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  1. I had a choice between transfer items and not transfer items, so I selected 'do not transfer' and it went fine. The next hurdle is getting someone to actually buy it, lol. But either way, it's fine. I was just going to abandon it (I am downgrading from Premium), but then I thought if I could sell it I could donate that money to sims I like. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi! I have a small parcel for sale in the water, currently with a furnished house. I love it there, but can no longer justify Premium, so am downgrading and cannot have land. Please see attached pics. My plot lines are the red poles in the water. Long front view shows my house/plot from the front; my house is the white one on the little island in the middle. Front, from the back, and top view, from the top. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks for looking! ETA: Forgot to mention, I am happy to leave the house, island, landscaping, and furniture, but unfort
  3. Thanks, Molly, I appreciate you taking the time to help!
  4. Awesome, thanks so much! So I guess the best thing is to make a post in the Parcels for Sale forum and hope for the best. Thanks again, you are always a fount of knowledge!
  5. Hi, I have a small parcel I would like to sell, but the whole land transaction part of the SL site is down, including info parts. I was hoping to get some info on how to sell land, but that seems undoable atm. I know there is the knowledge base, but so much of that is always out-of-date and useless. Could anyone give me some short, simple instructions? Really, is it even possible to sell land at this point? As a basis, here is what little I know: When I click Land in my viewer, I get the About Land pop-up, and there is a button for Sell Land. So, it seems I can put it up for sale, and can
  6. Well, now we know why the beer bottles were empty, lol. Funny, was thinking of you early, have something to run by you...
  7. Defs not a hangout place, zero people, but wow, really nicely done! Huge, lots of trails like in a real state park, nice detail, great ambient sounds. Very peaceful! Of course, usual SL frustrations apply, at least for me: lag and delayed texture loading, but that seems to be everywhere and always in SL. Oh, and I fell in a hole on a trail, lol. However, I LM'd it and will definitely go back and visit again!
  8. I searched on Charlesville, found one hit, and looked about from there. Found Kama Park, and a large Strip Fashion store, but even after looking about for a while I could not find your place. I find it almost impossible to find anything in SL by exploring, flying is too fast and I just go higher and higher, and running is too slow, given how spread out and poorly organized everything is.
  9. Yeah, thanks for saving my view! I love to sit and watch the moonlight play on the waves!
  10. Tried searching, as I think I have seen this topic before, but had no luck and my patience is particularly short atm. I just logged onto my property in SL, and I guess someone has bought the parcel in front of me and added ban lines, completely ruining my view. As the surrounding parcels have populated over time, I have blocked quite a lot of stuff, but cannot seem to block these ban lines. I seem to recall these cannot be blocked. If so, wow, this takes away most of the small remaining fondness I have for SL, and means I may as well abandon the property now rather than waiting until Marc
  11. To never log in again once I return all my possessions and convert to basic, and my current version of Firestorm gets blocked (~March for downgrade, hopefully my browser will work that long).
  12. I know and care even less about Austin Powers than about Bond (which I view negatively), I have no idea, lol. Thanks for the reply though.
  13. Me too, especially considering that they obviously are never going to fix the top things I hate about SL as an app (not much they can do about the content and culture, but for sure they could work on the mechanics).
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