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About Me

  1. Hi all! I'm having a hard time. I keep trying to log into my account with my two names (first and last) and I have the right password because i can log into the website with it. It keeps saying that I have the wrong username or password when I log in through the viewer. is there a trick i'm missing?
  2. I clicked on the Help link on top of the MP page, it sent me here. The MP logs me out several times a day. Yes I check the box, save login. Yes it is whitelisted on my antivirus & ad blockers. This has been going on for most of 2020, I have heard others complain about this, I thought it would've been fixed by now? Please read this fully before responding, thank you for your help.
  3. This has occured to me over the last few months, now and then. But since yesterday it was especially bad. Since yesterday I cannot login in world on my account anymore. All of my other friends seem to be fine but for some rason not me. Getting this login failed message since about 2PM SLT or so yesterday. Does anyone else have that problem recently?
  4. Recently I experience this quite often, like last two weeks. It is independent of the region I try to login to. The Second Life Status page does not report any problems. Anyone else with same problems?
  5. It's not possible to login. (Europe here). https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/ is NOT usefull AT ALL. (as usual) secondlife.com ... can't login. https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ is NOT available. Couldn't you make a support site that stays available when login doesn't work no more? That could make sense!!!
  6. Well I was in Black Dragon in the middle of a hunt.. Looked away for a minute and I was disconnected. Happens sometimes, no bid deal.. Closed the viewer but when I tried to connect again and was weird because it said that my password and or name were incorrect... Then I tried on Firestorm and i got this message: All my accounts were erased (as you see it says: "username" instead of the last avatar used. So I freak out.. Went to log in here and couldn't.. I tried another account and I could. So then I tried to change my password and now it's all good, I could log in successfully.. but
  7. I have a problem of synchrony between my sl account and the login information, what is strange. My account nick is ''VenusDo0m'' but when i log in on firestorm viewer my nick is ''VenusD0om'' with the ''o'' and ''0'' inverse, but i don't know how it went that way. Some days ago i've suscessfully changed my password, but when i log in on firestorm the password is still the same, and on the sl site none of my info is seen, my friends, my profile stuff, groups, nothing, it's like everything i do on firestorm is not copied by sl site and vice versa. Do i need switch to sl viewer? What am i going t
  8. Hi I changed my DNS settings to the google public dns. this was about an hour ago. but now my firestorm keeps saying "Login failure...despite our best efforts..." i can browse the web over both my chrome and edge. can you tell me if google public dns works with SL? thanks
  9. I updated my Firestorm Viewer on Saturday , and told it to launch upon completion. It worked great till I logged off and tried to log back in. Now when I click the icon to launch it... the screen is solid white and says Firestorm nor responding. I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 10 times and no change. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi, whenever i open SL Market (internally to SL) i am logged out, eveytime i close the window and come back i'm logged out again. I clicked the box that says "remember me" on the login page but it still happens. When i was reading reviews on an item every page of reviews 1, 2, 3 and so on was logging me out again for each page. Can you help please, thanks for your time
  11. I've been unable to log in to my main characte, it keeps rolling through Logging in and Updating Friends List which sometimes lasts for 30 minutes, to an hour, or more without saying wrong password, I had one instance where it errored out and said wrong password. I tried changing my password, still can't get in. Not too sure what to do? I can log onto other accounts just fine. ( I have some for business stuff seperate from my play account)So it isn't a mac ban or IP ban because I also tested with VPN which singles out an IP ban. Plus I'm still able to get on my other accounts.
  12. For several months now I have been having problems logging into my account. Every time I start the computer, I have a problem. I need to re-enter the marketplace. Every day throws me out of that website. I don't use vpn. My browser cache is clean. Literally today the problems began inworld. Second Life constantly thrown out of my account when I try to go to my profile or search. There is no reaction to "stay logged in." When I put a daw or when I do not put a daw - the same reaction. I need to re-enter the data from the account. P.s. No problems with the Internet.
  13. is there anyway I could see my login history? after I get hacked, I just want to know when and where they loged in
  14. Hello I am kinda new on the forum. I am into Second Life for almost a year and there's a thing that never happened to me before. I made a clean installation of my Windows 10 Pro operating system, then I have proceed to install all the drivers and programs that I usually use, including the correct graphic drivers for my Nvidia GTX 1060 graphic card. Everything seems to work fine but everytime I log on Second Life with Firestorm or any other viewer, when I log out the screen goes totally black or glitchy showing a weird amount of colors and scan lines. I don't know why is this happening, I
  15. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing trouble connecting to SL, being stuck at "Requesting region capabilities", attempt 1,2,3. And I can't log in since an hour. Are the servers under maintenance and is anyone else having the same problem? I already tested my connection, it runs smoothly, even at the LL servers location. Thanks!
  16. I am attempting to log in and my screen cannot get past the loading world bar...i hear the music, but no video...using SLV. With firestorm I got in, but was booted out after about 10 minutes Help?
  17. Hello, I was researching about Second Life Beta Test to be able to test with mesh clothes that I am starting to create but can not log in simply with my login and password information. It seems that I need the "Suport" to release my access (or something) since it will be my first login. Can anyone tell me if this is the same or the correct procedure?
  18. Hoping someone can help me with this problematic issue I keep having. I haven't used Second Life for a few months and I tried to sign into my SL viewer. Everything was working until my avatar started loading. Then it came up with the message: "Darn! You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." So i checked the internet which is working properly. I then tried to login to a different destination/region, still didn't work. I then uninstalled SL viewer and reinstalled it, still doesn't work. Am I just being stupid
  19. Anyone else having a problem logging into SL with Radegast. I have used for years and today I can't get in.
  20. Hello, so I downloaded this game yesterday and have been playing okay. However, today when I was playing, it randomly frezzed and I could not click on anything else. I tried everything. I uninstalled it and installed it again a couple of times of it still wont load, it will get stuck on the "loading" page and I really dont know what to do. I love this game, Im kind of already addicted to it but it really frustrated me that I cant open it and play it. Please help.
  21. The logon screen goes about 2/3 in. Can hear sounds and other scan see the avatar. But login does not actually complete so cannot do anything.
  22. Dani Bulloch


    I keep trying to log in and SL is saying my clock is set incorrectly. My PC clock was never incorrect so that's ridiculous. I tried putting in the wrong time for real and relogging because I was told that could work too, but I'm still getting the same message. It also says check my network and firewall so that it's set up correctly but I did and I don't think that's the problem. It's being more than 21 days hapening this...so please help me..please I have a file saying this...attached
  23. What does error 100 mean when logging in the lindo hud?
  24. Is SL having another 'incident'? It's doing that thing it did a couple days ago where we couldn't log in. Or is it just me?
  25. Hey. Seit heute habe ich Probleme mit dem Einloggen. Weder über Lumiya (Handy) noch über Firestorm (PC) scheint Second Life zu funktionieren. Entweder kann ich mich gar nicht erst einloggen und falls doch, dann ist mein Avatar nur eine orange Wolke und meine Umgebung wird nicht richtig angezeigt. Wenn ich dann versuche, irgendwo hinzuteleportieren, dann bleibe ich im Ladebildschirm stecken und werde nach ca. 1-2 Minuten auf Second Life gekickt. Auch die offizielle Website von Second Life ist nicht zu erreichen (all meine nicht-deutschen Freunde haben keinerlei Probleme mit Second Lif
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