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  1. Well, you logged in here with the new name, so that worked. How long did you wait before trying to log in with your viewer? It takes a while before the change propagates through all systems in LL.
  2. Yeah, I've done too much guessing about what the OP is trying to do, myself. Time to step back and let him toy with it for a while.
  3. Develop >> Render Metadata >>> Bounding Boxes
  4. I'm pretty sure that's how the question was raised in the first place. Certainly, if I were about to buy a company (not likely to happen, but if ... ), I would get a team of lawyers looking at all the possible ways that I could lose my investment or end up in court because of looming issues. I'd have accountants digging through the books to find funny-looking accounts, and I'd be looking at any other potential liabilities that I might be inheriting. Especially if I were buying a company with a big international market, I'd want to be very sure that I knew what legal and political issues abroad were likely to be future worry spots, even if they weren't on the front burner in the U.S. As part of all this fact-finding, I would want to look at current or pending court cases and proposed legislation anywhere that the company does business. New CEOs and directors don't like surprises. If there's a chance they'll get burned by some hidden problems, they'll shine a light into all corners of the business before they take over and they'll get rid of the problems as a top priority once they're in.
  5. Already answered at Please do not post the same question in more than one place in the forums.
  6. Here's the advice from the Knowledge Base: Here are some common reasons for credit card failure: You entered the credit card number incorrectly. You did not enter the billing address or entered it incorrectly. It should be the same address that appears on your bill. You did not enter the name on the card or entered differently from how it appears on the card's Billing Information page. The credit card is not in the list of accepted payment methods (see above) You did not enter the CVV (3 digits on the back, or 4 digits on the front for AmEx) or entered it incorrectly. The card is expired, or the expiration date was entered incorrectly. There are no funds available on the credit card to validate it. We send a US$1.00 authorization to ensure that a credit card is valid. This is not a billing, but the card must have at least US$1.00 available on it to pass validation. Your monthly payment limit is reached, and/or your bank is not authorizing any more transactions. The issuing bank has not pre-approved transactions with Linden Research, Inc. Contact the issuing bank to resolve the problem. If you are outside the US, your card may not be set up for international/overseas transactions (this is very common with Visa Electron). If none of the above applies, contact your credit card provider to determine the cause. Or you can wait and call the Linden Lab Billing Office on Monday. The Billing team is available from 6am to 2pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  7. Wait .... That's not what I understood you to say all this time. You want it to send two pieces of information in the single message? I thought you said before that you wanted to send two messages. OK, so send the two pieces if information like this: hp -=llRound(llFrand(Assault_RifleD)+Assault_RifleMD; llRegionSayTo(llGetOwnerKey(id),-943,"Assault_Rifle" +"~"+ (string) hp ); Then just separate the two bits of information as they are received: list temp = llParseString2List(message,["~"],[ ]); string partOne = llList2String(temp,0); integer partTwo = (integer)llList2String(temp,1);
  8. I'm not really sure what you are showing here, and I don't know what event that code segment is in. You have two objects sending you messages. The one called CGCHS Flood Marine NPC always sends you a pair of messages every time it is sent a message from your gun (I assume that's your target). It always sends a UUID and then the word "Assault Rifle", as separate llOwnerSay messages. It's sending your rifle (which has UUID = id) a message too, but you won't hear that unless you relay it from there to you. Or unless you sent it to yourself instead, with llRegionSayTo(llGetOwnerKey(id),-943,"Assault_Rifle"); The other object, CGCS Halo Ground Meter 2.7, only ever sends you one message, a UUID. I assume that you didn't tell it to send a second message. I have no idea what triggers that second object. So, what's the problem?
  9. It's a little hard for me to make sense of your code because I really don't see what you are trying to do. I think your best bet is to slow down and take care of one challenge at a time. Think through the logic in small steps, and pepper your code with diagnostic statements to be sure that it's doing what you want it to. If you try to do too many things at once, you'll fall over yourself.
  10. Yeah, a race condition. You're doing things fast enough that the script is interfering with itself. Slow things down. Try putting a damper on the system like I suggested so that you can't fire more than a couple of times a second. See what that does. I think you're on the right track, so just keep plugging at it.
