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  1. Hmm I found a thread on the forums that answered my question -- I wasn't using the right keywords I think. But the secondlife.com website does not look this way for me, I only see the "create account" part, not the "New Avatars" part.
  2. Hi there, Is there a good way to preview all the "choose my avatar" system starter avatars without wearing each one? I thought there was some way to do this on the secondlife.com website but I cannot figure it out. Thanks
  3. I finally dug up the 2011 (or 2012) sailing picture -- I had "copied" instead of "cut" from somewhere so it didn't have the 2011 creation date. I renamed it so at least I can search for it easier in the future. It seems rather blurry compared to today's sailing (or maybe my current computer capabilities) -- yet I remember being thrilled by it! If you zoom in on my head you can see I'm wearing the classic "Female Steampunk Hair (skull)" with the little hat on top, that is still available in Library -> Clothing -> Older Outfits -> Female Steampunk Avatar I don't recognize the boat but maybe someone else will?
  4. Oh I noticed @Matty Luminos gave me the answer after all, (Shear Back = 50 ) I had scrolled to the bottom to check for new answers and missed it. Thanks Matty Luminos, sorry I missed your correct answer!
  5. I did some testing (just more and more curious about it) and found it was the following: STYLE -> SHEAR BACK = 0 causes the problem. If I set SHEAR BACK = 50 it looks OK, no tuft of hair when opaque, no hole in back of head when invisible. So setting ALL the sliders to 0, includes shearback=0 and causes the problem. The Fix: I set all sliders to 0 EXCEPT for the following two: shearback =5 0 and hair tilt = 50 Yay!
  6. @Mollymews I don't see the word "Body" in the Style section when editing the eyebrowshaper, what do you mean? I tried setting ALL sliders in the Style section equal to 0 but that doesn't solve the problem.
  7. thanks for everyone who is trying to help, I do appreciate it.
  8. @Roxy Couturier I have a modifiable hairbase. I'm hoping someone will know what slider(s) to change. I don't want to go through randomly changing sliders at the moment, although I may one day. I tried "taper back" from 0 to 50 to 100 because it seemed the logical slider, but it didn't solve the problem, just made a tuft of "hair" into a line of "hair" sticking out.
  9. @moirakathleen I tried the "Anna - brow" from a newer system avatar and it does NOT have the problem. BUT the eyebrow shape is not what I want, and the Anna -brow is NOT moddable. So I have NO idea what sliders to change to fix the problem, but at least I know it IS fixable. If only someone could tell me how. Thanks pointing me in that direction so I know there is hope one day. @Matty Luminos If I change the texture to transparent, that's when I get the "hole in the head" when I wear my mesh head. The taper back *is* at 0 (zero), I can't slide it down any more. In conclusion: Unfortunately "edit appearance" puts me in a position with my head "upright", I can't see the effect of slider changes immediately. And I don't much feel like going through all of them one-by-one to see what difference they make (would have to edit appearance, change slider, exit appearance, sit on furniture, check, then repeat all the steps for each slider). I was hoping someone had already figured this out. I note it is the "girl next door" old system avatar eyebrowshaper, which is moddable. Many older avatar eyebrowshapers seem to have the same problem. The newer system avatars brows that don't have the problem, are all NO MOD so I can't see what the fix is! I give up for now. Maybe someday I'll go through the tedium of all the steps to see what fixes it. I'm changing it back to black color and I will just live with the "untameable hair strand" in the back of my head. Hmm sort of like some hair on the top of my head in RL. 🙂
  10. There is an old freebie (2011) called flippy floppy bouncy dancer's ***** & hud. I don't see it on the marketplace. It's still around in an old freebies area http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle of Dreams/217/252/888 It has different levels of arousal height and modes, stand, walk, and you can even make it dance!
  11. I have an earlier photo somewhere of sailing in a wedding dress (modded from the system steampunk female avatar) from late 2011 but can't seem to find it. So instead (beaches from Baja Norte area, which has changed over time but still delightful) 2014: (beware of the birds!) 2020: (with hair that I've worn for multiple years before) 2020 (with new shorter haircut because longer hair = 59,259 complexity!)
  12. I recently went from wearing medium length hair to only hairbase tattoo+hairontopofhead When my avatar bends her head down, there was a small bit of black "hair" sticking out the back of her head! I removed everything I could to see if it was a weird object glitch but it was still there! The problem ONLY shows up when my head is bent down. I narrowed the problem down to the "Eyebrowshaper". Also I hat that Eyebrowshaper is "System Hair" so I sometimes refer to it as "hair" but it's not. I set the texture to transparent which helps but does not eliminate the problem. Is there any slider on the Eyebrowshaper that will fix this? I only messed around with Style -> Taper Back. I cannot see it at all when I am in my usual pose stand, which holds the head upright. I only see it when avatar is moving head/neck around. OR if I sit on furniture that bends the head down. I removed hair tattoo to see the problem better, edited Eyebrowshaper -> Style -> Taper Back to 0 and then to 100 but still there is some sticking out no matter what I set it to. With just system avatar it is harder to see but still shows up. With mesh head ARGH a hole appears in the head. Any setting in Eyebrowshaper that would remove this issue? Or am I stuck with the occasional invisible bit/line on head? Here is invisible Eyebrowshaper with taper back = 0. Pointy "invisible" bit is attached to me, not the window. Eyebrowshaper not invisible, taperback = 100 Eyebrowshaper not invisible, taperback = 0 Here I am with my short haircut and BOM mesh head (shows hole in head!) Here is a nicer picture because ARGH all the pictures above. I'm ready for my massage, don't mind the hole in the back of my head!
  13. If there is already a forum discussion for this, please let me know as I have searched and was not able to find anything. What attachment points do you use for different types of rigged mesh? Do you have strong opinions on the attachment points you use? Or do you leave everything at "right hand" (seems like most vendors leave everything on right hand) and just do an add for any new items on your outfits? For example if you have dresses, do you like to set the attachment point to chest or pecs? I try to be somewhat consistent, but sometimes I say the heck with it for new items and just "add" and have multiple items sitting on the right hand attachment point. Also do you have preferences for non-rigged items (if you don't mind moving items around to get them where you want)? mesh feet - (left hind foot) mesh body - (spine) mesh head - (neck) hmm I may want to change this one if I wear necklaces more mesh hands - (left hand) mesh eyes - (left eyeball) shoes - (left foot) if only 1 point needed, otherwise left foot+right foot dress - (left pec) glasses - (nose) not usually rigged but I will move them around to fit on nose if they aren't already there. shirt - (chest) pants - (pelvis) necklace - (neck) skirt - (left hip)
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