, in general, has an entire section devoted to Second Life. Important to note: IMO, this single piece of sci-fi is the reason why so many women are today interested in such practices from the context of online communities. I don't get it, but this trend exists.
  6. How do you scroll the Atlas?

    I am really really interested to see how the fundamental structure of the search tool is built into Sansar versus how it is built into Second Life currently. With the currently Second Life search, there is barely any quality control or keyword maneuverability. It would be really nice in the algorithms programmed into Sansar were more flexible, and could more easily unearth new or less trafficked experiences as opposed to the traditional model.
  7. Linden Lab to put millions of US$ into SL

    The concept of scripted and programmed Windlight is amazing. It would add a new category of destinations and experiences purely for the choreography and production of Windlight as a written or other story progresses. Beautiful stuff
  8. Ah well

    At this point, I'm not sure we're on the same page about this thread you replied to in an earlier post, but I'll just leave this for now. I agree Linden Labs has done an excellent job in moderating the current version of the forums! I am so grateful for this.
  9. Is it Price Fixing?

    No, not correct. First, as others have explained, price-fixing involves one or more businesses, usually competitors, colluding to set an artificial price in order to gain a monopoly control between the colluding businesses. There is a lot of case law that is being missed here already set by the licensing and re-selling of software on the internet, which is very similar to this case. In the case of software, and this case of original mesh, the supplier sets all legal parameters, including re-sale price, before purchase to ensure enforcement. I think the likelihood of *any* court anywhere severing this original licensing contract is basically nonexistent. There is no way that the contract created by a private sale of software would be terminated by any court. This form of software licensing is extremely common for virtual products sold on the internet, and has *a lot* of case law that already exists in many courts worldwide, notably the United States and China. Further, it's not just DMCA takedown notices that play a role here. Wherever software like this is being sold on the internet there are usually many strategies in place to mitigate and immediately process copyright and trademark infringement, and contract/license violations. Because these copies are virtual representations, and pure software, not a physical good, the originating business always maintains control over the legal re-sale or re-distribution of that good.
  10. New Second Life Fad I Guess

    I think the app probably doesn't have very good artificial intelligence programmed into it. I would use it just as a helpful suggestion, but definitely not a realistic portrayal.
  11. Ah well

    I noticed this and got *destroyed* in a thread about basic privacy last week and this week. So weird. Continuing to post and ignore as often as possible to try and counteract any meanness. Edit: Had *no clue* the mean people on these forums were so cliquey, and so coordinated in their trolling. I've realized now the OP of this thread is actually writing this in support of someone who tried to shame-bomb me on another thread by writing her version of "the thread history" which is just really unnecessary and odd. I now know better which groups are supporting each other on this network, but that will never make me stop contributing. Have a great week!!
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Prepardness and planning ahead for safety can save lives. The Florida State Governor just tweeted this special website for this hurricane. If you live in Florida, visit this website in the next 24 hours to finalize your plan.
  13. My land lady is ok with perving?

    Wow. Your interest in shutting down discussion outside the very strict parameters you have apparently set for yourself in Second Life are evidence enough of your specific shaming. Sheesh. As a resident on the grid since 2005, I disagree with most of your assertions that privacy is not a right and unobtainable. Good luck with that.
  14. My land lady is ok with perving?

    Hey! Just wanted to say that I thought this was creepy as hell. I think the best thing you can do if you witness yourself being perved on in SL is just to leave immediately, go somewhere else, and return when the griefer is gone. As for why everyone in these forums is using apparently multiple posts from your account to shame you, I have no clue and I find really weird.
  15. Sansar Newsblog

    Awesome!! I'll definitely be following along Need to spend more time on my desktop to get in there.