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  1. Mine has been stuck for months. I hope the last update would fix it it didn't neither has this one. I'm glad people are talking about it maybe it will get fixed.
  2. Re-downloading firestorm seems to help a lot of things I come across with my laptop. I know they say don't do that but it sure works for me.
  3. I have no sound on second life. My laptop has sound but not sl. I have firestorm. I have tried googling and tried what they said. I thought I would come here for help and to maybe help keep track of what I have tried as I hopefully get suggestions here. This just started yesterday.
  4. Try to find skin that matches at the neck. I have been told the trick is to buy the head and body skin for the same name brand. Okay not seeming to work for me. I already had L'Etre Belleza Fit body appliers 1-4 so I go looking for a L'Etre head skin. I demo a L'Etre Daisy skin for CATWA don't match at the neck no matter what colors I try Is there something I'm missing? any help would be appreciated
  5. I don't know how to select Me. I googled it couldn't find an answer.
  6. my avatar is swimming above ground. and wont stop. I can even tp her and she is still swimming. I cannot make her walk. or land on the ground. Thanks for any help
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