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  1. I'm saddened by the update, Belinda. COVID-19 is making a mess of many things, but in the grand scheme of your mother's life and your remembrance of it, this will be but a blip. Mom and I had discussions about her end. We'd gone through a long slow goodbye with Dad as Alzheimers took him away bit by bit. He was completely gone months before his body gave up, and we were not with him when he finally thumbed a ride out. So, when she went to the hospital, we knew there was a chance things would not go well. We were both ready for that. She was scheduled to go home with me just 12 hours before she skipped bail*. For that reason, we were both fine with not being able to be together that night. We had a good chat via FaceTime. She was asleep when she went, so she wouldn't have known I was there anyway. Nevertheless, I've some small, useless regret over it. My thoughts are with you and your Mom. * I have an endless supply of euphemisms for death.
  2. You can't kiss an ass while wearing a face mask, ya know.
  3. Is the thing mesh? Could the bounding box be different than what you see? SL won't let you place things with their tops much below ground level, probably to avoid people losing stuff underground. You can see the bounding boxes via Developer Menu->Render Metadata->Bounding Box. That might give you a clue.
  4. You should have your head examined... or exchanged.
  5. 4-25-2021 One year after Rudy Giuliani mocks the idea of contact tracing as a tool to get COVID-19 under control, stating that tracing should then also be used to fight cancer and heart disease, the FDA issues new contact tracing guidelines for abject stupidity. Over the ensuing months, nearly 100% of all cases are traced back to two individuals. HIPAA regulations prevent their identification, but 60% of the public already knows.
  6. I've never played Portal, but could there be anything in it that would make me happier than that quote?
  7. How is this possible? Don't men come with (or for) beer?
  8. There are lots of people who use SL, and have meetings. I think you're not going to like the responses you'll get here.
  9. Pfft, I still don't know how to drive the forum. Now I gotta find a different pic to replace the repeat of my previous post above. Dammit. Okay. This isn't me, but I found it interesting. After watching this avi for a few minutes, I came to the realization that there must be animation overriders for the eyes. Hers were darting about non-stop, spending most of their time as shown. The effect was to make her look hyper vigilant, wary, as if she suspected someone nefarious was approaching... I learn something new every day.
  10. And injecting disinfectant? By the way, as a kid I had "The Collected Works of Buck Rogers" (BIG book) and they used light as cures. Or was it the original reprint of Wonder Woman? I digress. I think it's safer to disembowel the body and spray the innards than to risk poking yourself with an injection needle.
  11. Hey, I'm an optimist. I believe there's a limit to our collective ignorance.
  12. I don't know, but I suspect it's higher than mine (which I don't know either ;-).
  13. I think we should peel and filet anyone suggesting UV therapy. It's easier to flip the internals out than to get the light in. That would also expose a lot of internal surface for a good spritz of Lysol spray.
  14. If so, you've just created a powerful voting cohort in support of nationalized health care.
  15. I heard last week that Trump wanted to host a two-hour-per-day radio or TV show. If true, I think that's truly the best idea he's ever had. Showman that he is, I still can't imagine him surviving very long with that much unfiltered exposure to the American public. Maybe it's wishfulness, but there's got to be a limit to how much ignorance he can display before the base starts to wonder.
  16. It's curious that the aggregate of the US government's actions during COVID-19 looks like Republicans poorly executing plans that have been historically the purview of the Democrats. We've got a massive injection of welfare money going to the wrong places, a massive and poorly executed effort to provide health care for everyone infected (which is eventually everyone), and ballooning debt to cover all of it. We live in interesting times.
  17. Yep, they're probably outnumbered by the people that want to return to their jobs and collect paychecks. One of my neighbors owns a small business that employs mostly minorities. He's livid about the lock down. He told me he spent considerable money just before stay-at-home here, making his business safer for his employees. They're all now out of work, and government support isn't enough for most of them. He thinks they'd be safer under his watchful eye. Unfortunately he then went on to sink his argument by claiming the virus is being hyped by pharmaceutical companies to boost their share prices. Given what little I know of both the epidemiology and economics, yours seems the best approach to me. Unfortunately I don't think would have worked in the US. We're a nation of cowboys and cowgirls and a substantial portion of the population won't follow orders, ensuring COVID-19 persists. As the virus impacts an increasing number of "non believers" I do expect compliance to increase, but that takes time we don't have.
  18. Have you got any paraffin in the house? Dentists use that to cover sharp bits of braces. Soften a half pea sized bit and squish it over the rough spot.
  19. I understand that, but if at the end of all this lock downs produce only 32% better mortality rate than no lock downs , Republicans will claim "See, we told you not to make the cure worse than the disease" and get considerable support.
  20. I agree, and those people have numbers like that 21.2% infection rate in NYC to hang their arguments on, as I did in my contrarian analysis. I expect that antibody testing will show we've got a long slog to herd immunity and we'll endure quite a few deaths to achieve it. I also think we'll improve care of the infected, lowing the mortality rate as we go forward. I don't think the lock-down protestors are suggesting we reopen those business that are obvious very high risk. Some of the meat packing plants that are being closed are in states that have no stay-at-home orders in place. A little fuzzy? It's pea soup fog! There may have been no way to inject so much stimulus so quickly without a lot of unintended consequences, but this is certainly looking like it was particularly poorly thought out. Estimating COVID-19's future effect on the economy is harder than estimating its future effect on the humans who run it. Nevertheless, we have to make those estimations. There are nearly 200 countries on Earth and 50 states within the USA, each providing little experimental sandboxes for COVID-19 policy. I sure hope we don't squander this opportunity to learn from our own, and others' mistakes.
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