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  1. I just wish all the things in SL could behave like windows on a computer. I get so frustrated clicking on things expecting them to come to the front, and they don't, so I have to Edit-move them, or minimize something else (or a lot of something elses). It's especially bad when trying to take photos and I have like 10 things 'open.'
  2. Yeah, not quite what I had in mind, from multiple perspectives.
  3. I don't really care about an obituary, but I have wished many, many times that there was a way to commit suicide inworld. Sure, you can delete your account from a browser, but that just doesn't really do it for me. And even then, probably you can get it reactivated for some period of time or another. I wish you could leap off something or walk in front of something or take a pill or something inworld. Is that morbid enough for you?
  4. Given that LL can't even be bothered to make a mobile site for its main webpage, I don't hold high expectations for a mobile app that actually does SL to any meaningful degree.
  5. I bet there would be a lot fewer of us in SL, too.
  6. I have Maitreya, and just naturally have a thigh gap (which I love!!), so I think you can get there just with adjustments, without an enhancer (not that an enhancer might not be better!). If you like, I can drop you my shape inworld tonight so you can see the levels I use.
  7. I find Flickr very kludgy. If you go under the You dropdown, the first selection is About. You can edit your profile there. Btw, the stuff you can do in the mobile app is very limited, so you probably need to be in a real browser (an iPad with 13 might work, though).
  8. The path to my current name is a little complicated. When I first joined, I knew almost nothing about SL, but was thinking I wanted to be sorta faerie-ish. I saw the name Llewellyn, which seemed fae to me, and modified my RL first name (Carol) to Caerolle to go along with that. While I did have faerie stuff, and dressed as one at clubs sometimes, I never really fit into that role. Also, I had a lot of people asking me if I was Welsh. Uh, no, USian mutt, lol. I had no idea that Llewellyn was strongly Welsh. So, I always felt bad about being so ignorant and trivializing another culture, so I wanted to change. I identify a lot with the artist Camille Claudel, so I took her last name in my display name, but then through something else complicated I would up with a hyphenated last name (a lot of people thought I got partnered, nope). For quite a while I have wanted to move to an account that was strictly Caerolle Claudel, so this weekend I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and moved to a new account, CaerolleClaudel. I re-bought the stuff that worked best for me in my old account, and here I am.
  9. Where do you turn that on, Alyona? I cannot find it... Thanks!
  10. Did you use the shape that came with it, and the alpha? I found I have had to use the shape that came with the head, and of course the alpha, to get the head to look right. Then I adjust all the rest of the shape sliders to match what I was using for my body.
  11. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wanting to move to a new account for a while now, and the great deals on heads, bodies, skins, even the AO that I use, pushed me into doing it! I saved a LOT of money because of you!
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