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  1. Long ago, before display names, I recall that LL would ask you to name five people on your friends list to verify your account. I think this was only necessary if your e-mail got hacked or you broke it.
  2. Laughably, our ongoing predicament surfaces, AGAIN!
  3. It is possible to discover all attachments being worn by someone. I suppose an ejection could be triggered if you are wearing something on a naughty list. Unless there is some child specific kind, I don't see how this would work with heads. Neither the shape sliders nor the skin can be determined by scripts, and those largely determine whether a face seems childlike.
  4. My parents were enough for each other, even past death. Dad died after 57 years of marriage to Mom. She continued observing their anniversary for another 12 years, until she followed him through the exit. If I'm to believe what I've been told here, there are people in SL who are more than enough for several other people, and would be happy with any ONE of them. The world, and even SL, is far too big to allow the use of words like "none" when describing things like this.
  5. I searched ALL 1260 comments for the video. There were TWO mentions of SL. "The second life avatar shocked me to my core and projected me into 2005" "I saw that Second Life rabbit avatar lmaoo" "There's no such thing as bad publicity" is an aphorism, not a truth.
  6. I do! Like my father, I have more crack than butt.
  7. Oh, I understand the conflicted business. I'm on the D side of D/s and there isn't a day I don't feel some discomfort over that, but never enough to drown out the "Oh..my.god..." I have, fortunately, discovered I can navigate this. I do draw some lines in the sand. I dislike Doc's "Daddy's Girl" imagery. It skates far too close to what Scylla depicted in her "Daddy's Little Girl" image. I am a Daddy's Girl through and through and I won't let erotic asshattery ruin my image of it...
  8. Potential hucksters occasionally nuisance e-mail NUDES.
  9. 500 posts earns you the right to change your forum title.
  10. I might be misremembering, but I think I got that "daily limit" message when I created an alt in response to something said here. That was years ago and I presumed the limit would lift as the account aged. I also presumed that the limit was an anti-spam measure. In the past, when we've been spammed, it's often been by accounts that were NOT brand new, but rather weeks or months old. Serious spammers are wily enough to create accounts well in advance of using them.
  11. Other than to accept touch to invoke a response from the root prim, what do your child prims do? If nothing, you could reduce the complexity of the game considerably by texturing the game surface of a single prim with an image of your grid, then use: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDetectedTouchST You'll want to scale and quantize the measured distance from the touch point to your target, so you can select messages, perhaps as DoteDote suggests. You could also keep track of the previous guess, and intermix comparative adjectives like "colder" or "warmer" if they're moving away/towa
  12. My father developed a fondness for cheesecake art during his tour of duty as a fighter pilot in WWII, where pin-up girls adorned the noses of warplanes. I grew up in the presence of pin-up girls on calendars in my Father's shop. To my mind, pin up art is suggestive, not explicit. It's demure, not raw. It's cheeky, elusive, tantalizing, flirtatious, and... innocent. There are no spread legs and crotch shots, and no perversion of my understanding of my myself as a "daddy's girl" who is proud to have grown to fill his shoes. Here's a poster I made for SL a dozen years ago, containing ten of
  13. I rent a furnished scene-change skybox for L$50/wk. That's about US$10/yr.
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