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  1. Escape the unpredictability of today's real world for your own virtual tropical paradise. The Breakers is a unique estate set within a mixed tropical and temperate zone. Find lush plants next to evergreen escapes. IM Lada Charlton for details anytime!
  2. The Breakers is an estate set within a gorgeous, mixed tropical and temperate region with professionally landscaped homes and community areas. Our homes include concierge-style customer service and a wide range of luxurious living including private pools, driveways, private beaches & terraces, and more. For more information visit www.BreakersEstates.com or IM Lada Charlton anytime! Click here to teleport to Ocean Falls!
  3. Here is a new home just recently added Find it at the Wavefront region at the Breakers.
  4. Here is another, very different style of unit. We're happy to switch any style of house depending on your property. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Private Cove/17/189/24
  5. Visit the Breakers to rent a home and find your next escape to paradise. With currently two regions our estate is filled with lush vegetation and realistic beach scenes that will leave you feeling serene and calm. Dock your boat next to your house or use one of our free group jet-skis to discover the hidden treasures nestled throughout the island including wildlife and hidden waterfalls. We only have a few more full-size private islands left. Each island contains 900 or 1,100 LI. We also have a smaller island for 500 LI. Each rental includes your LI plus a free home. We can also switch your house for your anytime including to one you own as long as it fits the existing aesthetic of the islands. For a list of up-to-date list of available homes, or to find more information or customer support please visit: www.BreakersEstates.com or IM Lada Charlton in-world anytime! You can also visit the Breakers directly through our Wavefront or Private Cove region entrance locations.
  6. The Breakers Residential by Charlton Estates is hiring for an events manager to produce relaxing and fun occasions for residents and potential residents. The responsibilities for this role include: Creating and hosting one event every two weeks Building events around the holidays, special parties, or just because Hosting each event at our small sunset terrace overlooking the ocean and beaches Finding and hiring up to two DJs for each event The benefits for this job include: Payment after each event Plus tips received during any event Flexibility to set events according to your own schedule To apply, please IM Lada Charlton in-world with your experience, available hours, and any other questions you may have. Thank you!
  7. This entire thread is awful and is making me want to fund my women-only-sim investment sooner rather than later... ?
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