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Found 47 results

  1. luluferrari

    Signed out everytime I login

    Hoping someone can help me with this problematic issue I keep having. I haven't used Second Life for a few months and I tried to sign into my SL viewer. Everything was working until my avatar started loading. Then it came up with the message: "Darn! You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." So i checked the internet which is working properly. I then tried to login to a different destination/region, still didn't work. I then uninstalled SL viewer and reinstalled it, still doesn't work. Am I just being stupid or something? Please help!
  2. TornadoEve1

    it wont login or open

    Hello, so I downloaded this game yesterday and have been playing okay. However, today when I was playing, it randomly frezzed and I could not click on anything else. I tried everything. I uninstalled it and installed it again a couple of times of it still wont load, it will get stuck on the "loading" page and I really dont know what to do. I love this game, Im kind of already addicted to it but it really frustrated me that I cant open it and play it. Please help.
  3. The logon screen goes about 2/3 in. Can hear sounds and other scan see the avatar. But login does not actually complete so cannot do anything.
  4. Dani Bulloch


    I keep trying to log in and SL is saying my clock is set incorrectly. My PC clock was never incorrect so that's ridiculous. I tried putting in the wrong time for real and relogging because I was told that could work too, but I'm still getting the same message. It also says check my network and firewall so that it's set up correctly but I did and I don't think that's the problem. It's being more than 21 days hapening this...so please help me..please I have a file saying this...attached
  5. NanR

    Error 100 when loggin in

    What does error 100 mean when logging in the lindo hud?
  6. AnyaJurelle


    Is SL having another 'incident'? It's doing that thing it did a couple days ago where we couldn't log in. Or is it just me?
  7. Hey. Seit heute habe ich Probleme mit dem Einloggen. Weder über Lumiya (Handy) noch über Firestorm (PC) scheint Second Life zu funktionieren. Entweder kann ich mich gar nicht erst einloggen und falls doch, dann ist mein Avatar nur eine orange Wolke und meine Umgebung wird nicht richtig angezeigt. Wenn ich dann versuche, irgendwo hinzuteleportieren, dann bleibe ich im Ladebildschirm stecken und werde nach ca. 1-2 Minuten auf Second Life gekickt. Auch die offizielle Website von Second Life ist nicht zu erreichen (all meine nicht-deutschen Freunde haben keinerlei Probleme mit Second Life oder der Website), während der Marktplatz normal zu erreichen ist. Ich kann also nicht einmal den normalen Second Life Viewer runterladen, da die Seite nicht angezeigt wird. Internet funktioniert einwandfrei, ist wirklich nur SL wo ich Probleme mit habe. Sind da momentan Serverwartungen von denen keiner was weiß oder was ist los? Habe wirklich schon alles probiert (cache geleert, Firestorm neu installiert etc). :( Bitte helft mir

    Error Conexión o SL Grid

    Desde hoy (16 de Agosto de 2018) no puedo entrar a Second Life, inicio sesión y se detiene en Después sale un cuadro de texto que dice lo siguiente: Intenté reiniciando mi laptop, revisando el Firewall de Windows, desinstalando y volviendo a instalar Firestorm Viewer, ingresando desde el Second Life Viewer oficial, desconectando y volviendo a conectar mi Wi-Fi, conectar mi laptop al modem/router directamente (por si era problema de una conexión Wi-Fi inestable) pero nada de eso funcionó. Aclaro que este problema ocurre luego de haber instalado una actualización de Windows Update en W10 Pro. ¿Alguna sugerencia?
  9. HelenaHandcart Resident

    Requesting region capabilities, 2,3

    Ok, so upon login, I can't get past the requesting region capabilities screen.. It goes to 2, 3 then shows an error. It is not a problem with my internet as my other avatar can log in. I've tried logging in at different sims, and still nothing. It has been 1 week - advice anyone? I'm pretty disappointed as this is my main avatar and haven't had this happen before. I've erased firestorm and re-downloaded.. I have no idea where my avatar was last in world - I had a bad crash and haven't been able to log in since. I've also tried logging in from the SL viewer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks so much.
  10. Cathaha


    I am unable to access my account, log in to learn more: Diagnose connection problems or Second Life Bird. My internet connection is normal, how do you solve this, please!? Thank you!
  11. xAhourax

