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  1. Looking to build your traffic without sploders, fishing, or other annoying gimmicks? Consider hiring me. I have a computer which is able to run Second Life overnight while I sleep, and I often AFK at one of my places of work or on AFK Sex sims. Availability: You can check my Calendar here for my availability. I am always available from 9PM SLT to 8AM SLT, sometimes until 10AM. Time in dark blue are available, times in light blue are taken. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=dWtsNmdnNmR1Ymwxamt2b2s2MGcyaDc0YmdAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ Prices: $10L/hour for 5+ hou
  2. Management is extremely professional. Sari and Gleanr are both very experienced, intelligent, and responsive. I work one shift a week as a DJ, and the setup is super professional. Plus, they let me dance on the DJ booth, sooo... Although I am not currently doing any sim-based sex work, I have done escort and dancer work in Second Life, and also have experience with it in RL, and Sari and Gleanr want to make this a great place to do those things at. The sim itself is incredible, everything is very professional, and they are committed to making it fun, sexy, and easy! Seriously. They're no
  3. Lovense isn't in our budget right now, unfortunately. I don't talk much about RL, but I'm not shy about admitting we cash out and use this money for food. We're living in pretty serious poverty, so that's not an option for us. That's another problem I encountered: a lot of these clubs are implementing Lovense, and it leaves those of us who can't afford it in a bit of a pickle. Still, I will be filling out the app
  4. Yeah. I am working about 35 hours myself. We both do voice, and it's definitely more sought after. I am much more private with my RL than she is, though lol. Already had my stalker issues pre-SL. What club are you working at if I may ask?
  5. To those checking out this "job opportunity": It's more like a diversion opportunity. You're not "required" to host contests, but it's "recommended" that you do, and the money for that must come out of your own pocket. So, if you're just looking for something fun, this place seems great. But if you're the type who cashes out and does work in SL, this sadly isn't the place for you.
  6. Omg thank you SO much!! This is perfect. I know a little bit about 3D stuff, so pretty excited by the idea of making my own jar and dropping in the script tbh
  7. I have just been informed I need a personal tip jar for one of my gigs. They... literally changed it last week, and I've never used one. What jars do you guys use?? There's so many out there, and I have no idea what I am looking for. HELP.
  8. First of all, I am fairly new to SL (4 months), but I am a millenial, so I learn this technical stuff quickly. Don't worry!! I am looking to fill out my schedule My motivations for work are to have fun, excite, stimulate, enjoy, and of course, make $L. I do cash out to help out with my RL, so please keep that in mind. I work mainly from 10-4 SLT. My timezone is the same, so after 6PM, I am usually busy having dinner and settling in for the night. I also prefer to work adult clubs because I am here to unwind and be sexual in ways I can't IRL. I am perfectly fine to work in UK or other Eur
  9. Oh this is PERFECT!! Thank you so much my dear :))
  10. Currently I am working as a freelance escort doing text and voice escort, which is fine, but a friend of mine is curious about escort work, and because she doesn't do dance or DJ in adult clubs like I do, I thought I might ask about any escort agencies y'all like? I know most AFK things are flooded, and that the escort realm in SL is pretty saturated, so asking around for good groups and sims seemed like the logical step
  11. I think I will probably decide against a group, but it sounds like brick and mortar could really be worth it once I have more stock. I'm going to work on making more stuff, and then maybe I will ask around about rentals. Lord knows I don't need much space, so I have that going for me, I guess lol. Thank you everyone And may as well plug while I'm here, I guess 0: (gotta update some pics n stuff, I know....) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/234700
  12. Yes, I was mainly considering an in-world store for the group gift angle. For me, I prefer to err on the side of caution just because I do not have much income in RL, but I've also done business and marketing, and I know that building a brand is important, and that brick and mortar, as it were, can help a lot with that.
  13. I am far from it being time for me to consider an in-world store, I am sure, but I am wondering if people who have them saw significant revenue increases compared to being only on the MP? Or how do you know when it's time to try it? When does the rental fee or premium membership become "worth" it? Any stories or experiences you have are welcome Unsure if relevant, but in mind I specifically create ADULT content for more salacious characters.
  14. Yeah, that was my thought as well. I'd have to redo the weight painting which was like an hour's worth of work , but theoretically it is doable. If I give it a try, I'll be sure to report back here!!
  15. You're right. It is for Avastar /: It's one of the only bodies you can get the dev kit for free. I noticed that my mesh always uploaded sideways, but I was never sure why. Tried to fix it, but it only got worse lmao. I guess that must be because of Avastar skeleton things... I don't know how I woulddd... keep the weights if I were to switch skeletons, and it is pretty specifically for eBody. SIGHS. Maybe I'll just scrap it and try making mesh for the ugly ass classic avatars instead. Thanks to our teamwork, I can definitely do that! I learned all of the steps and went through a ton o
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