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  1. For the right price, I will put something about you in my profile that would put to shame the obsequious sycophancy that a certain world 'leader' requires of his underlings.
  2. So *that's* where you new profile pic came from! Or maybe the other way round, who know? I have been wanting to tell you I really like it, so now's my chance: I really like your new profile photo, Kira!
  3. Personally I thought it was embarrassingly dorky, but from things I have seen Lindal post I thought she might appreciate it.
  4. The Patriarchy harms everyone, including men. I feel women have a far, far wider range of acceptable behaviors than men (mostly excepting being assertive and ambitious, much less dominant, the primary realms expected of men), though.
  5. Wow, you solved the Three Body Problem???? Newton would be proud!
  6. Reminds me of a scene from the movie Firefly: Bad Guy: It is worse than you know. Hero: It usually is.
  7. Too funny, though I am sure I am interpreting this the wrong way, lol (my brain is soooo queer, lol). That reminds me of the time some macho guy was going on about the movie 300 and I just started laughing my ass off saying how funny it was with all the homoeroticism and satire of machismo. He was NOT amused...
  8. LOVE that hair! And the dress and necklace are pretty, too. Great composition, and great job with the background blur!
  9. That's not what you said a few weeks ago. Shaving again, are we? 🤣
  10. Makes me think of something like this: https://youtu.be/2y7584pdxqI?t=67
  11. You did some in the past, and even one video...I know artists need to grow and explore, but I miss your old styles...
  12. Somehow this makes me think of a Playboy pictorial called 'Farmer's Daughters' or something...
  13. I don't think this was his way of 'effectively managing others,' he was just arrogant and mean.
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