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  1. The simplest way to do it, perhaps, is to have your script open a text box when you click on the door. Something like this llTextBox( llDetectedKey(0), "\n Please type in the combination now ... ", iChan); In the listen event, do the normal checks to be sure that the person has typed the right combination, and then unlock the door. You could certainly think of harder ways to do this ... even more elegant ones ... but that's all you need.
  2. Yeah, both of those numbers are way too high. Packet loss is the easier of the two to deal with, because it's most likely right at your machine. As I suggested earlier, your router is the most likely suspect. Reboot it by unplugging it from the power for a minute or so. Do the same with the modem, just in case. I have to do that once a month or so, myself. Consider the possibility that your router needs replacing. These things do get old, after all, and a new router is pretty cheap. It's harder to deal with lousy ping time. Consider adding a new DNS server to whatever is already l
  3. Everything you need to know is right here Sorry. We don't do that. This is a public forum, so questions and responses are all posted right here, where they can be helpful for more than just the OP. (Actually, I really suggest removing the e-mail address from your post unless you enjoy getting random messages from some very strange people. )
  4. Download and upload speeds are almost irrelevant in this context, so don't worry about those unless they are truly terrible. It's more important that you define how "stable" your connection is. Unlike most online games that you may have played, SL does not do most of its work in code that is downloaded to your computer. It relies on instructional code and data that are in Linden Lab's servers and are managed locally by the viewer that you install on your machine. Those two parts of the system trade information 45 times a second as your avatar and the world around it keep updating. In orde
  5. See my answer to the thread just above yours in this forum. If you have US$ in your account and it has taken more than a day to transfer them to PayPal, I suspect there is something wrong with the way that your PayPal account or your SL account are set up Contact Live Chat or call the LL Billing Office. The billing team is available from 6am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  6. That depends on several things. It's a two-step process. First you have to sell your L$ to other SL residents through the LindeX. If you sell at the Market rate, that's almost instantaneous. If you choose to try for a better price by submitting a Limit order, it could take days (or weeks or forever if you are too greedy), but typically it takes one to three days. Once you have sold L$ and have US$ in your account, you have to do a credit transfer to send them to your PayPal account. Assuming that your PayPal account is in order, that process too is nearly instantaneous. So ... typicall
  7. Not as far as I am aware. You can do a lot of filtering and sorting with the tools in your inventory, though, so most of the things you might want to do are possible without exporting a list.
  8. Just be sure that your script includes something that behaves like this .... collision_start(integer num) { llTriggerSound("My bell sound",1.0); } You'll want to embellish that with tests to be sure that you don't ring the bell more than once per person, or ring it only as someone enters. And of course you'll want to be sure that your state_entry event includes llVolumeDetect(TRUE) so that the phantom trigger can be a detector. EDIT;; /me waves to Fenix. You're faster this morning.
  9. So, dueling AOs. That's not too surprising. As Qie explained, animations are all assigned a priority level when they are uploaded to SL. Higher priority animations will override lower priority ones. If you are running two or more AOs that have anims created with different priorities, you should expect that they will interfere with each other. There's no "bug" in this behavior. The priority system is doing what it is supposed to. The only ways that you can avoid conflicts are either to (1) hand pick the anims that are in each of your AOs or (2) turn off ones that you don't want causing a
  10. Not only is this the wrong place to be trying to hire a scripter, it's unrealistic to expect any scripter to create a custom script like that for free. You may get some nibbles if you post in the InWorld Employment forum, but you should expect to pay upwards of L$ 5K for it ... more if you want it exclusive and full perm.
  11. Have you tried loading both textures onto a couple of hidden prim faces on the object, underside or maybe inside it? That way, they are already "preloaded" and always known to the graphics card. That's a standard trick for switching textures in slide projectors.
  12. And, as advised in your previous thread on this topic, the best advice is "Don't do it."
  13. Many. All over the place. Start at the lighthouse nearest you, for example. Those are the easiest ones to spot. Then look for LDPW-owned docks.
  14. Well, they clearly want you to contract the shop, not them personally. Give it your best shot.
  15. Itself. Nothing of yours. Your inventory, profile, friends list, and everything else are all in SL servers. Your viewer gets mirror copies on startup.
  16. My own detective work took me to their facebook page, where the profile includes this ...
  17. The places to look are: 1. Marketplace 2. Search in your viewer or at https://search.secondlife.com/ . 3. The Wanted forum. If you are hoping to commission a creator to make something for you, you can try posting in the InWorld Employment forum. If you have a question about how SL works (or why it doesn't seem to), you're in the right place.
  18. Those are very tricky visual effects. I can't see being able to do anything like that except with texture animation -- very careful, professional work.
  19. Any basic sit teleport script will work, since all it does is move you (and the object you are sitting on) to another place in the same region, using llSetRegionPos. I really doubt that your skybox is above 7000m, though. The maximum building height in SL is 4096m, and even at that height you can start to get odd drift effects.
  20. There is (technically) a restriction on the number of alts you can have, but it has not been strictly enforced for many years. Many people have more than 5 accounts. If you search in the SL wiki for information about alts, you will also find the statement: "However, if you create an army of alts, Linden Lab may charge a small fee of US$9.95 for the creation of each additional basic account as a way to recoup some of the cost. " The important phrase in that is "army of alts," which is meant to discourage people -- mostly griefers -- who create a large number of alts to harass other people. I
  21. As far as Linden Lab's side of things is concerned, the process fees should be the same either way. They don't charge any more per transaction whether you buy L$ though the LindeX directly or through your viewer. If you are being charged extra process fees, I suspect that they are from your bank. The way to beat that is to put cash in your PayPal balance directly without waiting for your bank to do it. You might want to check out a couple of recent forum threads in General Discussion about this.
  22. If you are buying L$, I assume that you are paying rent, not paying land fees to Linden Lab for property that you own. If you were really paying land fees (tier), you wouldn't need to buy L$, because those are paid in USD, charged directly to your payment method (PayPal). A couple of suggestions: 1. Buy directly from the LindeX, using the link on your dashboard at secondlife.com instead of using the "buy" button in your viewer. Theoretically, both methods should do the same thing. If you are having trouble in the viewer, however, you may have better luck dealing directly with the
  23. The best advice I can offer is "Don't do it." Using special characters in a display name can make it difficult for people and scripts to read, and often results in making the system reject the name. Take a look through the dozen of threads on the topic in this forum. Having said that, the Marketplace items that you have shown in your post have absolutely nothing to do with character sets you could use in text. Those products are for creating mesh objects in the shape of letters that you can use on signs in world.
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