    I can't Login to my account

    I had turned the fire wall protection off and checked the date and time.But still the error appears."Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check https://secondlife--status,statuspage to see if there is a known problem with the service" Please help me as soon as you can. X
  12. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing trouble connecting to SL, being stuck at "Requesting region capabilities", attempt 1,2,3. And I can't log in since an hour. Are the servers under maintenance and is anyone else having the same problem? I already tested my connection, it runs smoothly, even at the LL servers location. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I hope that someone can help me as I'm nearly at my wits end with SL. Since I moved home 3 months ago, I haven't been able to join SL on wi-fi; after 2 minutes I'm constantly logged out with the message: I've tried everything; different browsers, a complete wipe of my PC, playing around with the WiFi router settings and absolutely nothing has worked. At a previous address (on an apparently slower wifi), I never had a problem and now I can't so much as login without being checked out. Other online games are not affected; downloads and uploads are fine on other systems/PS4/Netflix etc...its just SL! I ran a speedtest that gave me the following but I'm not tech minded enough to understand the results: Can anyone advise on what I can do to try and make this work? I ran a search on the forum but couldn't find anyone with exactly the same problem. Thanks in advance. Hannah x
  14. ;~: so i'm getting a log in error of login failed and I don't why but is say my account not accessible until the maintenance tomorrow what going on??? i been trying to find any one talking about the matter but I'm only getting conversation since 2011?? i already submitted a ticket can anyone help me? most i read people get this error ether through glitch avatar or abuse and I'm a kind soul i never hurt anyone.
  15. Both Second life & Firestorm viewers has flashed "froze'' during attempted logins to the SL-Grid that fail, to suspect software damage with viewer files. What would be the solution to "frozen" viewers to login successfully? My premium membership would be glad to fix this issue by 9/1/2017.
  16. AyaAureliana

    Can't login to viewer

    I can login to this site, but when I try to login to the Second Life viewer it's telling me my username or password are incorrect. Just did a password change, and it works here but not on viewer. I can't even create a support ticket because the webpage for that won't load. What am I supposed to do?
  17. I can't log in from some three hours. I can't access secondlife.com site. status.secondlifegrid.net seems like a pic, a static image never changing My ISP allows me to reach the rest of the world, so where is the bug?
  18. LauraLaStrange

    Cant log in

    I cant log in. My connection times out
  19. ZionX1999

    I can't log in

    For some reason my Second Life Viewer is refusing to load my account whenever I open it in Launchpad on my mac it had trouble loading the updates and news articles page and also I had a problem earlier where it said my homepoint was gone so I went to another location, crashed and then suddenly now since this afternoon I haven't been able to log in whenever I click a location to spawn at it goes to the loading bar page but the loading bar isn't loading it's stuck on Logging in constantly and now I'm worried I may have been hacked or something cause I tried Firestorm and Firestorm works fine but problem is is that it's not loading mesh avatars which is strange. If anyone knows anything please help me cause I think my viewer may have been compromised by something I'm not sure and it's freaking me the hell out please help and also now it said I can't log in for an unrecognized reason.
  20. I've just tried to log in to SL and found that as soon as I do, within seconds everything freezes. This happened twice so far in two different locations. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with SL? Thanks in advance, Milla
  21. Hello, my friend has a problem when she tries to log inworld, she cant since the saturday ,i hope you can help her, because she has this problem only with sl.
  22. darkxemnas72

    Stucked At LoginScreen

    Hi everyone! Since yesterday evening, I'm unable to login into SL (Using Firestorm x64 v. on Windows 10), despite SecondLife server stauts says that All servers are Up. I Didn't done any Windows update, network changes and such, it just remain stucked at "Login in Progress" screen, and after a while appear the Error message "Despite our efforts, we're unable to connect you" (or a stuff like that). Someone could help me or Tip me what to do, over to restart the Pc and the Modem? Thanks!
  23. RexyRaptor

    Havet used account in over 7 years?

    How do I go about getting an account back when I don't remember login or cant access my email? I can give any information needed to give it back expect display name. Login names back in the day were different and I was different version of myself. It was teen-aged me. haha. Help?
  24. Faye Feldragonne

    Unable To Log In World

    All day I've had one issue after another. I suddenly couldn't log in. I eventually even reinstalled Firestorm. To no avail. I turned my computer off, back on, and I got in. BUT as soon as I logged out, the same behavior. Now I can't get in AT all. I rebooted. I tried resetting my router. I tried SL viewer. THEN I was unable to log onto their actual website! Why would I not be able to log into the website or the server??? There's nothing reported on their status page. I tried getting help (prem member). I finally after trying for hours got to their website. Nope, no one there to help in chat. No one answered my in live chat and NO one send me an email when I tried writing a ticket. I closed the ticket when I got in the one time, now I regret it because I can't get back. It took me 30 mins to get to this forum. Am I suddenly BANNED?? Is this what it looks like?? HELP. I have a store and I can't help customers.
  25. nyko Piek

    I can not login in beta grid

    When I want to enter with the viewer to the beta grid it says "password error or username".