  11. Well, for starters, get rid of the llSleep. Then, try not firing the cast ray so fast. There's a region buffer, described in http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlCastRay#RCERR_CAST_TIME_EXCEEDED , that can mess up things if you try to send cast ray pulses too fast. I'd put a filter on the touch_start event touch_start(integer num) { if (llGetTime() - OldTime > 0.5) { // Do stuff } OldTime = llGetAndResetTime(); } EDIT: OldTime is a global float variable, so it gets saved between triggering events.
  12. That's very odd. touch_start(integer num) { list results = llCastRay(llGetPos(), llGetPos() + <20.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetRot(), [RC_MAX_HITS,2, RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_LAND]); key kTarget = ll(key)llList2String(results,0); llRegionSayTo(kTarget, My_secret_channel, (string)"Chair's UUID goes here"); } Something like that will send one cast ray to look for things within 20m in front of you, and will send the detected target the UUID of your chair (assuming that you grabbed that UUID). When your target hears the message, all it has to do is typecast it back to a key and use that key to send its own message back to your chair. That's written really quickly, so may have a typo in it. If I were doing it for real, I would use camera position and rotation instead of llGetPos and llGetRot, and I would plan on using the thing in mouselook, but that's the general idea.
  13. I don't know how you are triggering the cast ray, but if you do it with a simple left click from a touch_start event, you should only get one pulse.
  14. Certainly, if you know that object's UUID. After all, with llRegionSayTo, you can send a directed message to any listening person or object. You can capture the seat's UUID in any number of ways. Once you have it, you're all set. Just pass that UUID to the detected object as part of the message you send after your cast ray hits it.
  15. When you receive a message in a LSL script, the listen event gives you four standard pieces of information: listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string message) Since you always receive that id variable, you can simply reply in the listen event with llRegionSayTo(id, channel, "Hi, there, " + name); // or words to that effect....
  16. I agree. Whether you are taking a chance on the first item you see (the one you click on) or the one that you don't see yet, it's a gamble. That's what's explicitly forbidden in this policy announcement. I have stayed out of this thread until now because I have absolutely zero personal interest in gachas, but I am amused by how much effort some people are putting into finding a way to beat the policy instead of just giving up on the gacha dead horse. I can't believe that LL would be interested in developing their own conveyor belt or other gacha look-alike. As an experienced scripter myself, I wouldn't waste my time on it.
  17. Unless you can make a mesh rope -- not terribly difficult if you have some Blender experience and can follow directions in any of the loads of tutorials on YouTube --- you're probably stuck with the straight cylinder. You could of course look around in MP to find if there's a commercial product out there. In the old days, people used to try all sorts of tricks with stretched and tweaked prims. IMO, none of them was very satisfactory. The rope always turned out to be odd-shaped, very un-ropelike.
  18. When I used to ski, they marked the bunny slope with green flags. I bet they use the green outline ✅ on regions for the newbie moles to work on. 😁
  19. It's very hard to know exactly what went wrong, and I am afraid of confusing you. Instead of guessing what you may have done, then, I suggest reading this basic article in the Knowledge Base that explains how to buy and sell L$: That article will explain how to convert L$ into USD. If you follow the instructions -- I recommend that you use the Market Sell option for now -- you should see a dollar balance in your account. The next step is to transfer that money to your PayPal account. This is called a Credit Transfer. Read this next article: I hope that you find the answer that you are looking for in there. If not, come back here and explain your problem in more detail.
  20. It may well be larger than my gut says it is. The problem is that the basic script would need a lot of the security features that Quistessa and I were discussing above and would have to allow for quite a range of custom variations. Personally, I would be very reluctant to release a script for a sensitive purpose like this into the wild without building those things into it. I suspect that even though it's tedious to add names to whitelists manually, most landowners would rather do that than pay for a mildly expensive script that does it. But I could be wrong.
  21. That only applies of the group owns the land. Unless you have deeded the land to their group, that's not a worry.
  22. Not very likely. As the landowner, however, you do not need to tolerate actions on your land that you don't like. You can return object on your land that violate TOS or your own personal rules. You also have the right at any time to evict, ban, block anyone if you need to. You don't even need to explain why, although that would usually be polite.
  23. You don't "assign". You either DEED the land (which you can't do in this case, because you are renting) or you SET the land to the group. Setting the land to the group just makes it possible for group members to have some privileges like the ability to rez things, run scripts, or bring objects onto the land , if you have given group members those abilities.
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