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  1. Try looking at walk animations or AO for kimono, those usually have small steps walking. I have an old no-transfer one, otherwise I would send it to you. I found a bookmark to a freebie shop that had the AO with the kimono walk, once again it is no transfer so may not suit your needs. I will send the landmark to you in-world.
  2. I had somewhere a texture change script that would change "this prim" or "all prims" but I can't find it. Anyone have pointers? I'm sure it was a freely available script but I must have renamed it at some point. Any script that has it, I can modify the code to fit in. Also on the off chance -- is there any way to affect system layers like a shirt or pants to change texture? I think the answer is no, so probably I will go the RLV route and just make multiple shirt/pants combos, stick them in RLV folder, and modify the script to wear the appropriate RLV folder (along with changing the no
  3. How has no one mention the Monty Python Argument clinic in this thread yet? 🙂
  4. I got the free CATWA head and was having a terrible time trying to get the eyes to look anything close to what I wanted. I normally use the RuthToo head. So I put the CATWA head away until recently. Then I realized something -- it wasn't so much the eyes, it was the eyebrows! So I created an "eyebrowshaper" (so many different names for that system layer item, "system hair", "shaper", "eyebrow") and set almost all the brow settings much lower. Now the eye area looks more like what I am used to! I still have issues left that are enough of a bother to me that I'm going to continue twe
  5. Whoops -- didn't realize that referred to the hair, I thought it was a location for some reason! 🙂 I don't see it on the Marketplace, is it a discontinued hair or only available in-world?
  6. How does the Sahara Head 2 compare with the free RuthToo head for you? Pictures please?
  7. Hmm I found a thread on the forums that answered my question -- I wasn't using the right keywords I think. But the secondlife.com website does not look this way for me, I only see the "create account" part, not the "New Avatars" part.
  8. Hi there, Is there a good way to preview all the "choose my avatar" system starter avatars without wearing each one? I thought there was some way to do this on the secondlife.com website but I cannot figure it out. Thanks
  9. I finally dug up the 2011 (or 2012) sailing picture -- I had "copied" instead of "cut" from somewhere so it didn't have the 2011 creation date. I renamed it so at least I can search for it easier in the future. It seems rather blurry compared to today's sailing (or maybe my current computer capabilities) -- yet I remember being thrilled by it! If you zoom in on my head you can see I'm wearing the classic "Female Steampunk Hair (skull)" with the little hat on top, that is still available in Library -> Clothing -> Older Outfits -> Female Steampunk Avatar I don't re
  10. Oh I noticed @Matty Luminos gave me the answer after all, (Shear Back = 50 ) I had scrolled to the bottom to check for new answers and missed it. Thanks Matty Luminos, sorry I missed your correct answer!
  11. I did some testing (just more and more curious about it) and found it was the following: STYLE -> SHEAR BACK = 0 causes the problem. If I set SHEAR BACK = 50 it looks OK, no tuft of hair when opaque, no hole in back of head when invisible. So setting ALL the sliders to 0, includes shearback=0 and causes the problem. The Fix: I set all sliders to 0 EXCEPT for the following two: shearback =5 0 and hair tilt = 50 Yay!
  12. @Mollymews I don't see the word "Body" in the Style section when editing the eyebrowshaper, what do you mean? I tried setting ALL sliders in the Style section equal to 0 but that doesn't solve the problem.
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