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  1. They are curious creatures, no? I was astonished to learn that they really do sorta grow to fit their environment. After keeping a few tiny goldfish in a bowl in the kitchen when I was young, we donated them to a neighbor with a pond. By summer's end they were so large they wouldn't have fit though the fishbowl's mouth. They were healthy and happy in my little fish bowl. They were healthy and happy in the huge pond. Yet, there was no going back.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Fish_Out_of_Water_(book)
  3. Trolls are not the only kind of creature we shouldn't feed, or at least overfeed.
  4. ...hurriedly scans the picture for fire extinguishers and sees enough of them to stop worrying.
  5. I'm just trying to work out Pearl! I was one of the responders to that asshat, and I responded because I had worked him out to be... an asshat. Though it may be a fool's errand to gauge intent, I still try. Pearl can't seem to get out of her own way, but I've yet to gauge her as malicious. In another post, you remarked about her resilience in the face of withering criticism. Though that criticism doesn't seem to be absorbed, her unfailing good grace is a wonder. I reserve my anger for malice. I'm not there, nor am I heading in that direction. Yep. I've got my fingers
  6. I don't think this is a matter of defining words so much as understanding their existing definitions. You might start with "any" and "always".
  7. ...begins to wonder about how and what you learn. In SL and RL, I find learning to be generally trouble-free, immensely enjoyable, and often exciting. It's my favorite thing to do. I generally do too...find learning enjoyable. It does depend on what you're learning and how much of yourself you're willing to invest though. Learning better dynamics with others seems to pose more problems with most people, especially romantic relationships. With some of my creations I've about torn my hair out, as the solution just wouldn't come without i
  8. Because I enjoy learning, and find Googling to be fun and not the least bit stressful... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illeism
  9. ...begins to wonder about how and what you learn. In SL and RL, I find learning to be generally trouble-free, immensely enjoyable, and often exciting. It's my favorite thing to do.
  10. He's jealous because Ebbe's chatting with a voice-verified hottie.
  11. https://www.livescience.com/34832-bdsm-healthy-psychology.html
  12. A scan of your brief posting history... https://community.secondlife.com/profile/1506891-operationhammerman/content/ Highlights and commentary... Where can I obtain a list of all accounts ever made with SL? I would like the names of everyone who has signed up. Just to be clear: I am NOT looking for surnames only, and am well aware of the existence of SLNamewatch. I want a list that gives me ALL players who have signed up, first name and last name, right from the start. And I thought the NSA was creepy. LL should clamp down more, or give its blessing to the formation of a n
  13. ...sends you a tank of liquid nitrogen. Enjoy! ...vibrates with excitement!
  14. Pearl, I've been on this forum, continuously, for nearly 11 years. You wouldn't believe some of the characters I've associated with here. You look like a member of the community church choir next to some of them. Besides, if I can survive association with Scylla, I can survive anything. Everyone here is judged on their own merits. You don't need to worry about us. ETA: You also have an SL mother ;-).
  15. Early Disney was so accomplished and beautiful...
  16. The willies are not the shivers, Scylla.
  17. Nope, but you can tell a bunch of other things.
  18. Hang in there, Pearl. After more than a dozen years here, it's difficult for anyone to give me the shivers, sometimes even for those I want to.
  19. Optical issues that can't be corrected by glasses: Extreme astigmatism. There is a practical limit to refractive correction of the effects of distorted corneas, particularly since our eyes rotate in their sockets and glasses don't follow that motion. Extreme presbyopia (loss of focus accommodation with aging). Small amounts can be ameloriated with bifocals or progressive lenses. True restoration of accommodation would require active adaptive optics. Cataracts or other kinds of corneal opacity Not all vision problems are optical. There are quite a few "sensor failure" prob
  20. Apple absolutely understand standards. If you look at mobile market share by profit, Metal is the gold standard. It's on all iPhones. In 2019, Apple garnered 66% of the entire mobile phone industry's profits. Their share has, in some years, exceeded 100% as the rest of the industry suffered losses. As Apple moves to their own silicon, the performance lead of iOS/Metal over the competition will increase. Standards needn't be open. Apple is not much interested in people who code for multiple platforms. They are focused on getting developers to code for their platform. That focus is effectiv
  21. You want to outsource your core competency to men who, while unconscious, will discipline your willing but disobedient GF? That's just fascinating.
  22. Metal is a high level abstraction layer for Vulkan that Apple are providing for its app developers. More developer hand-holding for ease of use than Vulkan itself I think it's the other way 'round, Molly. Metal is Apple's proprietary low overhead graphics architecture. It's named Metal because it allows almost direct access to the underlying GPU hardware, which will soon be entirely Apple designed. Vulkan-on-Metal is an abstraction layer that allows cross platform development by offering the same API that's already available via Vulkan for Windows and Android. I don't think Appl
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