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  1. Thank you both, Lindal ♥ and Mollymews ♥ What Lindal described reminds me of what I saw when the kind helper set the house three years ago. I remember going to the basement while the helper was outside to make sure all the land was cleared from all the little corners of the dungeon :) ; and the first part of Mollymews, step 9 sounds familiar. I don't think, but I don't really know if my helper subdivided the parcels. Mollymews, the subdividing sounds a daunting but I understand. I'll read it a few times and let it sink in before try :) One thought, on step 5, the dungeon is not separate from house. it's all on the same rezz box.... One other thought: Do estate rights allow me to lower the water? Is that possible? If yes, is that a smart thing to do? There's also a small lake on the homestead and a beach front.....
  2. I'm reaching out because this is my first terraform effort and new to being an estate manager. I have a large house 2-story house with a basement/dungeon, rezzed on flat land--a full homestead to which I have estate manager rights. I want the house to be raised on top of a flat hill so that you have to walk up about eight stairs to the front and back entrances. A snap of the rear view house from three years ago is attached. It somewhat shows the effect I want to achieve. Someone else did the terraform. I no longer have that helper and I'm reading to learn. Today, without terraforming and the house raised a bit, the dungeon is 75% accessible. The remaining 25% is in the water. The water height of the estate is 20.00, the terrain raise limit is 100.00, terrain lower limit is -100.00. What is the best way to approach this, please?
  3. I see in some shops "Buy" and then in some places "Pay". I have never studied/understood why there are two different methods. Personally I prefer the "Buy" when I shop something because then you can check what is included there before actually making the purchase. With "Pay" one cannot check what is included. One just pays and receives the goods and then after the purchase one can check what was sent in the inventory.
  4. Many, many thanks Rya....a very informative conversation at that link...even if I'm not at "mesh-level" yet...help for this project and encouraging for improvement. Many, many thanks. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  5. Many, many thanks Rya....a very informative conversation at that link...even if I'm not at "mesh-level" yet...help for this project and encouraging for improvement. Many, many thanks.
  6. Thank you Ceera :matte-motes-smile: ... for the tip trick...may be just as good as a "formula" in SL it seems.... BTW, the steps I'm creating are not steep...wide..but not steep. I'm trying to duplicate an "existing original" stair around a deck--(modifying a pro-builder's design) to create a stair set around three sides of a deck. The "original" set is still in place and is most likely mesh or sculpts, given it is a pro-builder's creation..... What's interesting (to me) with my experiment is that the final stair set I created that is walkable, has a couple of steps that are MUCH higher than any of the steps that were NOT walkable at the fifth tier :matte-motes-nerdy: That's why I came to the forum...looking for a formula and/or tip. Many thanks for your reply..
  7. Thank you Amethyst....:matte-motes-big-grin:...for your additional comments... ALL OF THIS conversation is helping me solve my problem AND get a full understanding. Many thanks...
  8. Thank you Rya :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Will read and save...but clearly..(lol)...I've not "graduated" to mesh yet.... Do hope to get there this year, though...maybe with this project. Many thanks.
  9. AAhhh Dragon.... thanks for your additional pro comment. Did you offer this after reading Hbit's reply?
  10. Hello Hbit :matte-motes-big-grin: "WOW! THAT'S COOL" No doubt "a formula" YAAY...Albeit more detailed than I expected...but, w/o trying it seems "on-point" to my query. Have you used this source's formula yourself inworld?
  11. Thank you Amethyst :matte-motes-smile: The steps are regular prim steps. I did consider that the rise was too high, but since I had modeled the steps I was creating on a set of "original existing" stair for a professional's build, it confused me. (I I'm attempting modified a portion of the orignal build to create a deck with stairs on three sides--the "original" set of stairs is still on one of the sides.); and, the original stair set was only 10-12 steps. I ended up with 16 after making my "adjustments." --lol-- I'll need to go inworld and get the step measurements. Thank you also for the sculpty info.
  12. Thank you Dragon :matte-motes-grin: I was creating prim stairs. I will take a look at your stairs in marketplace also. I will need to check the step dimensions when inworld, but the only reason I needed 16 steps was because of the "walkability" issue. The space I was trying to cover originally only needed 10 or 12 --wide--steps...(lol)...with my "adjustments" I ended up with 16.... Your information is helpful... Many thanks.
  13. Why are some stairs "walkable" and some are not? Is there a rule or formula for creating perfectly walkable steps the first time? Recently, in creating a stair set of 16-steps, I could "walk" up the stairs from from step one to four, but at step five I could not continue. With "adjustments" I'm now able to walk up and down the entire 16-step stair, but I don't know what I did. I did notice, though, that a couple of steps are not the same height as the other steps. Thank you.
  14. Great write-up on lag...Thanks for the link :smileyhappy:
  15. Hi All, Although Torley began this discussion with a tip on how to reduce lag by increasing bandwidth, in the interest of better "under the hood" understanding, I hope my question now regarding "total graphics memory" is related. Which spec is more important for getting to optimum performance in SL--"total graphics memory" or "dedicated graphics memory"? E.g., if my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series with 1275 MB total graphics memory (or 1918 total graphics memory as x64), but only 512 dedicated graphics memory in either case, what is the target number to shoot for (upgrade to) for optimum performance in SL--assuming the bandwidth is maxed as Torley suggested....and the cache is at 1000?
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