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  1. Thank you so much. And with premium i can buy lands, And without premium i can rent only na?
  2. And for the LI part. I never knew about that.😊❤❤ Il consider them when going for a land soon. Btw,premium members own lands na? How big qre they?
  3. Thank you so much birdie. So even if i dont have a land,i can buy a house and keep it without rezzing it when it goes cheap na? So i can rez and use it later when i have a land or rent one. 😊👍
  4. Thank you so much for helping out. Yeah,im not premium. So i think i need land for rent.
  5. ان شاء الله... ساتكلم معكم in game. هل لكم ان تشيروني الامكنة التي يكون فيها العرب كثيرا؟ Link
  6. Oh... That part is new. Thank you so much.❤❤👍👍
  7. انا ايضا ابحث عن الاصدقاء العرب...و لاكن لهذا الحين ما لقيت ولو واحدا منهم ...🤷‍♂️
  8. Thank you so much.❤❤❤
  9. Lolz. I have asked Actanon users to say their opinions. How they have felt. Never mentioned everyone needs to hit the market place and lemme know. Lolz. Some people deserve trumbiden.
  10. Sometimes its hard to skip favourites until i really hate em. I really appreciate and listen to everyone who helps. ❤❤❤
  11. Hello Fam, Have an awesome 2021-Year of Vaccines. And also covid 20. Im Kan Zul,and im like 5 years in SL,but am active only like for 6 months. So i have a lot of questions and doubts. I was wondering which is the best male AV out there,had a topic about that in the forums,and my great fam helped me out with all the complete details and referrals. Thank you so much. But,i have been a fan of Actanon for long, And even though my fam said it has some issues regarding clothes and etc, I still want to know more before i skip it for somethin
  12. Thank you so much Fam for all the opinions. So based on the posts 1-i am now skipping my love for actanon. 2-i noted all the names of AVs given here. 3-will try demo before any 4-for the link for starters-thank you. 5-and the link for the most realistic body-thats real american.😂❤ Plz help me if there are more AVs.
  13. Welcome always birdie... Nope. Not at all. You had written it putting all your thoughts in it,which is kool.😊👍 Oh...okay. Good luck with the task. And hope we can visit it soon.
  14. Can anyone plz help me with the most realistic Male avatar in SL? Im 5 years old,but only active like for 6 months. And im still learning. Fam plz help. Note-i was trying on actanon,is it good?
  15. I dont what kinda thing Intrests you. But here are some ideas you can try.. 1-bloodlines(most places have sex with them) 2-RPG sims(is an rpg an rpg without some love making) 3-Sex work if u r okay with it. 4-Joining a Family Honestly these are only some in the thousands out there. But you can try
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