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  1. I have been in other forums where threads automatically lock after 30 days (or some other definite time frame), and so wish that was applied everywhere.~
  2. Ah, yes, thanks! I am an idiot, lol. User error rather than FS shortcoming. (rolls eyes at self)
  3. Thanks, I am sorry, I was also talking about FS on a Mac in general and the things that are opaque to a long-time Windows user, though I guess that was off-topic. As you say, the M1 seems to not cause any problems, though I also already installed some layer app for Microsoft apps, and I would guess it is needed for FS, too.
  4. I just loaded it on my new MacBook Air, which is the lowest model, and it seems to run fine on a mid-range graphics setting. I did find issues with it, though. For one, I am using Firestorm (the official viewer may behave differently, but is so poorly featured I won't use it), and the only way I could open it was to go to Privacy and Security and allow it there. Also, when I maximize the FS window, it covers everything else, including it's own system-level toolbar (or perhaps doesn't even have one?), so I cannot minimize it and I cannot access the Dock. I am new to MacOS, there is probably a w
  5. Awww, that is so sweet!! Thank you very much! ❤️
  6. Thanks, Maddie! First Apple in a long, long time, lol.
  7. I just got a MacBook, and cannot get the Firestorm viewer to work. I get an error that the app cannot be verified to be free of malware. My understanding that the verification is something added in the last few months by Apple. The official throws a slightly less bad error, and the SL site says you can get past that with Cntl-click, but the Firestorm one just won't run, and the error gives really only an option to trash the app. I guess could use the official app, but it is so poorly-featured compared with FS (the worst is not having built-in AO, I would have to try to figure out how to set u
  8. Next they should model lag. Or the slow texture loading. My fave things about SL.~
  9. Within a week of being in SL, though I never became closely involved with them, just severe crushes. Then, later, a relationship I pushed hard for that never came to be. Next, a Mistress I wanted to be with forever, and partner with, but she left me. In there somewhere, someone who took massive advantage of me; I would up sending her a lot of money IRL because I felt so sorry for her. I actually wound up in RL counseling because of her. Finally, the love of my SL, who did partner with me (I still have the email notice (she proposed 27-Jun-2013). Then I had a massive flare-up of my major d
  10. Looks like that worked, all objects are returned and has a new owner. Who has it up for sale for L$5000, lol. But, whatever, I got L$1000 to donate, and Marianne will be pleased that it is not abandoned land.
  11. Dropped to L1000, but noone may look, as the thread title says L5000 and I cannot change it.
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