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  1. I like both looks!!! And *I* was just joking about the femmes, too, sorry! You certainly didn't offend me, can't speak for others. I took it as a joke, was just joking back. Sorry if I made you feel bad. And hey, I have black nails IRL right now (powder job, yays! fun and pretty, if expensive), which I see as edgy, but perhaps could be considered butchty, I guess (though manicures is not a butch's thing, in my experience, lol ).
  2. I don't see how this is too butch?? Seems more Blue jean Lesbian to me, pretty mild on the butch scale. And really, can one be too butch??? And you in that black gown a few posts back?? sigh... ETA: Don't be dissin' femmes, now! (just saw that part..) 'Specially lipsticks. Joke though: How many lipstick lesbians does it take to change a flat tire? Two. One to phone AAA and another to complain she got her shoes dusty.
  3. I don't think it was ever pitched as anything more than this in the first place. I wanted to have a different last name, and knew this is the option we would have, so I just created a new account with the names I wanted squished together. Closest thing you are going to get.
  4. I think I was thinking of Littleboots. Fairly well the same thing.
  5. Yes, I was thinking, people waited two years for this? Will be interesting to see what the uptake is. None of them would interest me in the least, most are some kind of cutesy name. And I thought we already had Littlepaws from the old days.
  6. Ewwww... Yet another reason to consider 'British humour' an oxymoron...
  7. Well, that’s not so bad. I am lacto-ovo anyhow, though really rethinking eggs lately.
  8. Do we even *wanna* know what is in that stuff??? Kinda like the Big Mac special sauce...
  9. I can see how this is so, and I guess that is my motivation sometimes, if I am honest, but really I try more to keep in mind something I read long ago: When you refuse to fight, you leave the battlefield (this does not apply to real battlefields, of course, where the opposition would just kill you or capture and imprison you, lol).
  10. Ooops, sorry! I have never actually watched the video, just listened to the song, so I did not know about the spiders!!! I usually don't watch her videos, as they are bit extreme for me, lol. I do love her music, though.
  11. It's ironic, when the same people who complain about OT do the same thing, it's ok, at least the thread I am thinking of. Wrt the annoying others thing, I am not much into fighting, I would rather just walk away. I have a lot bigger problems in my life than dealing with difficult strangers in some obscure online forum.
  12. When I saw the stuff about the pubic hair, I laughed, and was going to post a comment about virtual merkins. Then I realized, oh, yeah, and all my hairs are wigs, and really *everything* here is as virtual as the wearable pubic hair.
  13. Works for me, but as anyone who has seen many of my posts knows, I am the worst about getting OT. I know it drives some people crazy, though (I have been called out for it in a certain long-running thread, and don't participate in it anymore because of my tendency to to that), so having an OT forum is nice.
  14. I can't answer for everyone, and I am a vegetarian, not vegan, but for me it is the same reason that I think most people go to fast food places: convenience. It isn't like there are chains of vegetarian fast-food places around, much less vegan places, at least where I live. It's hard to even find something to eat at most sit-down places; occasionally I have to go someplace with other people where I have to just order a salad, and ask them to leave out the big chunks of meat and the little chunks of bacon.
  15. I have sort of thought of this sub-forum as the OT forum, but looking at the description, it does say "Second Life discussions welcome here.' (emphasis mine) Perhaps we need an OT forum? I guess it is ultimately all up to LL, either let this be a de facto OT forum, or whatever.
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