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  1. For about a week or more now I cannot 'love' my friend's screenshots on my.secondlife.com anymore. I click the love button and it shows it working, but if I refresh the page it's like it didn't happen. I also am not getting any "fern amethyst loved soandso's snapshot" on my profile feed anymore.
  2. They are not. Also, I tried just teleporting home and suddenly the colours were normal again. I'm not sure what- but something triggers it. I've had this happen before on another computer. All is solved for now. Edit; I should add I've been to the place in the picture tons of times before, it is owned by my friend.
  3. Hello! So, I have a very weird issue. I suddenly have all of the colours on my screen doing a very funky thing.. it's like the colours inverted or something. Here is a picture: Notice the black falling snow and everything is in a green/teal tinge. Nope, those are not the normal colours! Any help please? Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M I have most recent graphics update.
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